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Note: VSN issues vary in length and color. VSN started out as a very small black and white newsletter, added spot color in late ’94 and added full-color pages in late ’98. I have noted at the end of each issue description the number of pages (including covers) and whether the issue also includes full color pages or spot color.

I’ve gotten better at what I do over the years and have also changed printers along the way, so my personal feeling is that the issues on the newer end of the spectrum are the best issues when it comes to production quality. BUT, there are some real gems in even the rougher older issues. In the early days of stamping, there were more innovations and technique experimentation than you see now and that is reflected in these issues.

Note: I am in the process of moving the information on this page from VSN’s older html pages to the WordPress part of the site. At this time, not all of the 226 VSN cover pictures for this page have been moved over.

2012 Issues (volume 20: 1-12)

Jun '12 VSN CoverJun ’12 Stitching and Stamping

Use Needle & Thread to Add Texture and Pattern to Your Next Card! The Last Issue: What you need to know about VSN’s Final Issue and what is coming up in the future! Plus: Masked Partial Backgrounds, Interactive Design Tips (Scratch-Offs, Shakers, Spinners, Pull Off Tabs), Coloring Inkjet Prints Using a Resist, Paper Piercing Tip, Stamping Alphabet Letters, Corrugated Print Waves, Easy Banner Cut, Paper Towel Impressions, Scented Cards, Repairing Broken Chalk, Making Flowers Ahead, Heat-Sealing Ribbon Edges, Red Liner Tape Dispenser, Bottle Cap Paint Palettes, Coloring Preprinted Paper to Match, Tracking Marker Purchases, Storing Pens & Markers. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (20 pg, b/w & color)

'12 May VSN CoverMay ’12 Stamping With Scraps

Creative Ideas For Using Scraps
For Stamped Greeting Cards. Digital Corner: Clean up Stamp Art Photos & Scans Using PhotoShop Elements Healing Brushes! Plus: Faux Pearl Effects, Stamping with Pigment & Dye Inks Together, Embellishing Embellishments, Fancy Pin Tops, Using Lots of Tiny Stamps, Stenciling Ideas, Faux Embossing, Easy Mod Podge Glaze, Circle Cutting Tips, Paper Stacks, Recycling Package Plastic, Those Pesky Postal Rules. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (20 pg, b/w & color)

'12 April VSN CoverApril ’12 Favorite Stamp Two Ways

Art Challenge – Get the Most From Your Stamps With Creative Thinking For Multiple Uses! Product Picks: Distress Marker Techniques & Using a Color Magnet Pen . . . on Paper! Digital Corner: Clean up Your Stamp Image Photos & Scans Using PhotoShop Elements Eraser Tools! Plus: Spray Crystal Ideas, Stamping in Humid Weather, Ten Ways to Use Eyelets, Blending Colored Pencils with Gamsol, Using Patterned Paper, Old Book Pages as Backgrounds, Using Die-Cut Waste as a Stencil, Tips for Working with Very Detailed Die-Cuts, Cutting an Octagon Shape, Matching a Stamped Bag & Filler, Storing Stickles Upside Down, Fixing Broken Chalk. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

March ’12 Embossing Powder Color Combos

Get Out of the Rut When Choosing Embossing Powder & Ink Combos! Art Challenge: Smaller Than the Average Card! Digital Corner: Re-sizing Digital Pictures: Downscaling Art Files forthe Internet or Email, Adjusting Resolution for Print! Plus: Stamping with Watercolor Paints, Custom Die-Cut Shapes, ‘Stamping’ with a Pastry Wheel, Lining Up a Stamped Panel Inside a Window Card, Judging Stamp Size with Wallet-Sized Photos, Printed Tissue Paper over Colored Cardstock, Pulling Apart Printed Napkins, Working with Double-Sided Tape, Melted Wax in the Stamp Room, Getting the Most From Colored Pencils, Heat-Setting in the Oven, Clean Scissors & Other Old Catalog Uses, Storing Die Sets, Sizing Paper to Cuttlebug Combo Dies. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

February ’12 Acrylic Paint Stamp Resists

Five Ways to use Acrylic Studio Paints For Stamp Resist Effects plus a Favorite Classic Dye Ink Resist! Digital Corner: Quick & Easy Photo Brightness Adjustments using Levels Histograms! Plus: Faux Leather Tips, Easy Sponged Backgrounds, Candle Drip Resist, Glues & Cold Weather, Flocking Overspray/Scrap Backgrounds, Nail Polish Uses, Gears For Steampunk, Dryer Sheets Revisited, Stubborn Acrylic Stamp Backings, Cutting 1/8″ Larger Than a Die, Gluing Fine Line Die-Cuts, Removing Stray Powder, Alternate Stamping Surfaces, Inexpensive Drying Racks. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

January ’12 Favorite Stamping Tools

Some Tools Are Must-Haves. This Month We Look at the Stamping Related Tools You Say Are YOUR Favorites! Technique Extra: Protection & Texture: A Look at GlazOn & GooseBumps Spray. Digital Corner: Use Columns & Tables to Create Your Own Calendars! Plus: Glue Dot Dispensers, White Glue Texture, Card Front Calendars, Easy Dimension to Die-Cut Embellishments, Die-Cut Ideas, Recycling & Die-Cuts, Grand Calibur Suction, Making Soap with Stamps, Homemade Two-Sided Paper, Twist Tie Needle, Making Multiples, Contact Paper Text, Stencil Storage, Pizza Box Storage. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

2011 Issues (volume 19: 1-12)

December ’11 Gift Card Holders

Giving a Gift Card? Stamp a Clever Holder For it! 11 Holders for Plastic Gift Cards & 2 for Paper Certificates or Cash Gifts! Technique Extra: 30 Fun Ways to Use Distress Stains for Backgrounds, Aged Looks or to Stamp. Digital Corner: Kerning & Tracking: Adjust Character Spacing! Extra: Glitter Brings Elements Forward, Nail Polish as Vellum ‘Adhesive’, Use Notes Instead of Sheets, Turning Peel-Offs ‘Copper’, Blending Sharpie Marker Lines, Scrap Paper Mosaics, Cupcake Paper Flowers, Paper Piercing With Plastic Canvas, Make Your Own Ribbon Spacing Templates, Wax Paper as Sealant, Office Supply Store Bookbinding Tools. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

