New VSN eArticle Art Challenge + The VSN Weekly Deal


Here in Maryland, it’s been feeling a bit chilly lately. Halloween is just a couple days away and before you know it we’ll be seeing the holidays and maybe even some snow. Are you ready for some seasonal stamping fun? This week I’ve got a VSN issue pdf with “Holiday Stamp Ideas and Projects” available for you, as well as two new eArticle Art Challenges, one on “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” and the other on “Snow and Ice Ideas For Stamping“. Want to come and play with me?

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Doodled Gelli Plate Monotype + New Weekly Deal


(Doodled Gelli Plate Monotype)

The DardanellesHere it is mid-October already and you may have wondered why I haven’t posted here on the blog since last week. I took a short break from stamping while my husband and I spent five days in Richmond celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary (later this month technically) by hanging out at the Richmond Folk Festival. It was fantastic! Even walking around in the drizzle and mud for hours with wet feet couldn’t dent our enthusiasm. (The group you see pictured here is The Dardanelles from Newfoundland Canada, our favorite of thirty really good musical acts. If you get a chance and are on the east coast next fall, try to get to next year’s show! It’s free too!)

Doodling on Gelli Plate Monotype

But now that I’m back home again, I’ve turned to finishing up the upcoming “Gelli Plates & Stamps” eArticle. I just have a handful of how-to pictures left to take, some artwork to put together and a few other odds and ends of chores and I’ll be done. It’ll be posted on Sunday 10/20/13.

One of the things I’ve been playing around with today is doodling on top of a monotype created with a gelli plate. This one was made with acrylic paint and homemade star masks on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of yellow cardstock and is just for fun; I don’t know what I’ll do with it. It might find its way into a stamped book at some point. Doodling on top of a monotype background is fun, easy and relaxing. Outlining shapes and adding details with a black pigment pen and/or a white gel pen gives some added pop to the design.

VSN Weekly DealI also posted a new Weekly Deal this morning. This time around, the deal is 50% off of the VSN Quick Tips Bundle 2012a. This is a gathering of all Quick Tips from the six 2012 VSN issues in pdf format sized to view on your computer screen. Normally $5, it is on sale for $2.49 through Sunday 10/20/13. Proceeds from Weekly Deal sales go toward funding VSN’s website and blog.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and have been doing some stamping. Don’t forget to look for the new eArticle on Sunday!

Nancie, VSN

Looking For Feedback, New Art Challenge, Weekly Deal

Gelli Plate Comb Background

(Gelli Plate Monotype created with acrylic paints. 10/07/13)

Today is one of those days where I’m trying to do six things at once. Wait a minute. All days are like that aren’t they? Anyway, this blog post is also about several things at once.

Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap Challenge: I’m still working on the upcoming “Gelli Plates & Stamps” eArticle (the monotype above is from yesterday’s play), but I don’t want to forget the FOLLOWING eArticle. I posted a new Art Challenge for that one yesterday and I hope you will be a part of it.

Because that 11/20/13 eArticle will be posted near the end of November, I thought stamped gift tags and gift wrap might be a useful topic. You’ll find the challenge specs on the “Get Published” page of VSN’s website. Despite the time of year when this will go up, please don’t feel like you have to limit it to December holidays. It could also include gift tags and wrap for things like birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, wedding and just because kinds of gifts. So if you’ve created a fun gift tag and/or gift wrap for any occasion, please do consider submitting it for the Challenge. Keep in mind that VSN’s Challenges don’t require you to actually mail the physical stamped project. As long as you follow the challenge submission specs, you can email a picture of the project and the directions so you can get your work published and still keep it too!

Suggestions Please on Future eArticle Topics: I am currently mulling over topics for future eArticles and accompanying Art Challenges. Is there a stamp related topic that you would really like to see explored in depth? Please let me know in the Comments below or using the Contact Form (whichever is easier for you.)

Feedback Please on Weekly Deals: I am also looking for feedback on the Weekly Deals. I kind of feel my way toward figuring out what you like by seeing which Weekly Deals sell well and which don’t. Lately, some of the Weekly Deals have been pdf versions of VSN print issues. While there are some VSN readers working toward collecting all the back issues in pdf form, there are probably more who would rather just get those issues with topics that interest them. Rather than do this in a hit or miss kind of way, I’d like to ASK you what you’d like to see.

If you like pdf file versions of the print VSN issues and are waiting for specific issues or topics, please let me know. There are 226 print issues and I’ve only converted 8 so far; if I can get an idea of issues or topics, I can try to get the ones you’d like to see done a little faster.

Speaking of which, I didn’t have time to convert an issue this week, so I extended last week’s offer of the Suminagashi Marbling 02Aug issue and the Choosing Color 01Apr issue through next Monday. So if you wanted either of those for the 50% off deal, there is still time to get them on the Online Shopping Cart.

I’m also interested in feedback from people who have purchased some of the existing pdf back issues. I’m curious how you like that format? When you open the file, it looks like the original print issue and so you can print out individual pages if you like. But they are not formatted specifically for viewing on a computer screen the way eArticles are, so they are not as comfortable to read on your computer. I’m wondering how you are using these? Do you read them on your computer screen? Or do you print articles that you want to read? Is this something you want to see more of?

VSN Print Back Issues Only Through End of 2013: Speaking of back issues, I will probably discontinue selling print versions of back issues at the end of this year. After the VSN print magazine shut down, many long-time VSN readers purchased the print issues they wanted and I really haven’t sold a lot of them this year. It doesn’t make sense to keep that storage space tied up or to keep paying annual taxes on that inventory. If you’ve already got the issues you want, this won’t effect you at all. If you DO have some print issues that you’ve been meaning to purchase, you’ll want to do that by 12/31/13.

Nancie, VSN