Brayer Techniques For Stampers eArticle Updated

Brayer Techniques eArticle Cover

I’ve got another VSN eArticle updated for you. This time I picked Brayer Techniques for Stampers. Brayers are deceptively simple tools. There is just SO MUCH that can be done with a brayer. For example, you can use ink, paint, glue or water, all with a brayer or even use it dry. I’ll bet this eArticle has a few techniques you hadn’t thought of trying. Be sure to check it out!

I went through the whole eArticle and found some links that had moved or disappeared. I fixed all of those, tracking down the new locations, deleting a few and adding a couple new ones, plus added a few product links that you might find helpful. One link to a video had disappeared but I found an alternative video on the topic. I also tweaked the text here and there and updated the VSN info at the end.  The updated eArticle is now posted on VSN’s eArticle page.

If you access this eArticle by going to the site each time to read it online, then you’ll find the updated eArticle there to read the next time you visit. (If you read it inside your browser window and have looked at it recently, you may need to refresh the page to see the updated version.) If you have saved this eArticle to your own computer to read offline, be sure to go to the eArticle page today and re-download it so you’ll have access to all the eArticle’s resources the next time you read it. This is another eArticle update that has so many fixes that you really should be sure to get the updated copy!

While you are poking around online, be sure to also check out my new blog, Birdseed & Binoculars! This one is not about stamping, but if you also enjoy watching birds, I think you’ll like it.

I am reviewing all the eArticles in VSN’s eArticle Library to make sure each one is still up to date. I hope to get at least one done each week, so watch for more updated eArticles in coming weeks. I started with a few of the most popular eArticles and am now working through them in no particular order. I’ll make a note on the eArticle page next to each updated eArticle and I’ll post a note here too, so you’ll know when each one is done. If you have a request that I do any particular eArticle sooner rather than later, please leave a comment below.

Nancie, VSN

Pegboard + IRIS = Storage

Pegboard Storage

Yesterday evening, thanks to some husbandly assistance, I got my Rollagraph wheels, handles and accessory storage set up. First, you should know that I don’t have a lot of wall space in my craft area – probably about six feet total and it is in a corner. The thread display unit on a re-purposed TV stand and the paper sorter on a chest of drawers that I showed you the other day (where I am storing stamps) pretty much use up all the wall space I’ve got. So I’ve always had to be inventive about creating vertical storage space.

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Revised (Smaller!) Versions of “Brayer Techniques” epub & Kindle Versions

VSN Container Stamps eArticle CoverI hope everyone has been having a good holiday weekend! This is just a quick note to alert folks who enjoy the epub and Kindle versions of VSN’s eArticles, that I have just posted revised epub and Kindle versions of the “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. What changed? The file size.

The original epub version was 28 MB in size and the original Kindle version was 30 MB. I figured out a way to reduce the file size to 7.1 MB and 6.4 MB respectively. So they are now about a quarter of the file size, but the pictures are actually better quality, they will take up less room on your eReader or tablet, and should be quicker to download.

This change does not affect the pdf version of the eArticle. I may go back and do something similar for previous eArticle epub and Kindle versions if there is interest.

Nancie, VSN

Brayer Techniques eArticle is Now Posted!

Brayer Techniques eArticle Cover

VSN’s newest free eArticle, “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” has now been posted on VSN’s website.Here is what you will find inside:

Brayers are incredibly useful tools. Every stampers should have at least one! This eArticle looks at the four main types of brayers: hard rubber, soft rubber, foam and acrylic and when to use each type. We cover using brayers for burnishing and smoothing as well as using them with ink, paint, glue or water.

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Can You Guess The Two Mystery Brayer Techniques?

Brayered Card

Can You Guess How I Made This Card?

Here is another card from the “Brayer Techniques” eArticle I’ll be posting later today. This card, featuring a stamp from About Art Accents, uses two different brayer techniques. Can you guess the two techniques used? Same deal: The first person who posts the right answer in the Comments here on the blog before the eArticle is posted to will receive a free copy of the “Choosing Color for Stamped Cards” eArticle.(I’ll email you a download link.) Again, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t immediately appear. There is a little bit of a lag between when you post and when you see it.  ~ Nancie

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Native American Brayered Card

Native American Brayered Card

Can You Guess How I Made This Card?

This is one of several cards that I made for the “Brayer Techniques” eArticle that will be posted on VSN’s website tomorrow. Can you guess exactly how I made this card? The first person who guesses correctly before the eArticle is posted will receive a copy of the “Choosing Color for Stamped Cards” eArticle. (I’ll email you a download link.) Leave a comment here on the blog with your guess if you would like to be included. (Note: Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t immediately appear. There is a little bit of a lag between when you post and when you see it.)  ~ Nancie

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Brayer Play: Comparing A Brayer to Other Application Tools

brayer play

Today, I’ve been busy working on the next eArticle, “Brayer Techniques”. (It will be ready to post sometime on Monday afternoon 5/20/13.) I’ve mostly been working on the text and the layout for the pdf version today, but I had a little bit of time to get my fingers inky too! Here, I am comparing the look you get with six different ink applicators using Ranger Archival Ink on glossy white cardstock. It probably won’t be in the eArticle itself; consider it a bonus! :)

End of a Cosmetic Sponge: This is the way we used to get ink on paper for backgrounds way back when. We stampers still do it some, but we’ve learned easier ways since then. Still, I thought the look of simply repeatedly pressing the sponge end to the paper (instead of trying to smear it smooth) had potential for a background pattern.

Direct To Paper: DTP is a technique popularized the the ladies at Magenta many years ago using Clearsnap pigment inks and it is still a good one. You want  a juicy inkpad so that it doesn’t drag on the cardstock too much and cause the inkpad come loose.

Brayer: I used a soft rubber brayer here. It was the quickest of the techniques (except for using a stamp) and gave me a smooth bold result.

Sea Sponge: I tend to use sea sponges more with paint than with ink but sometimes when you want a more random speckling of ink, they can be an effective choice.

Stipple Brush: This was done with a JudiKins Color Duster brush. It creates a more uniform speckling pattern.

Stamp: The stamp is by Deadbeat Designs. Stamping is of course my favorite way to get ink onto a piece of paper. What is yours?