November ’11 Stamping & Food Gifts

Ideas for Making Stamping Part of the Gift! It’s The Stamps: Unmounted Twists & Techniques. Digital Corner: Text Tricks Part 3 – Text Blocks & Shaped Text. Extra: Clear Notebook Pocket Template. Quick Tips: Flower Center Ideas, Fading to Match Color, Colored Pencil Tips, Working with Grunge Board, Cellophane Treat Bag Images, Coloring Plastic Charms, Those Little Bits of Paper, Making Mizuhiki or Striped Twine Ribbon, Frugal Die-Cutting, Masking Without the Stamp, Cropping Guides, Finding Center, Fold Before You Cut, Challenge Yourself. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

October ’11 Halloween Cards & Luminaries

Light Up Your Halloween with Spooky Stamping! It’s The Stamps: Have Any Bad Stamping Habits You Need to Kick? Digital Corner: Text Tricks Part 2 – Digital Text on Stamped Cards: & Vertical Text! Tips: Dry Embossed Envelopes, Adding Quick Card Interest, Stamping on Patterned Paper, Testing Card Templates, Shimming Die-Cuts, Stubborn Die-Cut Removal, Craft Room Substitutions, Homemade Flower Press, Oiling Tools, Protecting Mailed Cards, Glue Storage, Stamping Misadventures. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

September ’11 Bookbinding on Cards

Use Traditional Bookbinding Techniques on Cards: Learn Four Japanese Stab Bindings. It’s The Stamps: Emboss or Not! (Decide When to Heat Emboss & When to Go with Just Ink.) Digital Corner: Text Tricks Part 1 – Use Digital Text on Your Stamped Cards. (First Up: Fonts & Glyphs.) Tips: Seven Acrylic Stamp Mount Uses (Beyond Stamp Mounting), Distress Ink Features, Sponging with Sponge Daubers, Stamping on Wax Paper Bags, Coloring Paper Clay, Foam Adhesive Dots Tip, Styrofoam Brush Holder, Die-Cutting Magazine Pages, Water Barriers for Working in Multi-Media Journals, Storing Punches & Dies. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

August ’11 Solid Stamp Techniques

A Slew of Ways to Color and Use Stamps with Bold Areas of Rubber! Digital Corner: Digital Brushes Part 3: Create & Save Your Own Custom Brushes in PhotoShop Elements Or Find Them Online & Load them into Elements.Tips: Teacher Gift Set Project, Correction Fluid Batik, Heat Embossing Stencil Images, Summer Background Paint Techniques, Glue Bottles & Tips, One Mizuhiki Cord at a Time, Cutting Card Layers, Layering Complex Stamps, Die-Cuts into Stencils, Stamps on Die-Cuts, Die-Cut Machine Embossing Tips, Punching Humid Paper, Button Storage, Makeup Containers, Stacking Iris Carts. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

July ’11 Text in the Starring Role

A Multitude of Ideas for Giving Text a Feature Role on Your Next Card! In The Background: ColorWash & Paper Towels! Digital Corner: Digital Brushes Part 2: Customize PhotoShop Elements’ Digital Brushes to Create Custom Backgrounds. Tips: Stamping on Ribbon, Stamping Die-Cuts & Punch-Outs, Custom Dying Cotton Thread, Flower Soft & Hot Glue, Coffee & Tea “Inks”, Salvaging Old Paints, Smaller Bottles for Paints, Homemade Brush Holder, Lining Up Embellishments, Release Sheets & Die-Cuts, Signing Stamped Cards, Working with Troublesome Punches. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

June ’11 Alcohol Inks on Other Surfaces

Don’t Limit Your Alcohol Ink Use to Just Paper. Go further! In the Background: Wax Paper Resist: 4 Ways to Use Wax Paper and Brayered Inks to Create Backgrounds. Digital Corner: Digital Brushes: Use PhotoShop Elements’ Digital Brushes to Create Custom Backgrounds. Tips: Faux Leather Embossing, Studio Cloth Info, Stamping Signatures, Pre-made Card Inserts, Pre-made Sentiments, Copic Marker Brush Tip, Refining Your Lettering, No-Tie Bow, Washi Tape & Tissue Tape, Medical Tape & Pin Stripping Tape, Size Labeling Die-cut Dies, Getting Layers Straight, Stencil Coloring, Fast Cards, Punching Dollar Store Bags.Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (24 pg, b/w & color)

May ’11 Stamped Windows & Doors

Looking Through: Ideas for Layered Designs Using Windows & Doors. Digital Corner: Cutting Shapes – Use PhotoShop Elements’ Cookie Cutter Tool to Create Shaped Photos. In The Background: Pearl Backgrounds – 16 Ways to Use Perfect Pearls to Create Beautiful Shimmery Backgrounds. Tips: Watercolors: Reactivating, Steaming & Using with Masking Fluid, Alcohol Ink Faux Bleach Technique, Distress Ink Water Drop Background, Minty Cards, Combining Smooch Sprays, Making Corkscrew Ribbons, Rule for Stamp Purchases, Stamping by the Sheet, Polymer Clay Embellishments, Handmade Buttons (Real & Faux), Found Palettes, Cricut: Sharpen the Blades & Clean the Mats, Ribbon Storage Idea. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (28 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’11 Watercolor Ink Marker Techniques

Dust Off Your Watercolor Markers to Add Color to Your Next Card. Digital Corner: Making Shapes – Create Shapes with PhotoShop Elements for Your Next Digital Project. Happenings: Convention Tips – Going to a Stamp Convention? Plan Ahead to Make The Most of It! Tips: Pearlescent Faux Paste Paper, Scrap Flowers, Acrylic Block Stamping, Sanding Embossed Layers, Card Background Layers, Calendar Days & Numbers, Enhancing Paper Texture, Painter’s Tape Uses, Repurposed Stencil, Repairing Inkpads, Non-Tipping Water Jars, Keeping Track of Swaps, Dust Covers for Your Tools, No Lost Cutting Plates, Nesabilities Storage, Utilizing Unused Space. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (28 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’11 Alcohol Ink Markers

Alcohol Inks in a Marker: Brands, Color Purchasing Strategies, Choosing Paper & Stamping Inks, Coloring Print Outs, Basic Coloring, Feather Blending, Watercolor Effects & Creating Texture. Digital Corner: PhotoShop Elements’ Guided Edit: Let Elements Hold Your Hand to Get Your Digital Photos Looking Right! In The Background: Spray Alcohol Ink Markers: Got Copics? Want to Use Them to Create Soft Color? Airbrush with Your Copics! Quick Tips: Alcohol Ink Markers & Polished Stone, Rediscovering Mica Tiles, Watercolor Crayons, Craft Uses for Painter’s Tape, Getting Flocking to Stick, Quilling For Framing, Strategy For Using the Stamps You Have, Using Workable Artist Fixative, Scrounging Craft Supplies. Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (28 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’11 Scene Stamping

