New eArticle Posted: Specialty Card Folds

Specialty Card Folds eArticle CoverHave you checked out VSN’s brand new eArticle? This one is on “Specialty Card Folds: Cards with More Than One Fold.” I think you are really going to like this one. The pdf version of the eArticle has 72 half-sized pages and covers:

  • Folding Basics (Scoring, Fold Types, Joining Panels and Allowing For Fold Thickness.)
  • Tri-Fold Cards (including Slanted Panel, Stepped Panel and Angled Panel variations).
  • Twisted Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards
  • Easel Cards and Twisted Easel Cards
  • Closed Gate Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards with a Flap
  • Triangle Tri-Fold Cards
  • Double-Gate Cards
  • Iron Cross Cards
  • Accordion or Concertina Cards
  • and Double ZigZag Cards
tri-fold open
Barb Benson (Slanted Tri-Fold Variation)

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