Gelli Plates & Stamps eArticle Updated

Gelli Plates and Stamps eArticle Cover

Yep, I’ve got another VSN eArticle updated for you: Gelli Plates & Stamps. If you have a Gelli Plate, when is the last time you got it out to play? This eArticle is just what you need to get yourself inspired to get out the paints! If you don’t have a Gelli Plate but wonder how they can be used, be sure to check it out because this eArticle is full of ideas.

As with previously updated eArticles, I searched the whole eArticle for bad links but I only found one this time that had moved (which I found and then updated the link.) I updated the current Gelli Plate sizes and also tweaked the text here and there and fixed a few typos I’d missed the first time around and also updated the VSN info at the end.  The updated eArticle is now posted on VSN’s eArticle page.

If you access this eArticle by going to the site each time to read it online, then you’ll find the updated eArticle there to read the next time you visit. (If you read it inside your browser window and have looked at it recently, you may need to refresh the page to see the updated version.) If you have saved this eArticle to your own computer to read offline, be sure to go to the eArticle page today and re-download it so you’ll have access to all the eArticle’s resources the next time you read it.

While you are poking around online, be sure to also check out my new blog, Birdseed & Binoculars! This one is not about stamping, but if you also enjoy watching birds, I think you’ll like it.

I am reviewing all the eArticles in VSN’s eArticle Library to make sure each one is still up to date. I hope to get at least one done each week or so, so watch for more updated eArticles in coming weeks. I started with a few of the most popular eArticles and am now working through them in no particular order. I’ll make a note on the eArticle page next to each updated eArticle and I’ll post a note here too, so you’ll know when each one is done. If you have a request that I do any particular eArticle sooner rather than later, please leave a comment below.

Nancie, VSN

Another Sunday in the Stamp Room

Nancie Waterman's Artwork

(Pile of Presents – Art Impressions)

Today’s Stamping: Another Sunday in the stamp room. What are you doing today? I’m finishing up the next eArticle, this time on “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap”. I should have it done and posted by mid-day on Wednesday (11/20/13.) This is one of the quick tags I made for the eArticle. I like it because the colors are bold and fun but non-traditional and it is a quick and very easy tag to make, something you really appreciate when time is running out during the holidays!

Gelatos Video: I also took a little time this morning to watch Lindsay Weirich’s recent Gel Sticks and Gelatos video. You can find it on her Frugal Crafter blog and also on YouTube. In the video, Lindsay uses Faber Castell Gel Sticks and Gelatos in several ways to create a stamped card. If you’ve been wondering whether these sticks of color are for you, check out the video and see how they can be used! My thanks to Lindsay for recommending VSN’s recent “Gelatos, Gel Sticks & Stamps” eArticle in her video!

New Gelli Plate Shape: Finally, if you have been enjoying VSN’s most recent eArticle, “Gelli Plates & Stamps”, and have been inspired to make lots of rectangular monotypes, be sure to check out Gelli Arts’ website. They recently announced yet another gel plate, this time circular. They’ve got a video posted there showing how you can create overlapping circular prints on a large piece of paper to create a really big piece of art. (Because of my current eArticle topic, I can’t help thinking about how this approach might be used to create wrapping paper.) The new circular gel plate is a bit more expensive than the rectangular versions, but if you love making gel plate monotypes, you just might be tempted.

Good wishes,
Nancie, VSN

Sunday Morning in the Craft Room

Gelli Plate Artwork

(Gelli Plate Combed Acrylic Paint Background. Dragonflies: Deadbeat Designs.)

In this blog post: Gelli Plates and following links inside VSN eArticles, a new way to purchase Gelatos individually and OttLites with magnifiers.

Gelli Plates

It is a gorgeous fall day here in Maryland. I got to sleep in a little bit, but am now up drinking my coffee and contemplating the day ahead and wondering whether I’ll find a bit of time to do some more gelli plate artwork. I want to try Gelli Art’s technique of using clear acrylic medium to create backgrounds that will then resist waterbased art mediums. There is a link to this technique inside VSN’s most recent eArticle, “Gelli Plates & Stamps”. (I do hope that you follow the links I include in the various eArticles to find blog posts and videos related to the eArticle’s topic because there is some really good stuff there!) Anyway, when I do find time to try out this particular technique, I’ll post my take on it here. In the meantime, the gelli plate piece above was created with acrylic paints as shown in the eArticle.

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Happy Halloween

Gelli Plate Artwork

Happy Halloween!

This simple card was created using a Gelli Arts gel plate (aka Gelli Plate), acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, markers, stamps, a homemade mask and ink. All stamps are from Quick Art (pair of pumpkins, two sets of eyes, two mouths and the text.) Directions for the card can be found in the most recent eArticle, “Gelli Plates and Stamps“.

Nancie, VSN

New Gelli Plates and Stamp eArticle Now Posted!

Gelli Plates and Stamps eArticle Cover

VSN’s newest FREE eArticle, “Gelli Plates & Stamps” has just been posted on the website. Don’t have a Gelli Plate or don’t know what it is? Don’t let that stop you. This eArticle will help you decide whether this is a tool that you want to add to your wish list!

The Gelli Arts Gel Plate (aka “Gelli Plate”) is a wonderful tool for stampers. You can use it to create backgrounds, collages and layered cards. Easier to use than a traditional gelatin plate because you don’t have to make the plate from scratch each time, a Gelli Plate is a lot of fun and also a great way to use up excess acrylic craft paints that you don’t want just drying up in your craft stash.

This eArticle introduces Gelli Plates with their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if this is a tool you want to purchase. It looks the supplies you’ll need (you probably already have them), including commercial and homemade tools to create texture and pattern, types of paint and the surfaces you can use with a gel plate. It also covers tips for setting up your work area and how to clean and store your gel plate.

Techniques include Basic Prints, Removing Paint (Stencils, Dry Embossed Paper, Soft Art Combs, Homemade Combs, Sea Sponges, Soft Tools), Masking Strategies, Using Stamps (Directly on the Plate, Removing Paint with a Stamp, Adding Paint with a Stamp, Stamp As Mask, Masking a Stamp Image, Water-Based Paint Resist, Permanent Paint or Ink on Top), and Embellishing a Dry Monotype (Adding Color, Doodling).

65 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and is also printable! (pdf version.) Color photos of technique steps. 14 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

Nancie, VSN

Gelli Plate Stamped Leaf Background

Gelli Print Leaf Background

(Acrylic paint monotype. Leaf: PSX)

This is one of the stamped Gelli Plate monotypes I created during yesterday’s play. This time around, I was focusing on creating background papers using a single image stamped repeatedly into the paint on the plate. This particular stamp is mostly solid, with fine lines showing the veins of the leaf. Notice how the monotype is picking up the edges and negative spaces of the stamp instead of the solid areas as you would see if you inked the stamp itself and then printed it on paper. The full print is about 8″ x 10″ and so could be cut into smaller pieces to create fun fall backgrounds for cards.

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