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Keep in Touch

While VSN is no longer putting out new stamping print issues or eArticles, there are still things going on. Here are a few ways to keep in touch:

Dye, Pigment & Paper Blog

My craft area 2014

“Dye, Pigment & Paper” is the legacy blog of Nancie Waterman, editor of Vamp Stamp News (VSN). The blog’s focus is on using inks and paint on paper (mostly.) It’s been quite awhile since I have last posted on the stamping blog or updated the stamping eArticles, but because the posts and eArticles still have some good information in them, I have kept them available to you. My focus recently has instead been on the birding blog.

Birdseed & Binoculars Blog

Blue Jay Eating a Peanut

“Birdseed & Binoculars” is the current blog of Nancie Waterman, editor of Vamp Stamp News (VSN). This second blog’s focus is backyard birdwatching. Please check it out if you like watching birds as well as stamping. Subscribe to the blog in order to get an email notification when a new blog post goes up. Like the stamping blog above, it doesn’t cost anything and you will know right away when there is something new.


Vamp Stamp News on Pinterest

Current VSN boards on Pinterest include:

  • VSN Stamp Technique eArticles (a handy visual index of VSN’s free eArticles)
  • Stamped Cards, Etc. (cards that have been posted on VSN’s blog
  • Stamp Room Storage Ideas (storage ideas posted on VSN’s blog)
  • Alternative Stamp Uses (outside the box stamp uses)
  • Ink & Paint Info (other sites to check out)
  • Bird Watching (Bird Watching as seen on my Birdseed & Binoculars birding blog)


Due to Facebook’s severe privacy policy issues, I no longer feel comfortable on the platform and so I have deleted VSN’s Facebook Page.

Contact Form

VSN no longer sells stamping magazines or eArticles. The stamping blog and eArticles are kept online here as a courtesy. If you need to contact Nancie privately, please use the contact form found on the “Birdseed & Binoculars” website.

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VSN Back Issues

I am no longer selling VSN print issues, but if you have saved your VSN back issues, you may find these two indexes to be helpful in finding either 1) full articles or 2) smaller topics.

Issue Index (all topics search)

Want to explore the topics found in all VSN issues, regardless of whether they are full articles and projects or smaller tips and ideas? You want the Issue Index.

Article Index (article topics search)

Want to see a list of full articles and projects only (and not the smaller tips and ideas), sorted by selected topics? You want the Article Index.

VSN Website Updates

Here are the various changes that have taken place on this website over the years:


Removed some old posts that no longer have relevance (for example, years-old posts announcing past eArticle or back issue sales.) As this blog is no longer active, I have also closed comments. Removed this site’s Contact form and directed readers to instead use the Birdseed & Binocular’s Contact form.


June 2019: The Birdseed & Binoculars birding blog now has its very own website.


December 2018: Streamlined VSN’s website: VSN’s stamping content has been moved from the older html pages to the WordPress formatted portion of the site. Instead of a three part site with html pages, a WordPress stamping blog and a WordPress birding blog, there is now a WordPress stamping site (which includes the stamping blog) and a separate WordPress birding blog. Updated or removed links pointing to old html content. Updated links on VSN’s Pinterest page so they point to corresponding WP formatted content. Refreshed the site with a new layout.

July 2018: Moved VSN to a new web host. Set up SSL for added security.

April 2018: Cleaned up and streamlined main website pages a bit and moved Issue and Article Index main links to the FAQ page. Posted a Privacy Policy covering the website/blogs.

Due to Facebook’s severe privacy policy issues, I no longer feel comfortable on the platform and so I will soon be deleting VSN’s Facebook Page. I have removed Facebook Like Buttons on this site that link to Facebook.


March 2015: Updated “Metal & Faux Metal Stamping Techniques” & “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” eArticles, especially links to external articles and VSN current info near end of eArticle.

February 2015: Updated “Specialty Card Folds”, “Powdered Pigment Techniques” & “Snow & Ice Techniques For Stampers” eArticles, especially links to external articles and VSN current info near end of eArticle.

January 2015: Removed the Links page (because frankly, most people tend to use search engines like Google to find things these days.)

December 2015: Added a second blog called Birdseed & Binoculars (about bird watching) to VSN’s site.

September 2015: Cleaned up the links list and updated the FAQ page.


April 2014: Set up a new contact form on the blog to replace the old contact form (that was on the now closed online shopping cart.)

March 2014: Removed the About portion of the About/Contact page and moved the remaining Contact information to the Updates page. Removed navigation link to old Art Galleries (although the galleries themselves are still there if you still have the links. Think of them as hidden galleries! The link and passwords to the private Readers’ Galleries are found inside the Snow & Ice Techniques eArticle.) Also, set up a page and stamping boards for VSN on Pinterest.

January 2014: The monthly eArticles are currently on hiatus. Please join me on VSN’s “Dye, Pigment & Paper” blog.


December 2013: The 30th of the month was the last day to order VSN back issues (either print or pdf), order Quick Tips pdfs or yardsale items. Because remaining eArticles are free and available on the main website, the Online Shopping Cart was closed on 12/31/13.

April 2013: Added “Dye, Pigment & Paper” Blog: Ruminations from VSN’s editor.

March 2013: Added Quick Tips pdf files (individual and bundles) to VSN Online Shoping Cart and Quick Tips Index page to main website. New website banner and other tweaks.

