VSN is Now on Pinterest

VSN Pinterest Page

Are you on Pinterest? If you are, you’ll want to check out VSN’s new boards on Pinterest. I’ve been setting them up this week and pinning pictures to them over the past couple of days. It seems to take a few days for a new Pinterest page and boards to be indexed, so these boards may not show up in Pinterest searches yet, but you can find them at www.pinterest.com/vampstampnews.

Right now, there are three boards:

  • VSN Stamp Technique eArticles (a handy visual index of VSN’s free eArticles)
  • Stamped Card, Etc. (cards that have been posted on VSN’s blog
  • Stamp Room Storage Ideas (storage ideas posted on VSN’s blog.)

As you can see, the first few boards are kind of navel gazing endeavors, looking at recent VSN eArticles and blog posts. But I plan to branch out and start pinning inspirational pictures/sites I find elsewhere on the internet. So look for more boards and pins in the days and weeks to come.

Nancie, VSN

Tweaking the VSN Website Plus Hidden Galleries

VSN Vamp Stamp News Website Screen Capture

I’ve been doing a little tweaking on VSN’s website recently. My goal has been to try and make it less wordy (something that is always a challenge for me!) and to get rid of anything outdated. Mostly that means deleting a sentence or a paragraph here or there and maybe combining some page content to get a leaner website. There is a running list of website changes on the Contact/Updates page of the site, but there is one change that I wanted to point out to you which involves the Galleries.

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The Post That Wouldn’t Email Itself . . .

Cut out ImageWhenever I publish a new post, email subscribers are supposed to get an email so they know it is there. But I don’t think the email worked for today’s Turn a Line Stamp Into a Silhouette Stamp” post. (At least I didn’t get the email, so I’m guessing you didn’t either.) So I’m trying again.

If you didn’t get the email, hopefully it will work this time. (And if I am wrong and you did get the email, please forgive the extra notice.) The silhouette post follows this one . . . Please join me on the blog to read it or if you are reading this ON the blog, then just scroll down a little on the page and there it is . . .

Nancie, VSN

VSN eArticle Correction + What To Do If You Can’t Open an eArticle

Cindy Connell's Artwork

Oops! eArticle Correction

Marilyn Sweeney just alerted me that I’ve got a crediting error in the new “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” eArticle. The tags above (found on page 28 and 29 of the pdf version of the eArticle) were credited correctly to Cindy Connell on page 28 but incorrectly credited to Marilyn Sweeney on page 29. (The page numbers on epub and Kindle mobi versions will vary depending on your reader and text settings.) I have corrected the error in all versions of the eArticle and re-uploaded the files, so if you would like to download a corrected version, that’s what you will now find on the website and the online shopping cart. My apologies to Marilyn and Cindy for the error.

What To Do If You Can’t Open an eArticle

Most of the time, opening and reading VSN’s eArticles is easy. You just click on the link and the file opens or downloads and you read it using whichever reader software you have installed on your computer. But every now and then, you may have a problem. Here are some things to do if an eArticle doesn’t open or download the way you expect:

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Why Would a Stamper Need Lynda.com?

One of my favorite websites, Lynda.com, is currently offering a seven day free trial, so I thought I’d let you know. Of course, Lynda.com isn’t a stamping website, so you might wonder why I’m telling you about it here and why in the world a stamper would need a site like Lynda.com . . .

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Revised (Smaller!) Versions of “Brayer Techniques” epub & Kindle Versions

VSN Container Stamps eArticle CoverI hope everyone has been having a good holiday weekend! This is just a quick note to alert folks who enjoy the epub and Kindle versions of VSN’s eArticles, that I have just posted revised epub and Kindle versions of the “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. What changed? The file size.

The original epub version was 28 MB in size and the original Kindle version was 30 MB. I figured out a way to reduce the file size to 7.1 MB and 6.4 MB respectively. So they are now about a quarter of the file size, but the pictures are actually better quality, they will take up less room on your eReader or tablet, and should be quicker to download.

This change does not affect the pdf version of the eArticle. I may go back and do something similar for previous eArticle epub and Kindle versions if there is interest.

Nancie, VSN

VSN eArticles: pdf vs epub vs mobi Version?

Ok, I know that this post is geeky, but if you are confused as to which format of VSN eArticle to download, I think you’ll find it helpful, so please give it a shot.

Most of VSN’s eArticles are available in three versions: pdf, epub and mobi (Kindle). Whether these file types mean anything to you may depend on your personal computer savvy and what type(s) of computer, phone, tablet or eReader you use. For those who might not know a pdf from an epub, here are a few screen shots from the different versions to help you better understand what the heck this all means and how to choose the best version for you. (Note: All of these “screenshots” are actually photos of the eArticle on my 7″ Galaxy Tab 7.0 Tablet.)

pdf eArticle on Tablet

PDF Version: This is page 16 from the pdf version of VSN’s most recent eArticle, “Specialty Card Folds”. Notice a few things here. Each page of the eArticle is laid out in a landscape orientation designed to fit neatly and completely on your desktop or laptop computer screen without a lot of scrolling around. Notice too that this version has permanent page numbers because what is on page 16 (in this case) will stay on page 16 no matter how much you might increase the text size.

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