Weekly Deal Sept 30 through Oct 6

02Aug and 01Apr VSN Cover

It’s Monday, so it is time for another VSN Weekly Deal! Recently I’ve been offering pdf versions of issues that are just a few years old. But I had a request to offer some older VSN issues as pdf files, so this week, I have TWO VSN issues from 2001 and 2002, newly transformed into pdf digital versions. Normally $3 each, these pdf back issues are on sale from Sept 29 through Oct 06 2013 for $1.49 each (50% off.)

These pdf VSN issues are in the same page layout as the original print issues. Unlike VSN’s eArticles, they have not been reformatted to fit typical computer screens. They are, however, searchable and printable.

Apr ’01 VSN

Focus Article: Choosing Color: Easy Color Selections: Color Wheel Tutorial

Also In This Issue:

Storage: 1st Stamp Room Challenger: Cathy Jones’ Stamp Room

Happenings: Hot Products From the HIA 2001 Show.

Product Picks: “Special Techniques For Crafters & Polyshrink” video, Therm O Web’s Masking Magic & Foam Squares, RSM Album of Art, JK Doll Kit from Red Castle.

Catalog Review: Time To Stamp.

Class Tips: Making Accommodations: Stamping With Hand or Arm Problems.

Tips: Bone Folder Tips, Masking with Masking Magic, “Aging” Charms, Storage Ideas, Unclogging Pens and Glue Pens, Foil and Flocking Powder Tips, Shaving Cream Marbling, Embossing Powder Ideas, Correcting Wood Mount Alignment.

(Issue Length: 44 pg, b/w & color)


Aug ’02 VSN

Focus Article: Suminagashi Marbling: An Easy Marbling Technique

Also In This Issue:

Storage: Stamp Room Challenger: Lee Helbert-Gordon’s Stamp Room: Small Stamp Area Storage Strategies.

Happenings: Hot Products From 2002 Stamp Shows: Darlapalooza and East Coast Art & Rubber Stamp Festival.

Product Picks: Judi-Kins Eclipse Tape & Poly Paper, “Holy Moly Mackeroly!” (book by Gloria Page), Alextamping Pivot Palette and Swivel Clip.

Catalog Review: Bad Axe Trading Company.

Tips: Dollhouse Shingles, Cut n Dry Pad Ideas, Sliding Stamp Pads, Checking Embossing Powder Melt, Stuck Punches, Egg Shell Shakers, Chalk Tips, Credit Card Painting, Window Screen Backgrounds, Using Rainbow Scraps, Shimmer Sheetz Tunnel Card, Classic Clips, Brayered Backgrounds, Mixing Textures, Photo Manipulation Background, Shadowbox Card, and Triangle Dominoes.

(Issue Length: 44 pg, b/w & color)

Want to See More pdf Versions of Original VSN Issues? These older VSN issues were originally created using older software on an older computer, so they are more time consuming for me to convert to a current pdf format for online viewing than more recent VSN print issues. I’m willing to do this if I find that I sell enough of them to make it worth the time. Your purchase of these pdf issues helps support VSN’s blog and website and is very much appreciated!

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Nancie, VSN

VSN Weekly Deal Sept 23rd through 29th

Vamp Stamp News October 2010 Front Cover

Monday brings another VSN Weekly Deal! This week, I thought I’d share another VSN back issue newly transformed into a pdf digital version. This one is the Oct ’10 VSN issue with a focus article on Making Card Scores and Inside Pockets and a companion article on Making The Score: A Comparison of Four Commercial Scoring Boards. Normally $3, this pdf back issue is on sale from Sept ’23 through Sept ’29 2013 for $1.49 (50% off.)

Oct ’10 VSN: Focus Article: Making Card Scores and Inside Pockets

The Focus Article in This Issue Covers:

Inside Card Pockets: Do you sometimes find that you want a pocket inside your card? The feature article in this issue covers 17 Styles for Pockets Inside Your Card with Over 37 Variations! The issue itself contains directions and scaled diagrams/templates. Downloadable and printable full-sized templates that go with this issue can be found in the Readers’ Gallery.

