Some Really Good Acrylic Paint Videos to Recommend!

Acrylic Paints

Here it is the Monday again and I’m SUPPOSED to be spending today picking topics for future eArticles. But the internet is calling me and pulling my attention away! But that’s OK really, because there is some great info on the internet if you give yourself permission to poke around and take a little time to read some blog posts and watch some videos and let the flow of the internet take you someplace interesting. Today I’ve watched several EXCELLENT videos that relate to using acrylic paints in the studio – things like avoiding over-diluting acrylic paints, how to clean brushes and palettes, and even how to get dried acrylic paint out of clothes or other fabrics. Good stuff. So I wanted to let you know about them.

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When is a Monoprint Not a Monoprint?

Gelli Print Monotype

I’ll bet I know an art word that most stampers (including myself) have been using incorrectly for years. In fact, just as late as the most recent eArticle, I used the term “monoprint” to describe a technique that involves scribbling watercolor crayons onto a craft sheet, wetting them and pressing paper onto the color to transfer the design to paper. But today I learned that isn’t really a monoprint! It’s actually a monotype. Do you know the difference?

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The Fickleness of a Stamper

Misc Stamps and Mediums

I have a confession: While I remain loyal to stamping, I am very fickle when it comes to art techniques and mediums used in or along side of stamping.

The articles that I like best to write are those where I can learn something new in the process and not just regurgitate things that I already know. (I know a lot about stamping and a little to a lot about all kinds of related art and craft topics.) And if you’ve read more than one of my articles in VSN or online eArticles, you know that when I really focus on something, I dig in and learn a LOT about that topic. All that detail comes out in the resulting article. So if you want to really learn about a topic and all the possibilities (and not just learn a single quick technique), VSN’s print issues orĀ eArticles are a great place to go. I offer you more ways to use what you’ve got. (Why buy supplies to just do one technique when you can usually use them for so much more?)

If you immerse yourself in a topic, as I do when I research an article, you are likely to either get really, really sick of it or you get really, really enthused about it. Nine times out of ten, when I focus on a stamping related topic, I get enthused. In fact, that new-to-me art medium or set of techniques often becomes my favorite art medium or favorite technique EVER . . . until the next in-depth article and my new obsession. That is where my fickleness comes into play.

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