Bird Feeder Baffles in the Wind

Female Red-Bellied Woodpecker at the Suet Feeder
Female Red-Bellied Woodpecker at the Suet Feeder

Here in Maryland today, the sun is shining and the wind is gusting. It is beautiful, but gusty wind can sometimes cause problems with hanging feeders.

If you’ve got both hanging bird feeders and squirrels in your yard, you probably have baffles as well. Get the right baffle and you can succeed in both keeping squirrels out of the seed and keeping the feeder a little more protected from wet weather. But while this type of baffle can be great, when you add gusty winds to the mix, things can get very interesting. How do you keep the baffled feeder from kiting around in the wind?

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American Robins

American Robin
American Robin Eating a Juicy Worm

When we think about American Robins, many of us think, “Spring!” But these very common birds are actually around all year long in much of the United States. While some in the north do migrate southward, in many areas, they stick around if there is food to be found. Their behavior changes in the spring though, which is probably why we tend to notice them more as the days start to lengthen and the weather warms. I thought today, the first day of spring, would be a good day to share some interesting tidbits about robins.

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Birds in the Storm

Fox Sparrow & Northern Cardinal
Fox Sparrow & Northern Cardinal

The most active and interesting days are often not the bright beautiful sunny days but the stormy days when birds are eager to eat as much as they can to keep energy levels high. Yesterday’s storm brought us just such a day with really interesting feathered visitors and activity, so I have pictures and stories to share with you.

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Finding a Brown-Headed Nuthatch

Brown-Headed Nuthatch
Brown-Headed Nuthatch

This past weekend, Jim and I went in search of a Brown-Headed Nuthatch. Now, if you live in the southeastern US, you might be thinking, “Ho, hum. I see those all the time. What’s the big deal?” But here in central Maryland, it is not a nuthatch we see often. They don’t stop by our house and aren’t usually found in our local woods, so we had to go just a little further afield to find one.

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Cardinal Cocktail Hour

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal

Every day as dusk approaches, the Northern Cardinals gather in my yard. A lot of Northern Cardinals. I see between eighteen and twenty-two cardinals most evenings, although twenty-six have shown up for the party in recent weeks. While other birds are winding down their activities and heading back to their preferred snoozing spots for the night, the cardinals are busy filling up on safflower until well after darkness falls. I call it “cardinal cocktail hour.”

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Does the Endangered Species Act Really Help Birds?

Bald Eagle (Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract, Maryland 2016)
Bald Eagle (Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract, Maryland 2016)

As an avid birder and bird watcher, I have of course heard about endangered bird species before. Like most birders, I see articles about birds in trouble and get requests for donations, etc. all the time, but do you ever wonder if being listed as an endangered species really makes a difference to these birds? You know like, “Is it just hopeless?” And do bird species that are listed ever get off the list? This morning I was just poking around online and I stumbled on a website that answers these questions. Sound interesting? I thought so.

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Watching the Birds Rise

White-Throated Sparrow
Early Morning White-Throated Sparrow

There is something very special about watching a new day begin. From quiet darkness, to the first early chirps, to the first few winged visitors, building to the busy activity of dozens, the local birds are a big part of the start of each new day. If you pay attention, you are likely to see patterns in the bird activity in your yard. Every yard is different and every day is different, but this is the pattern I see on a typical winter morning in my yard.

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