Making The Score: A Comparison of Four Commercial Scoring Boards:

  • Scor-It-All
  • Scor-Pal & Scor-Buddy
  • Ultimate Crafter’s Companion
  • Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Quick Tips in This Issue Include:
“Heated Pearls” Technique, Black Popping Layer Alternatives, Shelf Liner Layers, Birthday Card Planning, Working Stamping into the Day’s Pauses, Salvaging From Junk Mail, Twine, Glues, Photographing Cards, Unmounted Stamps, Prepping Stamps, Keeping Track of Punches, Cleanup Tips, Plastic Grid Guide, Crib Stamp Storage, DIY Ventilation, Moving with Stamps.

Digital Corner: Color Inside Digital Stamp Images With Digital Photos Using PhotoShop / Elements.

This pdf back issue is in the same page layout as the original print issue. Unlike VSN’s eArticles, it has not been reformatted to fit typical computer screens. It is, however, searchable and printable. (32 pg, b/w & color)

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Nancie, VSN

Watercolor Crayon Sample Card

Watercolor Crayon Artwork

This is a quick card that I made for the “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. The layout and design of the card isn’t really the strongest, but I like it for two reasons: I love the strong colors and the feel of it. And I like that it shows two very different ways that you can use watercolor crayons in stamp art: to create a vibrant background and to subtly color and shade a stamped image.

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New Watercolor Crayon Techniques eArticle POSTED!

Watercolor Crayon Techniques for Stampers

VSN’s Newest FREE eArticle, “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” has now been posted on the website. Are you ready to be inspired?

In the world of rubber stamps, watercolor crayons don’t get a lot of love. There is something about a crayon, with its association with the scribbled art of our childhoods, that can keep us from giving watercolor art crayons the respect they deserve. But these handy little sticks of pigment can be used in many different ways in stamping. The results can be bright and beautiful!

This eArticle introduces watercolor crayons and looks at surfaces where you might use them. Techniques include:

  • Coloring and Blending Dry (Smudging, Layering and Sgraffito)
  • Using With Regular Wax Crayons (Wax Crayon Resists)
  • Coloring Dry and Then Blending Wet
  • Heat Embossed Resists
  • Coloring on a Palette or Craft Sheet (Paint, Monoprint, Embossed Lines, Stencils)
  • Touch and Paint (Waterbrush & Blender Pen)
  • Coloring Wet (2 Techniques)
  • Coloring on a Stamp (3 Techniques)
  • Using the Shavings

52 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and it is also printable! (pdf version.) Color photos of technique steps. 17 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered. Also available in epub and Kindle mobi file versions for stampers who would like to read this on tablets or Kindle Readers.


Nancie, VSN

Watercolor Crayon Techniques eArticle Will Post Tomorrow!

Watercolor Crayon ArtworkI know I’ve been quiet this week, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been finishing up the “Watercolor Crayons Techniques for Stampers” eArticle. It is all done and will be posted tomorrow — probably mid-day or early afternoon eastern time.

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VSN Weekly Deal Sept 16th – 22nd


It’s Monday Again! That means that it is time for VSN’s Weekly Deal. This time, the Weekly Deal is 50% off VSN’s Master Table of Contents. This pdf file contains a table of contents page for every one of VSN’s 226 print issues. The file is searchable and printable and handy for finding topics inside past issues of VSN. It will be on sale for 50% off from Sept 16 though 22, 2013. Proceeds from the Weekly Deal help support VSN’s website and blog. Thank you!

Watercolor: Pencils vs Crayons vs Gel Sticks Part 2

Comparing Mediums Painted

Well, it is raining and quite gloomy here in Maryland this afternoon and so not the best day for working on my pictures for the upcoming eArticle. So I’m taking a break from that to play around with watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons and Gel-Sticks again. In my post yesterday, I compared coloring these three mediums directly on watercolor paper and gesso prepped paper as well as dry blending and water blending them on the same surfaces. Today I compared them using a different application technique: touching a waterbrush to the tip of each medium and then painting the color onto watercolor paper and two types of white cardstock.

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