Squirrels & Their Buried Acorns

Squirrel on the Ground
Squirrel on the Ground

Here in Maryland, we are currently about a week past a blizzard that dropped about 30” of snow on the yard. The snow started on Friday afternoon and as you would expect, the birds were very active all day. I topped off the feeders several times as the birds where busy filling up with more food than usual, to give them the energy stores to last through the storm. The snow continued all night and then all day Saturday and into Saturday night. The birds were out in the worst of it, continuing to eat (and I was out in it too, continuing to top off the feeders.)

But lately we’ve had at least fourteen squirrels in the yard. So where were the squirrels during all this? I saw them Friday as usual but they seemed to have holed up in their nests during the blizzard itself because they were not in evidence during the storm. It wasn’t until afterwards that they made themselves known and boy, did they make themselves known!

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A Pine Siskin Visit

Pine Siskins Visit the Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder
Pine Siskins Enjoying Sunflower Hearts at the Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder

Have you ever noticed how often when you spend a chunk of time watching birds, that just when you are thinking, “I’m cold. It’s time to go in” or, “All I’m seeing out the window are House Finches,” that this is the time when suddenly you see something new? I suspect that this happens because you’ve sat still long enough for the birds that have been eyeing you decide that you are not an immediate threat and go about their business.

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Improvised Heated Birdbaths

Improvised Heated Birdbath Using Plastic Plant Saucer and De-Icer
Improvised Heated Birdbath Using Plastic Plant Saucer and De-Icer

A really good heated birdbath can be expensive. While I did look at birdbaths when they were on sale this fall at my local bird store, I just couldn’t spring the money for one. As well as the price of a good one (although it really was a good sale), I had a few other concerns.

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Starling Proofing the Suet

Suet Feeders
Suet Feeders Protected with Plastic

Most of the year, I don’t get European Starlings in the yard, but winter snows bring all kinds of birds to the feeders. Starlings are actually kind of pretty if you take the time to look at them closely . . . but they can be a real pain when they latch onto the suet feeders. In my experience, most birds will sit on or next to a suet feeder and eat for a minute or even up to five. Starlings will settle on top of a suet cage and eat and eat and eat until the suet is gone. They won’t move, except maybe for a squirrel, so the other birds get nothing.

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Deterring Squirrels with Hot Pepper Suet?

Hot Pepper Suet
Hot Pepper Suet

Ok. The idea of suet flavored with hot peppers has always sounded pretty nasty to me. But when squirrels start driving you crazy, your views can change. I currently have seven suet cage feeders up around my house. During the warmer months and even into the cool days of fall, the squirrels left them mostly alone, only occasionally taking a nibble. But when the temperatures dropped into the teens and twenties, the squirrels started getting more desperate and the suet feeders suddenly got attractive to them.

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Birds Eating on Many Levels

I find it interesting that birds often have preferences for the level where they eat. As well as being interesting, understanding their preferences can also be really helpful in setting up feeding stations for the birds you want to feed.

For example:

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Baffling The Squirrel Buster Plus Feeder

Squirrel Buster Plus with Baffle
American Goldfinch and Female House Sparrow on Squirrel Buster Plus Feeder with Baffle Added

I bought my first of two Squirrel Buster Plus feeders (Brome Bird Feeders on Amazon) last summer. It is a pricey feeder even if you can get it on sale, which I did. But I reasoned that if I could keep the squirrels out of the sunflower hearts, I’d easily make back my investment in savings on birdseed purchases.

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