VSN eArticles: pdf vs epub vs mobi Version?

Ok, I know that this post is geeky, but if you are confused as to which format of VSN eArticle to download, I think you’ll find it helpful, so please give it a shot.

Most of VSN’s eArticles are available in three versions: pdf, epub and mobi (Kindle). Whether these file types mean anything to you may depend on your personal computer savvy and what type(s) of computer, phone, tablet or eReader you use. For those who might not know a pdf from an epub, here are a few screen shots from the different versions to help you better understand what the heck this all means and how to choose the best version for you. (Note: All of these “screenshots” are actually photos of the eArticle on my 7″ Galaxy Tab 7.0 Tablet.)

pdf eArticle on Tablet

PDF Version: This is page 16 from the pdf version of VSN’s most recent eArticle, “Specialty Card Folds”. Notice a few things here. Each page of the eArticle is laid out in a landscape orientation designed to fit neatly and completely on your desktop or laptop computer screen without a lot of scrolling around. Notice too that this version has permanent page numbers because what is on page 16 (in this case) will stay on page 16 no matter how much you might increase the text size.

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