VSN’s Basic Stamping Techniques mini eArticles are for stamping beginners who need the basics to get started with stamping. The eArticles on this page are fairly short, cover the basics and then point you to VSN print issues or full-length online eArticles where you can find more in-depth information. There is no cost for any of these eArticles.

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Basics: 4 Ways to Ink a Stamp

This mini eArticle covers four ways to “ink” a rubber stamp, including using inkpads, markers and acrylic paint. Knowing multiple ways to ink a stamp helps you maximize your options!

Basics: Parts of a Rubber Stamp

This mini eArticle explains the three main parts of a rubber stamp. What does “unmounted stamp” or “mounted stamp” mean? What types of mounting systems are typically used for stamps? This short article touches on all of these topics – helpful if you are new to purchasing stamps!

Basics: Heat Embossing

Learn how to Emboss! Use stamping ink, embossing powder, a rubber stamp and some heat to create a raised stamp image. Sometimes referred to as “heat embossing” to differentiate it from dry embossing techniques, embossing is the magic technique that has gotten so many of us hooked on stamping!

Basics: Direct-To-Paper

This two page eArticle describes just what is meant by the term “Direct-To-Paper” or “DTP” terms that you often see in stamped card descriptions. Stamp inkpads can be used for much more than to just ink a stamp!

Basics: Choosing Quality Stamping Supplies

If you are near the beginning of your stamping adventure, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with how to choose the various supplies you will need. This eArticle provides an overview of stamping supplies to get you started and points you to in-depth articles available in VSN’s print issues that expand on the various types of supplies you will need.