Choosing Words For Cards

Text & Stamps

Being a writer, you might think that deciding on text for a greeting card would come easily to me. But ironically, it is often the most time consuming part of my card making process. My writing skills lean more toward technical (how-to) kind of writing. Expressing my thoughts on a greeting card is something I find very challenging. Fortunately, there are strategies for those of us who are greeting card text challenged.

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226 Days of VSN Day 1: Doodled & Scored Color Blocking

Large Balloon: Hamilton Arts, Balloon Cluster: All Night Media. 6 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.This is the first of my “226 Days of VSN” posts. The idea for this post series is to open up an old issue of VSN, find one or more ideas or techniques from that issue and use it in a fresh way to create something fun. The inspiration for this large card was two ideas from the Sept ’05 VSN plus the “Doodling, Hand Lettering and Stamps” eArticle. If you’ve got the Sept ’05 VSN, pull it off the shelf to see the original articles that inspired this post! Continue reading 226 Days of VSN Day 1: Doodled & Scored Color Blocking

My Favorite Doodling & Hand Lettering Video

This is the YouTube video that inspired my current “Doodling, Hand Lettering & Stamps” eArticle. It was created by Rachel Bland who was kind enough to give me permission to include a small screenshot of her video in the eArticle and included permissions on YouTube for embedding so I can share it here as well. I found it to be really inspiring. I’ve been using more doodling and hand lettering in my cards ever since I saw this. See what you think!