11 Steps for Using Stamps to Create a Scene, Including Masking How-To’s. Adjusting Digital Photo’s Light, Color and Sharpening using PhotoShop Elements’ Quick Edit. In The Background: Use Photos for Your Next Card Background. Quick Tips: Shading Radiant Pearls with Markers, Using Dental Tools Creatively, Easy Brayer Background, Custom Ticket Shapes, Weather Pictures, Painting with Future & Pearl Ex, Water-Soluble Colored Pencil Ideas, Inking Strategies for Clear Stamps, Cutting to Make an Image Appear Bigger, Frugal Die-Cutting, Swap Card Calendars, Stamping Large Solid Images, Stamping Curved Surfaces, Misted Gift Wrap, Alcohol Ink Tags, Embossed Card Padding, Rhinestones for Less.Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (28 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’11 Stamping Resolutions

Stamping Resolutions: 8 Resolutions to Make 2011 Your Best Stamping Year Yet! Digital Corner: Photographing Your Stamp Art: Setting up the Photo Shoot, Setting the Camera & Taking the Shot! In The Background: 8 Snowy Ideas for Backgrounds Using Embossing Powder. Plus Quick Tips: 6 Faux Fur Ideas, Make a CD Clock Face, Keeping Track of Card Mailings, Getting that Cling Stamp to Cling, Winter Adhesive Consequences, Getting Rid of Texture with the Cuttlebug, Color Before Cutting Tip, Cutting Records with the Big Shot, Making Your Own Mark on Your Tools, 3 Tips for Gluing Tiny Embellishments, Sharpen Your Scoring Tools!Click Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (28 pg, b/w & color)

2010 Issues (volume 18: 1-12)

Dec ’10 Stamping Inspirations & Christmas Stamping

Quick Ideas for Cards, Place Cards, Tags & Other Stamped Holiday Projects! Full-sized templates was found in the Readers’ Gallery. Digital Corner: Scanning Stamp Art.Check out the Readers’ Gallery for a PhotoShop Elements Workspace Basics article to give you some Elements background for the Digital Corner articles in VSN. In The Background: 14 Creative Approaches to Using a Background Stamp for a Card. Plus: Embossing & Glitter Mixes, Scene Stamping Tips, Glue Faux Stained Glass, Using Sand on a Card, Soap Faux Snow, Watercolor Stamp Lifting, Copic Marker Tips, Versamarker Uses, Rollagraph Wheels, Repeating an Image in the Background, Paper Brads, Ways to Use Decorative Punch-Outs, Rhinestones on a Roll, Embossing Powder Catch Paper, Homemade Anti-static Pouch, Homemade Pop Dots, Faux Snow & Whiskers, Keeping Acrylics Liquid, Printing 12″ Digital Paper, Photographing Stamp Art, Asking For Product Help. Click 10Dec Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’10 Cards That Move

Bored with Your Cards? Add Movement to add Surprise & Fun! Three Full-sized templates was found in the Readers’ Gallery. Digital Corner: Layering Digital Stamps For Scenes Using PhotoShop / Elements. The Readers’ Gallery also had a PhotoShop Elements Workspace Basics article to give you some Elements background for the Digital Corner articles in VSN. Plus: Creating Custom Storage Pockets,Coloring Flower Soft or Making Your Own Fluff, Popping Images with White, Monoprints, Die-Cutting Laminating Pockets, Strategies For Actually USING Your Paper Supplies, Easy Square Cards, Paper Trimmer Blade Strategy, Spray Mist Ideas & Stretching Spray Supplies, Salvaging Plant Foil, Ironing Wrinkled Paper, Stamp Positioner Use, Two Acrylic Stamp Tips, Cookie Sheet
Drying Racks, plus Miscellaneous Tips.Click 10Nov Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’10 Making Scores + Inside Pockets

A comparison of Four Commercial Scoring Boards. 17 Styles for Pockets Inside Your Card with Over 37 Variations! Full-sized templates were found in the Readers’ Gallery. Digital Corner: Color Inside Digital Stamp Images With Digital Photos Using PhotoShop Elements. “Heated Pearls” Technique, Black Popping Layer Alternatives, Shelf Liner Layers, Birthday Card Planning, Working Stamping into the Day’s Pauses, Salvaging From Junk Mail, Twine, Glues, Photographing Cards, Unmounted Stamps, Prepping Stamps, Keeping Track of Punches, Cleanup Tips, Plastic Grid Guide, Crib Stamp Storage, DIY Ventilation, Moving with Stamps.Click 10Oct Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’10 Fabric Postcards & Books

Make Your Next Postcard or Book From Fabric! Digital Corner: Learn How to Change Image Size, Resolution & Color in PhotoShop/Elements. Plus: Bleach Faux Leather, Crayons and a Heat Laminator, Barbed Wire Brayered Background, Watercoloring Paper, Sponging Card Edges, Fixing Coloring Outside the Lines, Masking Alternatives, Microwave Unmounting Tip, Stamp Room Paper, Hardware Store Finds, Finding Inspiration.Click 10Sept Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’10 Vacation Stamping

Ideas For Stamping on Vacation, Whether You Relax at Home or Hit the Road! Swinger Card pattern was found in the Readers’ Gallery. Digital Stamping (Part 2): Tricks For Coloring Digital Stamp Prints: No Smearing! Plus: Designing With The Rule of Thirds, Idea For Combining Art Mediums, Pearl Pen Tips, Embossing Through a Stencil, Clinch vs Bind It All, Cutting Extra Die-Cuts, Punching Tiny Pieces, Using Difficult Punches, Faux Embossing Folder Technique, Embossing Folder Storage Idea, Unsticking Metal Caps, Cereal Bag Uses, Tile As Embossing Platform, Organized Stamp Sessions, Re-Purposing Those Household Bits & Pieces. Click 10Aug Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’10 Faux Backgrounds

Using Inks, Paints & Other Craft & Art Supplies to create Faux Backgrounds for Cards, Including ‘Metal’, ‘Pealed Paint’, ‘Wood’, ‘Glass’, ‘Leather’, ‘Suede’, ‘Fabric’, ‘Lace’, ‘Screen’, ‘Sky’, ‘Stone’ or ‘Tile’. Also: Faux Bows & Ribbons! Digital Stamping: Expanding Image Choices with Digital Stamps (Part 1.) Plus: Glue Stick Caution Story, Matching Buttons, Found Backgrounds, Roller Stamp Tips, Prepping Clear Stamps, Book Covers For Masking, Blue Tack Uses, Unscrewing Jar Lids, Martha’s Scoring Board Impressions, Making Envelopes With Scor-Pal, More Envelope Tips, Embellishment Storage Idea, Storing Clear Stamps, Mailing Bumpy Cards, Maintaining Your Craft Tools. Click 10Jul Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’10 Stamped Postcards

