A Tale of Two Drawers: Finding What You Need Fast!

Roxs Drawer

Here is a peek inside one of the IRIS storage drawers I showed you the other day. Everything fits inside the drawer. What is inside it isn’t too tall or too heavy and I can see everything in the drawer. So what is the problem here?

Roxs Drawer2

Here is exactly the same drawer with exactly the same supplies inside it. Isn’t the difference incredible? Look how much easier it is to find what I want when the jars are simply turned upside down so I can see the colors and shapes through their clear bottoms?

When you are storing jars or bottles of something in a drawer or box where you will be looking down at the containers, consider turning things upside down!

Paint Drawer

Here is another example, this time with acrylic paints. With a few of them, you can see the colors even when they are right side up but for most, it is hard to figure out when viewed this way. To pick out a color you would need to pull them out one by one until you found the one(s) you want and it doesn’t lend itself to color comparison.

Paint Drawer2

Look what happens when I flip them upside down (with the caps screwed on tight of course.) It’s much easier to see the colors now don’t you think?

Of course, this only works for things that CAN be stored upside down and that have see-through bottles/jars. If you instead want or need to store things right side up in a drawer where you will be looking down at the tops of the jars, you can alternately put some of the paint or ink on a round (or other small) sticker on the top of the jar lid. Some paints (like acrylic paints) will stick to the jar without the sticker, so you might simply mark the lid with a dab of the paint.

So next time you are reorganizing your colorful jarred supplies, think upside down!

Note: This is the seventh post on my craft area storage strategies. Previous storage posts have included: “Keeping Stamping Supplies Close”, “Pegboard + IRIS = Storage”, “My Paper Storage”, “My Stamp Storage”“My Paint and Marker Storage” and “My Stamp Supplies Storage”, And I also gave you a peek into “Jan’s Laundry Room Stamping Area.”

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