January 2013: Added Pinterest “Pin It” buttons under eArticle descriptions on VSN’s main site so readers can more easily pin eArticle cover pictures.


October 2012: Added Facebook Share buttons under eArticle descriptions on VSN’s main site so readers can more easily recommend eArticles to stamping friends. Also activated reviews on VSN’s Online Shopping Cart so readers can post their opinions of eArticles there.

August 2012: Reformatted main website pages to fluid format which allows page elements to reformat and flow depending on the size of your computer screen (smart phone, tablet or desktop.) Added eArticle artist contributors to Artists & Authors list on the Get Published page. Added a slideshow of artwork from new eArticles on main page. (Slideshow is now non-Flash, so people whose browsers don’t support Flash can see the show!)

July 2012: Added buttons allowing some products to be loaded remotely into VSN’s Online Shopping Cart from the main website.

June 2012: Updated website to reflect that that there is no longer a VSN current print issue. Posted first of a new series of eArticles.

May 2012: Website updated to reflect that Jun ’12 is VSN’s final print issue. Information about advertising in upcoming eArticles added and upcoming challenges updated. Master Table of Contents and Virtual Yardsale added to VSN’s Online Shopping Cart.

April 2012: Introduced eArticles, added a page to index them. Updated Issue Index to show OUT OF PRINT back issues. Added offerings of some pdf versions of out of print back issues to Online Shopping Cart.

March 2012: Condensed navigation bar, combining some pages.


August 2011: Updated information on Back Issue orders to include new Order By Year option.

June 2011: Added Facebook “Like” Boxes so you can see live feed from VSN’s Page on Facebook or go directly to it easily.

March 2011: Created a Selected Topics Article Index that sorts VSN articles by selected topics (mostly technique topics but also a few product articles and stamp room organization articles.) A rough version of this list was posted 3/11. I’ll be tweaking this index as I get feedback on it. Added an intro page with links for searching VSN back issues either by Issue Index or Article index. Back issue Theme Packs roughly organized like the selected Topics Article Index have been added to VSN’s Online Shopping Cart (although back issues can continue to be purchased individually.)

February 2011: Added new “Basics” section with short informative articles for brand new stampers who need the basics. Beginning with two articles, this section will expand to include additional Basics articles as the editor’s time permits. The old “Sample Articles” section was removed to make room for this new section.


October 2010: Added an “Online Extra Articles” section within the Readers’ Gallery. This section currently contains one article in four parts: “PhotoShop Elements Workspace Basics”.) Userid/password for this gallery is the same as for the Readers’ Art Gallery (see page 3 of the current issue!)

September 2010: Created a “Card Template Gallery” within the Readers’ Art Gallery page. This gallery includes full-sized templates for cards where a smaller scaled version was printed in an issue. This gallery includes 2010 templates and will expand as additional templates are created for future issues. Userid/password for this gallery is the same as for the Readers’ Art Gallery (see page 3 of the current issue!)

Updated Ads/Graphic Design page to include new links for 2011 Ad Deadlines/Checkoff Forms & credit card order form.

August 2010: Updated FAQs, Revised Links page for easier naviagtion.

April 2010: Added a Facebook page for VSN.


April 2009: Redesigned and streamlined all pages, moved navigation bar to top of page, added pictures to various pages.

March 2009: Added Online Shopping Cart Frequently Asked Questions to the FAQ page.


December 2008: Add Tidbits pdf file to the Jan ’09 issue description. This short note from the editor adds a few more thoughts on alcohol ink art markers (the focus topic of the Jan ’09 issue). This is a version of an email I sent out to VSN Announcement-Only Email List members. If feedback on Tidbits is positive, I will post future Tidbits files when I have something interesting to add about an issue.

November 2008: Add VSN Announcement-Only Email List via Yahoo Groups. Links to join group added to VSN home page and Contact VSN page.

October 2008: Add Reader Survey form to Contact VSN page.

September 2008: Adding forms handy to advertisers to the Advertisers page. Adding Graphic Design Services page.

August 2008: VSN now accepts credit cards! Added link to VSN’s brand new secure Online Shopping Cart. Updated pricing on Order Information pages and print order forms.

May 2008: Added Flash slideshow to home page with a few pieces of artwork from current issue. Added extra set of VSN advertiser picture links to top of Stamp Links list for quicker access.

March 2008: Update Order Forms page (new forms).

February 2008: Addition of new VSN Readers Gallery, Update Order Forms page (new forms: Interactive Order form, Address Change form. Make form interactive: Back Issue Check-Off form.) Update VSN back issue pricing levels.


April 2007: Addition of new Art Gallery Page, update of Get Published Submission Guidelines to include submissions to the new Gallery. Also added Back Issue Check Off Forms to Back Issues page and Order Form page.

January 2007: Redesign of web site buttons, layout, moved “Nitch” to new About VSN page.


Summer 2006: Revised Get Published page to include more detailed information on submitting art via emailed computer file.


Fall 2005: Added Store Notes to ‘Find Store’ Page

Summer 2005: Artist/Authors List Added to ‘Get Published’ Page

Summer 2005: Added Technique Index to ‘Sample Articles’ Page

Spring 2005: Added Sample Articles Page


April 2001: VSN’s website goes live!