Moving VSN’s Content Just a Little Bit

Stamped Wizard Walking
Stamped images colored with colored pencils.

2022 Update: If you are redirected to this page, it is because I’ve deleted some older administrative type VSN blog posts. Many were announcing new eArticles or eArticle updates. (Existing eArticles are still posted on this site but no new future eArticles are planned.) Or they were posts about previous back issue sales. (VSN no longer sells print issues.) Finally, a couple were geeky posts that that were just simply out of date.

Original 2018 Post: For the past week I’ve been working on making some changes to VSN’s website. This is a site about stamping and not computers so I won’t get into all the geeky reasons why. Here is what you need to know:

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Mini Easel Holiday Place Cards

Mini Easel Stamped Place Card
Mini Easel Stamped Place Card (Pine Tree: Impression Obsession)

Easy Stamped Easel Place Cards

Stamping skills can be used for more than just greeting cards! How about using your stamps to create Christmas table place cards? In past years, I have just stamped a small holiday image of some kind on a little rectangle of decorative cardstock, written or typed the name of the dish on the card and laid it on the Christmas Eve buffet table near each food dish. It’s simple, quick to do and uses small bits of cardstock that would otherwise go to waste. This year, I have decided to refine things just a bit by creating little Mini Easel Place Cards for each food on the buffet table. With a table full of food, this might sound like a lot of work, but easel cards are surprisingly quick and easy to create. The only trick is figuring out the measurements for a smaller version. (And I’ll tell you a secret: that’s easy too!)

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