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Specialty Card Folds

What kinds of cards have you made lately? Need ideas for ways to break out of the 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ single fold card doldrums? This eArticle is full of ideas and really meaty information on a wide variety of cards with more than one fold. Originally posted in April 2013, I’ve updated the posted files to update and/or fix some wonky links (particularly to YouTube videos mentioned in the eArticle.) Be sure to download the updated (and still FREE) version of this eArticle today!

Specialty Card Folds

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Messing With The Stamp Proportions

Too Many Books Card

(Books: Serendipity Stamps, Woman: Remarkable, Text: computer generated)

Due to my scene stamper background, I usually aim for realistic proportions when I choose images for a stamped card. If I want to use stamps of a person and a coffee cup, the stamped cup will be the right size to be realistically held in the hand of the stamped person. If the cup image I have is too large to look right in her hand, I’ll either reduce the cup image size or I’ll use perspective tricks to use the cup in a different way in the card or I’ll simply look for a different cup image. But sometimes it is fun to mix things up, play with image proportions and deliberately use images that don’t, at first glance, seem like they would work together.

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More Jack Frost and Dealing With a Problem Stamp

Jack Frost Window

(Window: Frost (branches) & Jack Frost (elf) – Magenta, Stampington & Co.)

Another Take on a Jack Frost Window Card, Dealing With a Problem Stamp, Stamp Cleaners and Inkpads. Whew!

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Watercolor Crayon Sample Card

Watercolor Crayon Artwork

This is a quick card that I made for the “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. The layout and design of the card isn’t really the strongest, but I like it for two reasons: I love the strong colors and the feel of it. And I like that it shows two very different ways that you can use watercolor crayons in stamp art: to create a vibrant background and to subtly color and shade a stamped image.

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New eArticle To Be Posted Later Today!

Gel Stick & Gelatos Artwork

Good Morning! I am busy doing the final work to get the brand new “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle posted on VSN’s website. I should have it up by early afternoon. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the pieces of artwork created for this eArticle. This card was created by Shona Erlenborn.

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Fixing a Stamp Goof

Nancie Waterman's Artwork

This is a simple card that I made today for the upcoming “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. I’ll tell you how I made it in the eArticle itself. I wanted to share it because I made a goof on it and had to fix it . . . and although it would not have dawned on me to make the change required by the fix, I think it was just the touch that the card needed. (Don’t you love it when things work out that way?) Can you find the goof?

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Today’s Play With Gelatos & Gel Sticks

Nancie Waterman's Artwork

Here is a peek at what I’ve been working on today for the upcoming “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. Faber-Castell’s Gelatos and Gel Sticks can be used in all kinds of ways. This card uses two techniques.

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