Cleaning Up the Aftermath

Messy Craft Area

The past few months have been really busy. I wrote three eArticles back-to-back-to-back without a break in between. (“Specialty Card Folds”, “Choosing Color For Stamped Cards” and “Brayer Techniques For Stampers”) After working pretty much non-stop, this is what my stamping area looked like this morning. I wish I could say that this was the full extent of the mess, but this is only about a quarter of the area that looked just like this. Sigh. Yes, I am a slob when I am in creative mode!

But, this week is an in-between week. I’m still trying to decide whether it is worth taking the time to do the extra 99cent eArticles in between the regular free eArticles, so I took this week off to do other things, catch up and give some thought to eArticles to come.

When I am not stamping, one of the creative things I like to do is bake bread. So this week the oven has been busy. I’ve decided to challenge myself to work my way through Peter Reinhart’s “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice” and make every type of bread in the book. I won’t get it all done this week, but I’m on bread number three today (Kaiser Rolls.) And I finally got the herb plants in the ground that I bought from my local flower and herb place a few weeks ago. The poor things were practically begging me to plant them. And the house is a bit cleaner too.

Stamps To Be Cleaned

But today I couldn’t stand walking past my craft mess any longer and so attacked it with a vengeance. All the tools and art mediums were put away. The stamps used for the past three eArticles were cleaned up and put away, as well as the brayers used in the last eArticle. All the bits of trash were tossed and all the bits of paper that are stamped and/or inked and so might be useful in a future project were put away. It feels so good.

Clean Craft Area

Now I’m all neat and organized and ready to get started on the “Powdered Pigment Techniques” eArticle next week. If you have some powdered pigments, I hope you will take a little time this weekend and challenge yourself to play with them and submit something to the art challenge for this upcoming eArticle. You’ll find the details on the “Get Published” page of the website. Getting published is fun! And it is so much more interesting for everyone to see a variety of artwork from a bunch of different people than just a bunch of artwork created by me!

I’m also giving some thought to what the topic of the following eArticle (after powdered pigment techniques) will be. If you’ve got a suggestion, I’m all ears. You know me; my deal is stamping topics in depth. Is there a stamping related topic that you’d like to see explored in depth? What would you like to learn more about? Let me know. Suggestions are welcome.

Time to go take the Kaiser Rolls out of the oven!

Nancie, VSN

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  1. That is just creative clutter so that just means you are feeling crafty of late. And, that is certainly much better than doing nothing! My space looks very similar and so now I feel I am in good company!

  2. Good for you Nancie…you space looks picture perfect!
    Those rolls smell mighty tempting – enjoy them!!!
    Paper Hugs,

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