Tweaking the VSN Website Plus Hidden Galleries

VSN Vamp Stamp News Website Screen Capture

I’ve been doing a little tweaking on VSN’s website recently. My goal has been to try and make it less wordy (something that is always a challenge for me!) and to get rid of anything outdated. Mostly that means deleting a sentence or a paragraph here or there and maybe combining some page content to get a leaner website. There is a running list of website changes on the Contact/Updates page of the site, but there is one change that I wanted to point out to you which involves the Galleries.

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Spring Will Come!

Daffodil Digital Card

(Daffodils in Jar: Frugalcrafter digital stamp)

Snow, snow, snow! Like many of us, I have been getting really tired of the white stuff outside my window all the time. The snow and the cold has been sapping my creative energy.

Lately, I keep thinking about daffodils and SPRING! To get some bright spring mojo going, I thought I would stamp a daffodil card but realized that I don’t have any daffodil stamps. (How did that happen?) Lots of tulips but no daffodils or crocus. But then I remembered that I had a set of “Fancy Flowers” digital stamps from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff (The Frugal Crafter.)

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