Designing Stamped Postcards, Including Postal Specs, Layout, and Protecting Your Artwork, Plus Fabric Postcards! Finding Stampers Online: Forums, Email Lists, Web Sites, Blogs, YouTube and Facebook. Alcohol Ink Wax Paper Backgrounds, Framing Stamp Art, Unclogging Mister Bottles, Two Mister Bottle Uses, Faux Masking With Embossing Ink & Chalks, Scented Cards, Working With Embossing Powder, Straight Stamping With Clear Text Stamps, Clear Stamps Backwards, Easy Found Texture Stamp Mount, Handles For Tiny Stamps, Labeling Sponges, Gluing Rhinestones, Glitter & Pliable Mailings With Glue, Thoughts on Binding Machines. Click 10Jun Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

May ’10 Birthday Stamping

Strategies and Inspirations For Creating Fun Birthday Cards! ALSO: Creating Your Own Custom Box, Envelope & Card Templates! Including: Cake Box Template, Cube/Rectangle Box, Stairstep Pop-Up & Accordion Fold Card. Plus a Look at the Joy Fold Card. PLUS: Keeping Track of Birthdays, Trimming Text Layers, Journal Pockets, Easy ATC Cutting, Texture Ideas, Painting Without Brushes, Fixing Imperfect Die-Cuts, Getting Embellishments to Stick, Flower Colors, Scanned Bubble Backgrounds, Clear Stamp Cover Sheets, Sorting Cardstock Types, Makeup Brushes, Long Toothpicks, Paper Trimmer Blade Strategies. Click 10May Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’10 Ribbons & Bows

Add Texture, Color and Pattern with Ribbons & Bows. Including: How To Tie Bows & Knots! Scallop Template. Clearsnap’s Smooch Illuminate & Tsukineko’s StazOn Metallic. PLUS: Distress Ink & Bleach Background, Alternative Stamped Watercolor Approach, Getting the Whitest White, ATG Transfer Tape, Cutting Red-Liner Tape, Dimensional Gluing, Clear Embossing Plates Tip, Creating a Dimensional Punched Flower, Blending Colored Pencils with Goo-Gone, Ideas For Bathtub Caulk, Attaching Napkins to Cards (and Fabric), Embossing Powder Woes, Avoiding Embossed Fingers, String Storage Solution, Stamp Storage Idea and Clearsnap’s Smooch Illuminate Top Coat, Tsukineko’s StazOn Metallics. Click 10April Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’10 Stamped Envelopes

Why Does the Card Get All the Glory? This Month We Look At Stamping the Envelope Too! ATC Envelope Template was found in the Readers’ Gallery. CHA Product Finds. Plus: Stamping Resolutions, Using Embossing Folders with Paint, Sanding Dry Embossed Images, Balloon Image Ideas, Faux Metal Embellishments, Stippling VersaMark, Corrugating Every Which Way, Handling Slow Drying Glues, Shrink Plastic Tips, Reusing Envelope Windows, Alcohol Ink Markers, Outlining Card Elements, Dove Blender Pens, Watercoloring with Stamp Ink, Layering Copper on a Card, Hot Glue on Cards, Mailing ATC’s, Favorite Stamping Paper, Clear Stamp Storage, Storing Stickles Glitter Glues, Going Mini on Inkpad Storage, Paper Storage. Click 10March Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’10 Valentines Cards

Plus: Critiquing Stamp Art. Readers Share Their Favorite Valentines, including Gate-Folds, Explosion & Interlocking Cards. We Also Look at The Role Critique Plays in The Stamping World. Heart templates for Heart Explosion Card was found in the Readers’ Gallery. Plus: Embossing Computer Print, Scanning With Fun Foam, Finding Inspiration in a Weekly Book-Inspired Art Night, Easy Coordinated Paper Card, Getting Even Layers, Adhesive Backing on Punches & Die-Cuts, De-Gunking Adhesive Dispensers, Stamping Text Layers, Trimming Stamped Images Neatly, Ideas For Watch Parts, Ways to Use Bottle Caps, Aluminum Can Earrings, Making Your Own Mists, Homemade Shaper Tool, Embossing Folder Ideas, Nesties Storage, Dealing With Pre-Folded Boxes, Stopping Wandering Tools, Organization & Storage Ideas. Click 10February Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’10 Stamped Cards With Fabric & Stitching

Move Beyond Paper to use Fabric for Card Layers and Design Elements! Add stitching for Borders & Detail. We also look at Fabric Stamping, including Velvet Stamping. Plus: Pigment Ink Advantages & Uses, Managing Adhesive-Backed Ribbon, Fabric Paint Faux Beads, Sponging, Faux Leather Technique Using Tissue Paper, Two Alcohol Ink Backgrounds, Framing With Red Liner Tape, Dimension For Die-Cuts, Edging Layers Easily, Punching on Bits of Paper, Stamping With a Pumice Stone, Fun Foam & Scanning and Keeping Track of Paper in Your Stash.Click 10January Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

2009 Issues (volume 17: 1-12)

Dec ’09 Holiday Stamping: Cards, Ornaments & Entertaining

Holiday Stamping! Creating holiday cards and ornaments is a classic way to use your stamps and we look at some fun designs and approaches this month. We also look at ways to use stamps to create Wine Glass Charms, Coasters, Place Cards, Treat Boxes, and Candles to make your holiday entertaining very special! Plus: Coloring and Embossing Digital Stamp Images, Using Digital Images on Polymer Clay, Mineral Oil Stained Glass Technique, 3-D Fluttering Butterflies Technique, Working With Powdered Pigments, Taming Glitter, Tissue Paper Uses, Shrink Plastic Tips, Double-Stick Tape Positioning, Laminating Kids’ Cards, Trash To Treasure Ideas to Save Money, Alternatives to Embossing with a Die Cut Machine, Cutting Paper, Turning Paper Scraps Into Borders, Wax Paper & Die Cuts, Storing Distress Supplies, Storing Cuttlebug Embossing Folders. Click 09December Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’09 Found Textures

5 Ways to Capture Textures to Use in Your Next Stamp Art Project! Household Craft Supplies, Brayered Paint Borders, Overspray on Black, Scor-Pal Tips, Waxed Fall Leaves, Die-Embossed Frames, Removing Printed Words, Binder Clips, Packaging as Molds, Shoe Polish Idea, Ultrasuede Source, Photo Detail Backgrounds, Stretching Foam Adhesive & Stickers, Watercoloring Alcohol Inks, Custom Alcohol Ink Colors, Blender Pen Tips, Recycled Jar Gifts, Dying Faux Pearls, Rejuvenating Embossing, Sanding Embossed Images, Die-Cut Die Labels, Opening Taped Envelopes, Keeping Track of: Stamped Images, Masks & Embellishments, Cleaning Stamps, Selling Stamped Items Approach, RAKs, Limited Abilities Stamping Group, Thoughts on Criticism. If you would like to read “The Sting of Criticism” article from this month’s issue, click Tidbits to open an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file version. Click 09November Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’09 Choosing Color for Stamp Art

