A Few of My Favorite Websites . . . This Week!



Websites That Inspire Me

One of the cool things about the internet is that you can find sites online that explore the topics that interest you RIGHT NOW. The people who create those sites, blog posts or articles may have posted what interests you just yesterday . . . or they might have posted it years ago but left it there for you to discover today. So for example, if you are currently interested in learning how to color images with alcohol ink markers or work with Gelli Plates or whatever, you can find it online somewhere. It’s all just a quick Google away. And the information continues to build. So if you search out sites on a particular topic now and then you search that same topic in six months, you are likely to find new and interesting info.

Here are a few spots online that I’ve been enjoying lately. None of them are specifically about stamping although two of them are craft sites and one of those does often cover stamping topics. Others are related to other interests of mine (like cooking and baking bread) and others are places where I find inspiring photography or learn how to use the software that lets me do things like edit photos and create a blog. I’m thinking that you and I are creative people and may have overlapping interests and so you might enjoy some of these sites. After all, Google and the NSA and the whole online advertising world apparently knows where I like to hang out on the internet already, so why not share this info with you, my friends, too? So here are some spots I like and that you might like as well.

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