My Blender Pen Article is in the Spring RSM

eautiful Blending Article in RSM

The Spring issue of RSM (Rubberstampmadness) is showing up in mailboxes and stores right about now. When you open your copy, be sure to turn to page 50, where you will find my four-page article on blender pen techniques.

RSM had printed an article by Lisa Fabian way back in their May/June 2001 issue that was full of good info on using blender pens. Last spring, RSM asked me to update it for today’s stampers and today’s stamping supplies. My new take on the topic looks at what a blender pen is, general tips for using one and four different techniques for using water-based blenders (like the Dove Blender and Tombow’s Dual Brush Pen Blender):

  • Use a Blender Pen Like a paintbrush (3 methods)
  • Use a Blender Pen to Move Color (2 methods)
  • Use a Blender Pen to Smooth and Blend Color
  • Prep the Paper with Blender Fluid

You can use blender pens with a variety of mediums, so in the article I list various art mediums that will work well following each technique/method. It’s the kind of article that you can hang onto as a resource. The focus is using a blender pen to create areas of highlight and shadow – a more sophisticated technique than simply coloring an area with solid color. Nanci Ring stamped and colored the stamped sample images in the article.

I hope you’ll get a copy and check it out!

Nancie, VSN

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