22 Ways to Pick Colors For Your Stamp Art, from Color Schemes & Paint Chips to Mood. Also: More Creative Corners! Readers share their take on the Creative Corners Challenge. Plus: Web Site Wanderings, More Computer Backgrounds, Understanding RGB or CMYK Color, Sharpening Colored Pencils, Air Brushing Ink Blobs, Sizzix Smushed Leaves, Two Ways to Create Layered Stamp Images, Ideas for Using Fabric on Cards, Embossing & Bleach, Faux Coin or Medallion From Foil, Decorative Alphabet Mounts, Art Media Compatibility Labels, Protecting Mailed Cards, Cutting More Precisely, Brayer Cleaning, Money Saving Tips, Storing Nestibilities, & An Organization Tip. Click 09October Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’09 Digital Backgrounds

Use a Computer and a Printer to Create Backgrounds for Stamp Art. Or Stamp with Digital Stamps! And: ‘On The Ragged Edge’: Tear Your Edges to Create a Soft Casual Look For Your Next Stamped Project! Plus: Brayered Resist Technique, Embossed Silk Embellishments, Colored Pencils and Gamsol, Tortillions and Stumps, Coloring on Colored Papers, Giant Sized Paper Suggestion, Getting Good Solid Stamp Impressions, Tips for Die-Cut Double Embossing, Flattening Paintbrushes, Working with E6000 Adhesive, Scissors Cleaning & Good Ventilation, Protecting Addresses, Remembering What’s in That Drawer. Click 09September Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’09 Brayer Techniques

Over Twenty-Five Ways to Use Inexpensive Brayers For Quick Easy Backgrounds and Effects. AND,‘ABC’s of Alphabet Stamps’: Ten Ways to Line Up Alphabet Stamps! Plus: Dry Embossing Found Plastic, Watercolored Paper, Mini Rubbing Plates, Tips for Sequins and Glitter, Idea for Orienting Asian Characters, Flower Soft Alternatives, Vellum Layers, Shadowing Die-Cuts, Moisture & Paper, Chalk Pencils, Avoiding Paper Shift, Conserving Adhesive, Tack N Peel Protection, Impromptu Paintbrushes, Not Cutting Too Far, Measuring Without a Ruler, Strategic Die-Cutting, Planning Domino Colors, Stamp Cleaning Tips. Click 09August Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’09 Mist and Spray Techniques

Use Commercial or Homemade Mists & Sprays to Create Colorful Backgrounds.‘Taking Corners’: A Close Up Look at Making Creative Corners that Add that Finishing Touch. Plus: Stenciling Tricks & Tips, Alcohol Swabs Background, Alternative for Colored Pencil Blending, Making New Tools with Left-Over Cling Cushion, Make a Homemade Funky Brush, Using Mica Magic ReInkers (Without the Pad), Cuttlebug Cut-Up Technique, Changing Paper’s Design, Lining Up a Background, Removing a Layer Easily, Lacy Punch Borders, Punch Shape Brad Covers, Paper Tearing Tips, Faux Torn Layers, Homemade Paper Ribbons, Using the Back of Wrapping Paper, Commercial Cards as a Base, Protecting Cards in the Mail, Homemade Embossing Punch, Repurposing Scraps: Bookmarks, Storing Supplies Upside Down, Storing Embossing Powder, Storing Twinkling H2Os. Click 09July Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’09 Die-Cut Machines

Choosing a Die-Cut Machine: Comparing the Features of Thirteen Machines From Six Top Companies!. And: Reviews of USArtQuest’s Dicro Fibers and Therm-O-Type’s Stamp-N-Foil. Plus: Flower Soft Tips, Opinions of Scoring Tools, Ideas For Working With Detailed Stamps, Blending With White Pencil, Easy Foiling, Homemade Faux Dew Drops, Cuttlebug Tip, Easy Alphabet Background, Tiny Stamp Borders, Tiny Stamps With Signatures, Creating Crinkle Effects, Image Placement Strategies, Taming Card Colors With Lace, Scented Card Idea, Making Envelopes Quickly, Getting Through the Mail System, Embossing Powder Storage, Cleaning Strategies.Click 09June Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

May ’09 Masking Tricks

Using Masking to Create Backgrounds, Scenes and Layered Card Designs!Ways to Attach Gems to Cards. Reviews of The Creative Jewel Tool, Clearsnap’s Smooch and Craf-T Rub-Ons and a report on the Illinois StampScrapArt Tour! Plus: Speedball Press, Flower & Seeds in Cards, Using Wax, Watercolor Distress Background, Mesh Alternatives, Stamping on Textured Paper, Inking a Dry-Embossed Image Background, Brass Stencils & Cuttlebug, Cuttlebug Matching Envelope and Cards, Making Envelope Templates, Strengthening Paper, Glue Stick & Foil, Attaching Iris Folds, Wheat Paste For Thin Papers, Preserving Glue, Homemade “Bricks” Stamp, Salvaging Cards, Trimming Small Pieces, Paper Scrap Strategy, Storing Embellishments. Click 09May Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

April ’09 Fabulous Backgrounds

Are Your Cards in a Creative Rut? Maybe What You Need is a More Exciting Background! In This Issue We Look at a Slew of Inspirations For Making Your Next Stamped Card’s Background More Fun! A Review of Speedball’s Press For Stampers Who Have Hand, Arm or Shoulder Troubles or Who Just Want Crisper Stamped Impressions! Ironing Opals on Fantasy Film, Alternatives To Twinkling H2Os, Avoiding Clogged Spray Bottle Nozzles, Using Sprays in Alternative Ways, Coloring Options for UTEE or Opals Enamels, Layering Vellums, Tips For Using VersaMark Ink for Shadow Stamps or Embossing, Making The Most of Precious Paper/Salvaging Misprints, Good Stamping & Stamp Presses, Large Background Stamp Alternatives, Evenly Spaced “Stitching”, Making a Faux Buckle, Punchable Faux Lace, Getting Adhesives to Stick, Avoiding Xyron Stickies, Better Glitter Adhesion, Punch Problems, Removing Postage Stamps, Goof Off Tips, Prepping Cardstock. Apr Tidbits: Click 09AprTidbits to open a short Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file with a few more thoughts on the Speedball Press. Click 09Apr Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

