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Stamped Wizard Walking
Stamped images colored with colored pencils and markers.

I’ve been considering doing a creative blog for a while now. I’ve talked myself into it and out of it several times. I’ll think, “It would be a place where I could write what I want, both quick thoughts and longer explorations, without intruding on people the way that a post on Facebook or a direct email can sometimes do. People could come if they want and not come if they aren’t interested. It would be a place where people could comment and we could have a real conversation about creative topics.” Perfect right?

But then I’ll wonder, “But will it be just one more place that I have to try and lead people to visit? (Come read my magazine! Come read my eArticles! Come like my Facebook Page! Come join my Yahoo email list!)” And I’ll also think, “Will I really find something to write about regularly? And if I do, will it distract me from other writing projects?” But I’ve decided that while I’d love to have people come and read this blog, I’m not going to stress about it, so no pressure there and a little push to write regularly is actually good for the way I write. So I’ve decided to let the first voice get the upper hand and have started this blog.

A year ago, right around the time that I was shutting down VSN’s print magazine, was one time when I was considering a blog. I originally thought that I’d do a kind of “226 days of VSN” thing, where each day (or at least each day that I blogged), I would explore one or more techniques from a different VSN issue and blog about it. At that time, I had just finished creating a Master Table of Contents with a table of contents page for each of VSN’s 226 issues. Some of the issues already had tables of contents so they just needed to be placed into the Master, but the earlier issues did not so I had to create them from scratch by combing through all the old issues. Also, many of the existing tables of contents had to be completely reformatted. In the process of creating the Master, I came across quite a lot of stamping techniques that I had forgotten and art mediums and tools that have been lurking in the back of my craft supplies waiting for me to rediscover them. So focusing on ideas and techniques from the issues had a lot of appeal . . . and still does.

I still think I’ll include the 226 days of VSN idea here. Many of the people who might take a peek at this blog are former VSN readers and I know that many of you have many or even all of the back issues. So I think it could be fun for us to rediscover, explore and expand on ideas from these past issues together. The idea isn’t that I want to sell more back issues (although most are still available on the shopping cart if you want some), but rather to try to mine the issues we’ve already got for ideas and inspiration.

But I don’t want to only focus on things in the print issues, because they are what I created in the past. While they still have a wealth of ideas in them, I don’t want to dwell in the past. I want to focus on the future and writing new things. So I want to also explore topics that I cover or even lightly touch on in my online stamping eArticles series. And I want to also use this space to cover creative topics that don’t fit into either pigeon hole – small topics and thoughts that might not make a full eArticle for example, or small discoveries that come up along the way or just what creative thing I might be doing today.

I’ve decided to call this blog, “Dye, Pigment & Paper” because while I’ve covered all kinds of ways to use stamps on many surfaces and with many art mediums over the years, in the end, it most often comes down to combining color and paper to create a card. Notice that the blog name doesn’t include the word “stamp”. This isn’t because stamping won’t be a part of this blog’s focus but because in this space, I want a wider focus. Many topics will include stamps because stamping is a part of my creative self, but some topics will not. This is meant to be a comfortable creative space. I hope you will join me, hang out a while and create with me.



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