Don’t Want to Clean The Brush?

Gesso and Freezing Brush

Amy posted a comment on yesterday’s blog post about using gesso to prep cardstock, reminding blog readers that putting *acrylic paints down the drain can be a threat to your plumbing. (If you tend to just read the blog posts right away and don’t come back to see what comments are left, you can miss some interesting stuff!) So what do you do if you don’t want to put a lot of acrylic paint down the drain?

* UPDATE: Amy clarified in the comments below that she was specifically referring to gesso. However, acrylic gesso is a type of acrylic paint that, like other acrylic paints, hardens to¬† permanent coat when dry. If acrylic paint dries inside pipes and enough of it builds up, it can cause clogs. So Amy’s caution about acrylic gesso is apt for acrylic paints in general.

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So What Is Gesso Anyway?

Gesso and Test Sheets

This afternoon, I did another experiment using the Strathmore Premium Cover white cardstock I purchased a few weeks ago, this time looking at how prepping it first with gesso changes the way a variety of art mediums behave on it. All of the art mediums I tested are commonly used by stampers: regular colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor markers, archival pigment markers, watercolor crayons, pastel pencils, alcohol ink markers and Gel-Sticks/Gelatos.

My inspiration to play with this traces back to my most recent “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. In researching the topic, I learned that you can improve dry blending of Gel-Sticks or Gelatos if you first prep the surface with a light coat of gesso. After I purchased the Strathmore Premium Cover but wasn’t happy with the way it takes colored pencils, I wondered if some gesso might make a difference. So today I gave it a try.

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Sponge & Brush Techniques eArticle Is Now Posted!

Sponge and Brush Technique pdf COVER

VSN’s newest FREE eArticle, “Sponge & Brush Techniques for Stampers” has now been posted on VSN’s website and on the Online Shopping Cart. Whew! This eArticle has a really broad topic (I’ve gotta learn not to do that!) and so there is a TON of info inside. It’s also one of the longer eArticles I’ve published. So it took awhile to get it all together for you. But I think you are going to like it.

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Sponge & Brush Techniques eArticle to Post Tomorrow!

Nancie Waterman Sponged and Brushed Card

I know that the blog has been very quiet this week, but I have a good excuse! I’ve been working hard on the “Sponge & Brush Techniques for Stampers” eArticle. I’ve got the text and pictures done and the layout for the pdf version. I just need to do the epub and Kindle layouts for those versions and we’ll be ready to go. Look for them probably around late morning or mid-day tomorrow (07/20/13.)

The topic was so broad for this one that I touch on a TON of techniques that I think will inspire you. In the process I made a dozen sponged and/or stippled cards. (VSN readers contributed another six.) The card above is, I think, my favorite of the cards I created. I used various brushes and sponges to create the background and to color the stamped image. The text is from a smARTworks set. I don’t have a stamp credit for the basket of fruit; it was unmounted and didn’t have the company name. (If anyone knows the credit, please let me know.)

Nancie, VSN