March ’09 Acrylic Mediums

Adding Acrylic Mediums! Mixing Mediums Into Acrylic Paints or Using Them On Their Own for Special Effects. Stamping with Acrylics, Acrylic Paint Backgrounds, Acrylics Used as Adhesive & Using Gesso to Prep Surfaces. Also: Using Die-Cut Machines & Scor-It to Create Texture Backgrounds for Stamped Cards! Tips: Update on Ranger Resist Ink, Alcohol Ink Markers Update, Acrylic Paint & Stamping, Tips for Successful Brayering, Reverse Stamping Refresher, Framing With Duplicates, Hiding the Missing Punched Piece, Ideas For Text in Cards, Mylar Balloons, Molding Compounds, Reviving Glitter Glues, Cling Vinyl Mounting on the Cheap, Nestibilities Magnetic Storage, Stamping With Disabilities, Speedball Press Tips. Click 09Mar Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’09 Resist Techniques

Embossed Resists, Resist & Watermark Ink Resists, Oil Medium Resists, Wax Resists, Glue Resists, Faux Batik Resist, Joseph’s Coat, Micro Glaze Stamped Resists, Fluid Chalk Resists, Wax Paper Resists, Acrylic Paint Resist.Surprise Shaker Cards by Suzanne Glazier: Detailed Directions for Shaking Up the Inside of Your Cards! Plus: Patchwork Trimmings Cards, Ribbon Flowers & Snowflakes, Clear Pocket Alternatives, Tacky Glue & Foil, Shaving Cream Background in Protectors, Coaster Play, Tips for Using Photos, Labeling Ranger Inkpads, VersaFine Defined, Peel Offs in Color, Carry a Ruler& Snippets, Punchless Corners, Cleaning Scissors, Displaying Cards & ATCs.Click 09Feb Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. Click Resist Test Pages to open an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file showing the actual test pages used in the Feb ’09 Article on resists. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’09 Alcohol Ink Markers

Alcohol Ink Markers! Copic, Prismacolor and Tria Alcohol Ink Markers, Picking Paper & Stamping Inks to Use With Them, & Basic Techniques. ‘Mug Shots’ Article by Judi Kauffman: Ideas for Stamping Open Stamp Images. Plus: Colored Pencil Shadows, Chalks with Embossing Inks, Computer Part Inspiration, Paper Clay & Stencils, Twinkling H2O’s Storage, 2009 Calendars, Fall Leaves & the Cuttlebug, “Red Robs” (Color Tip), Cardstock Color Swatches, Glue Pad Tips, Sparkle Under Microbeads, Re-Using Business Cards & Cardboard, Paper Beads, Fiskars Non-Stick Scissors, Stamping on Transparencies Tips, Cleaning Stamps with MicroFiber Cloths. Review of Crafters’ Companions’ Rock-a-Blocks Stamp Mounts.Click 09Jan Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. Jan Tidbits #1: Click Tidbits to open a short Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file with a few more tidbits on the alcohol ink markers. Jan Tidbits #2: Click Tidbits2 to open a short Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file with some tidbits on the US Post Office’s 1/18/09 price increases for Priority and Express Mail. (32 pg, b/w & color)

2008 Issues (volume 16: 1-12)

Dec ’08 Holiday Cards

Quick Card Stategies for the Holiday or All Year! New Stamp Room! Clearsnap Design Adhesives, Top Boss Watermark Ink & memoryEssentials Jumbo Inking Handle , Tsukineko VersaMark Dazzle Watermark Ink & Memento Dual-Tip Markers. Plus: The Traditional Stamped Candle, Powdered Ink/Paint Backgrounds, Spray Background, Die-cut Machine Embossed “Snow”, Alcohol Ink & Hand Sanitizers, Inexpensive Snowflakes, Missing Sticker Letters, Sugar Coated Brads, Glue or Paint Impressions, Stringing Beads, Getting Solid Impressions, Fabric Inspirations, Gluing Paper, Is Paper Really Straight?, Trimming Metallic Cardstock, Steady Acetate Stamping, Cleaning Inky Hands, Paper For Backgrounds, Protecting Cards in the Mail, Heating Gel Mediums, Supply Inventories.Click 08Dec Table of Contents to open the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’08 Card Pockets

Cards with a Pocket For Tucking in a Tag, a Note, a Gift Card or Whatever! Stamp Mounting 201 Part 2: More about Temporary Stamp Mounting Strategies & Problems. Index of Holiday Stamping Ideas. Plus: Acrylic Block Handles, Background Ideas, Gluing Tiny Items, Using Gift Wrap, Removing Microbead Static, Enhancing Dry Embossed Images, Full Spectrum Lighting, Nestabilities Storage, Embossing Powder in Bulk, Embossing Powder Clamshells, Faux Etching Embossing, Embossing in Layers, Multiple Card Drying Storage. Plus: Stamp n’ Stash Storage Panel Review. Click 08nov Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’08 Repeated Stamped Images

Thinking beyond the obvious: Ideas for using one image repeatedly within a stamped project. Using Inking & Stamping Strategies, Layering & Masking to Create Art with Repeated Images. Stamp Mounting 201: A Look at Clear Stamps, Cling Mounted Stamps & EZ Mount, Tack ‘N Peel & InstaGrip. Plus: A Gathering of Tips for New Stampers, Using Alcohol Inks on Candles, Broken Ornament Art, Masking Tape Grid Background, Ribbon Frugality, Using Dental Supplies as Stamping Tools, Bags Out of Envelopes, Quick Craft Knife Sharpening, Sticky Answers (Xyron, Cleaning Detailed Stamps, Goo Gone Stamp Cleaning), Bookbinding Adhesive, Storing Spellbinder Dies, Photograping Cards in Good Light. Plus: Claudine Hellmuth Signature Line Review. Click 08oct Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’08 Favorite Stamping Techniques

VSN asked stampers for their favorite “go-to” techniques that they love most. Can you guess what they picked? Bleach Stamping, Pounded Flowers, Monoprints, Split Negatives, Nail Polish Marbled Backgrounds, Alcohol Inks & Polished Stone Backgrounds, Spray Webbing & Faux Marbling, Collage & Layering, Faux Washi, Quilted Washi, Cling Wrap Backgrounds, Paper Enameling. Plus: Pearlized Embossed Acetate, Caught in Embossed Crystal, Coffee Filter Backgrounds, Sun Faded Backgrounds, Stamping w/Glue, ReInkers & Crystal Effects, UTEE Release Agents, Reviving Dry Inkpads, Krylon Pen Alternative, Silk Flowers, Protecting Art in the Mail, Using VSN Envelopes, Clean Folds, Stamping w/Clear Stamps, Pesky Embossing Powder Bits, Cleaning Spray Bottles & Stamps, Storing Ribbon, Stamp Room Observations. Plus: Clearsnap memoryEssentials Get Rollin’, Terrific Tool & Totally Tips Review. Click 08sep Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’08 Pop Up Cards

