Backyard Boys Platform Feeder Review

Backyard Boys Ground Platform Feeder
Backyard Boys Ground Platform Feeder

This unassuming ground platform feeder is very popular in my yard. It’s simply a screened tray on legs. If you are a woodworker yourself, you could make one, but this particular one’s frame and legs are made from recycled materials rather than wood, so it will last out in the elements far longer than one made of wood. It’s simple to fill, simple to clean and popular with many ground feeding birds. There are some down-sides to this type of feeder, but you can get around them. The trick is finding the right spot for it in your yard.

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Brush Piles For Birds

White-Throated Sparrow in the Brush Pile
White-Throated Sparrow in the Brush Pile

One of the nicest gifts you can give the birds in your yard won’t cost you a dime. It’s a brush pile. While we might like to think that birds can eat safely at our backyard feeders, the birds we feed are in turn are often eaten by predators who come to the feeders to find them. Providing cover nearby gives birds a quick place to flee when a hawk soars through the feeder area or a neighborhood cat decides to come and bird watch too.

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Squirrels, Poles and Baffles

Bird Feeders and Baffle on Pole
Bird Feeders and Baffle on Pole

Over the summer I thought I had come to terms with the squirrels in my yard. During these warm months they would come to the feeders for maybe an hour or so in the morning and then only occasionally during the rest of the day. The birds got plenty of feeder time so I didn’t begrudge the squirrels a little food.

But once the acorn crop was finished in the fall, the squirrel activity changed. The squirrels started hunkering down on various feeders, one squirrel per feeder, for hours. Chase them away and they come right back. In most cases, squirrels are the top of the backyard critter hierarchy, so the birds were being crowded out.

The hanging platform feeder in particular had been taken over by the squirrels when it hung in a tree with a dome type baffle above it. The only way to keep them out of it was to switch over to filling it with safflower seed instead of sunflower hearts, although if a squirrel is hungry enough they’ll eat that too! What to do?

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The Great Backyard Bird Count

American Goldfinches at Heated Birdbath
American Goldfinches at Heated Birdbath

Today I’m counting birds. Well, every day I count birds at some point as part of my bird watching, but today is right in the middle of the Great Backyard Bird Count:

“Launched in 1998 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, the Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time. Now, more than 100,000 people of all ages and walks of life worldwide join the four-day count each February to create an annual snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds.”

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Twenty-Four Robins: The Birds You Don’t See

American Robin

One thing I’ve learned watching birds in my backyard is that there is all kinds of activity going on in the yard that I never see. Today, about five-thirty, it was getting dark and I just happened to glance out the front window and realized that it was full of American Robins. I counted twenty-four, although there might have been more in the darkening yard. They were all spread out over the whole front yard doing their quick scurry, pause and listen, scurry again dance, turning over leaves and excavating here and there, looking for choice insects.

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When Birds Don’t Come to Your Feeders

Bird Feeder With No Birds
Bird Feeder With No Customers

Sometimes I hear people say that they see no birds even though they’ve put seed out for them. I think when you are trying to attract birds to your yard, it helps to think like a bird. Here are a few thoughts:

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Aspects Quick-Clean Nyjer Feeders Review

Goldfinches Eating Nyjer Seed
Goldfinches Eating Nyjer Seed

Want American Goldfinches in your yard? You’ve got to treat them right! These beautiful little birds will eat sunflower seed like many other backyard birds, but their favorite food is Nyjer seed (also sometimes known as “Thistle” even though it really isn’t.) To serve up Nyjer to Goldfinches, you need the right feeders. The feeders I use are Aspects Quick-Clean Nyjer Feeders. I’ve got three and I like them very much.

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