When Birds Don’t Come to Your Feeders

Bird Feeder With No Birds
Bird Feeder With No Customers

Sometimes I hear people say that they see no birds even though they’ve put seed out for them. I think when you are trying to attract birds to your yard, it helps to think like a bird. Here are a few thoughts:

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Aspects Quick-Clean Nyjer Feeders Review

Goldfinches Eating Nyjer Seed
Goldfinches Eating Nyjer Seed

Want American Goldfinches in your yard? You’ve got to treat them right! These beautiful little birds will eat sunflower seed like many other backyard birds, but their favorite food is Nyjer seed (also sometimes known as “Thistle” even though it really isn’t.) To serve up Nyjer to Goldfinches, you need the right feeders. The feeders I use are Aspects Quick-Clean Nyjer Feeders. I’ve got three and I like them very much.

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Where to Buy Birdseed?

Fifty-Pound Bags of Birdseed
Fifty-Pound Bags of Birdseed: Nyjer, Black-Oil Sunflower, Safflower & Sunflower Hearts

Today is my day to buy seed for the birds. When I first got into feeding birds in a big way, I was buying a small bag of seed here and another small bag there. At the grocery store. The hardware store. Wherever seed could be found in my usual errand rounds. But when you feed birds regularly, sometimes you need to shop around, both for quality and for price. Figure out how much you actually use each month and see if buying in larger quantities from the right sources can save you money.

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