Don’t let your stamp art just lay there on the page! This month, we look at ways to pop-up your stamped images, including a variety of steps and V-folds, a connecting bar and a tabbed slide card! Plus: Technique Success: What to Check When a Technique Goes Wrong! Tips: USArtQuest Mica Sheets Tips, Smoothing Opals Embossing Enamel on Glass, Punched Alphabets Idea, Button Embellishments, Eyelet Backgrounds, Faux Mica Technique, Crackled Acetate Technique, Two Card Interior Ideas, Glittering Misprints, Cutting Detailed Images Using Tape, Smoothing Tassels, Sanding Cardstock, Metal Substitutes, Applying Adhesive Correctly, Magazine Practice Paper, Using Up Scraps, Displaying ATC’s, Pen Work Holder, Storing Brushes, Cork For Piercing, Clothespin Clamping, Plus: Grandma’s Secret Rubber Stamp Cleaner Review. Click 08aug Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’08 Dimensional Layering Techniques

Third article in Dimensional Stamp Art Series: Dimensional Layering: Raise your artwork off the surface to create lively, fun stamp art! We look at: Cutting Choices, Adhesive Choices, Ideas for Layering Images, Card Framing and Borders, Quilling Introduction, Punch-Ins and Bloomers and Ideas for Mailing Dimensional Cards. Plus: Mask & Weave Technique (Combining masking and weaving to create texture and pattern.) Carol Duvall Art Unscripted DVD Review. An Overview of Heat & Art Mediums, Tissue and Glue Background, Salted Kids’ Paints, Cheap vs Expensive Art Supplies? Mess Free Inchies, Faux Ribbon Idea, Printing on Die-Cuts, Storing Colored Pencils, Homemade Tacky Tool, When to Add Adhesive to the Back, Notepad Adhesive Alternatives, ATG Tape Dispenser Suggestion, Enlarging Stencils, Cleaning Rusty Nibs, Cutting EZ Mount Without the Mess, Scroll Saw Cutting Unmounteds and Cushion, Storing Copies of Cards Made. Click 08Jul Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’08 Art Mold Techniques

Second article in Dimensional Stamp Art Series: Art Mold Techniques. Use Commercial or Custom Molds to Create Dimensional Pieces For Your Stamp Art From: Art Dry Clay, Beeswax, Casting Resin, Paper Pulp, Polymer Clay and UTEE or Opals. Ranger Adirondack Pigment Inks, Inkssentials White Opaque Pen and Tsukineko Memento Inks Product Reviews. Semiprecious Salvage Book Review. Plus: Working with Fragile Molds, PanPastels, Bleach Tips, Dental Floss Masking, Embossed Backgrounds, Improvising A Light on Guillotine Cutters, Keeping Track of the Scor-It Stop Guide, Border Ideas, Combining Designer Paper and Paper Piercing, StazOn Tips, Looking at Stamp Art in the Mirror, The Value of Stamping, and A Recycling Ethic. Click 08Jun Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

May ’08 Paper Casting

Dimensional Stamp Art Series Begins! Paper Casting Techniques: Paper Pulp Casting and Toilet Paper Casting. Use up your scrap paper or use inexpensive papers to create dimensional paper castings using rubber stamps, texture plates, purchased and handmade molds, or improvised molding platforms. Plus: Ranger Inkssentials Techniques: Blending Tool, Spritz and Flick, Faux Linen, Layered Pearls, Distressed Acrylics, Burnt Edge, Agate, Wrinkle Free Distress and Faux Woodgrain Techinques. Radiant Pearls Tiling, Tips for Sprinkling Glitter, Securing Glitter to Cards, Dealing with Glitter Glue Bottle Woes, Sprayed Cheesecloth Technique, Embossing on Dark Paper, VersaMark on Dry Embossed Images, Reversing Images with Paper, Imperfect Inking Approach, Clean Card Interiors, Text Backgrounds, Re-Useable Thank You’s, Cutting Tape Strips, Refreshing Krylon Ink, Homemade Mini Inkpads, Marking Unmounteds, Keeping Track of Box Parts, Storing 12” x 12” Paper. Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop DVD Review. Click 08May Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’08 Earth Friendly Techniques

Earth Friendly Stamp Art! Making Choices on the Materials, Tools and Techniques You Use. Avoiding Art Health Hazards, Good Stamp Studio Practices, Choosing Non-Toxic Products, Alternatives, Disposal, Recycling, Reusing and Using Up All Those Scraps! Plus: Fume Trap Product Review and Hot Wax Art Stylus Review. CHA Show Finds, More Thrifty Recyling Ideas, Gesso Paint Uses, Memories Mists Ideas, Shrink Plastic Tips, Alternatives For Temporarily Mounting Oversized Stamps, Punch Shopping, Indexing Cling Film, Erasing Krylon Leafing Pen Ghosting. Click 08April Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

March ’08 Fire Techniques

Using Flame to Create Stamped Art! Including: Burning and Singeing Paper, Soot Stamping, Fire Coloring Copper With a Torch, Soldering With Either a Soldering Iron or a Torch. Help For Picking a Soldering Tool and Solder, Tinning Copper Tape on Glass Pieces and Soldering Jump Rings. Plus: Password Hunt! Metal Embossing, More Alcohol Ideas, Shrink Plastic “Bone” Closures, Jewelry Toggles and Clasps For Book Binding, Shaker Card Options, Ironing Cloth Alternatives, Glass Etching and Vinyl Stickers, Rangers Stickles Glitter Glue, Centering Images, Electronic Label Makers, Defining An Edge, Punching Shapes, Making Backgrounds Ahead, Using Scraps, Inspiration Thoughts, Idea for Showing Off Background Papers, Storing Large Paper Sheets, Dealing with Warped Paper, Storing Swaps in Progress, Storing Punched Shapes, Kreinik’s Fiber Flecks, Pop-Ups By Plane Class Pre-Cut Fold-Ems. Click 08March Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

February ’08 Water Techniques

There Are Endless Ways to Use Water to Create Gorgeous Stamped Art!
Including: Additive Techniques for Combining Stamping and Water to Get Blurred Images and Soft Backgrounds, Wet Rag Stamping, Techniques for Removing Ink with Water to Create Shading and Patterns, Non-Traditional Spray Paint Marbling, Bubble Paper Background and the Classic Water or Gel Card. Plus: Tips on Attaching Fantasy Film to Glass, Grinding Your Own Ultrafine Glitters, Metallic Paint From the Hardware Store, Copic Marker Tips, Alternative Approaches for Ironing and Smoothing Ribbon, Used Coffee Filters, Even Applications of Mod Podge, Choosing Scissors For Detail Cutting, Protecting Yourself From Sharp Tips, Avoiding Paper Trimmer Slips, A Color Picker Website, Ideas for Touche Coverstock Paper, and Paper In Three Dimensions Book Review. Click 08February Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

January ’08 Air Techniques/Sprays

Create Backgrounds, Borders and Images With Colorful Spray Techniques! Including: Adirondack Color Wash, Memories Mists, Radiant Rain Mist, Glimmer Mist, Moon Shadow Mist, Glitz Spritz, Krylon Paper Finishes Sprays, Toothbrush Speckling, Color Spritzer, Set-up, Easy Backgrounds, Masking, Stenciling and Resists, Shaving Cream Background Blopen Variation. Plus: Tips For Finding Stamping Websites, Soot Stamping Tips, Ideas For Using Dark Vellum (And Hiding the Adhesive!), Crayon Melting With Hot Glue Idea, Flat 3D Snowflakes, Shaving Cream Marbling Tip, Ideas for Dremel Uses, Finish Texture Idea, Paper Tearing Tips, Inkpad/Foil Strategy, Salvaged Xyron Rollers, Cleaning Up Excess Glue, Cleaning Acrylic Blocks, Toothpaste Cleaning, Dealing With Crooked Stamps, Mailing Square Cards, Inspiration Idea, Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool Review, Stamp Room Reorganization Strategies. Click 08January Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

2007 Issues (volume 15: 1-12)

December ’07 Stamping on Glass

Add Gloss and Shine With Glass! Ideas for Glass to Stamp, Choosing Inks for Glass, Prepping Surface, Stamping Slippery Surfaces, Embossing on Glass, Faux Solder, Etching Glass, Attaching Glass and Mailing Tips. Plus: A New Stamp Room, Stamping on Candles, Quick Holiday Cards and Tips For: Sucess with Opals in Molds, Salvaging Left-Over Bits of Opals or UTEE, Quick Metal Leaf Suggestion, Gluing Leather to Paper, Making Homemade Color Sprays, Re-Using Spray Bottles, ATC Backings, Edging Layers, Dry Embossing on Delicate Papers, Die-Cut Negatives, Putting Inspiration in Front of You, Sticky Paper Masking Idea, Re-Using Candle Tins, Labeling Inkpad Colors, Art Erasers and Stray Powders. Click 07December Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

November ’07 Stamping on Ribbon & Fabric

Add Fabric or Fabric Ribbon to Your Next Stamped Card for Exciting Texture and Color! Plus: Radiant Rain Daubers Mesh Technique, Using Fabric Paint on Paper, Making Bookcloth, Candle Batik, Tips For Embossing, Enhancing Dry Embossed Images, Attaching Gems to Cards, Dryer Lint Embellishment, Scalloped Circles, Cutting Out Inside Areas, Hole Design Idea, Die-Cutting Polymer Clay, Comparing RubiCoil and Bind-It-All Spiral Binders, Sample Technique Tag Idea, Magnifying Work Idea, Faux Brads, Twinkling H2Os on Wood, Radiant Rain on Wood, Applying Opals to Small Areas, Buying Watercolor Paper, Mailing Strategies, Return Address Labels, Re-Using and Recycling Ideas, Kreinik’s Threadster Tool and Millefiori Story DVD Reviews.. Click 07November Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

October ’07 – Stamping on Nature Surfaces

Include Bark, Cork, Leaves, Shells, Flowers or Feathers in Your Next Stamping Creation! Plus: Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint, Elements Earth Textures, Coloring With Graphite Pencils, Flower Stamen Creation, Radiant Rain Ideas, Homemade Rub-Ons, Salvaging Printer Ink, Two UTEE Tips, ATC Shoehorn, Avoiding Wood Block Stains, Cleaning Brushes Advice, Sharp Blades, Delight Air Dry Clay Storage Tip, Storing Kaleidacolor Inkpads, Storing and Marking Inkpad ReInkers, Storage Labeling Suggestion, Do You Make All Your Cards? and a Stamp Francisco Catalog Review. Click 07 October Table of Contents to open Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. (32 pg, b/w & color)

September ’07 Stamping on Plastic

Tricks and Techniques to Use on Plastic: Types of Plastics, Prepping Plastic Surfaces, Tips For Stamping on Plastic, Inks That Work, Techniques for Adding Color, Ideas for Attaching Acetate to Projects. Plus: Transfers Using Wonder Goo, Using Wonder Goo for Dry Embossing and Stamp Cleaning, Tips for Stamping Vinyl Wallpaper, ATC Display Ideas, Mini Clipboard Idea, Gesso Ideas Including Distressed Stamping Look, Glazing Medium Tips, Decoupage and Starch Tissue Paper Technique, Tip for Using Polymer Clay in Cookie Cutters, Metal Embossing Tools (Tips for Starting Out), Faux Metal Washers, More on Nail Polish “Oil Slick” Backgrounds, Tips for Using Alcohol Markers, Wrapping Paper Tip, Easy Cropping, Easy Window Cards, Thinning Lumiere Paint, Unmouted Stamp Approach, Rubber Paper Scissors DVD Review, Lucy McGoo E Books and Wonder Goo Reviews. Spray Stalls, Accurate Measuring Tip, Getting Centered Creatively. (36 pg, b/w & color)

August ’07 Stamping on Handmade Paper

Handmade Paper Shapes and Layers: Using Papermaking Techniques to Create Embellishments and Layers for Stamp Art. Choosing Papers to Recycle, Purchasing Pulp, Supplies Needed, Forming Paper, Embossing Handmade Paper Surfaces, Using Stencils, Templates and Cookie Cutters to Make Handmade Paper Shapes, Painting with Pulp, Inclusions and More. Plus: GeoDecos, Pasta Machine Flower Pressing, Nail Polish Backgrounds, Masking Tape Backgrounds, Using StazOn and Alcohol Inks Together, US Mail Thickness Template Idea, Inking Clear Stamps, Protecting Work in Progress, Spraying and Sticker Paper, Label Sticker Grids, Rubber Band Fun, Creating Shadows, Freezer Paper Uses, Hot Glue Embellishments, Labeling Craft Drawers, Spray Stalls, Accurate Measuring Tip, Getting Centered Creatively. (36 pg, b/w & color)

July ’07 Stamping on Wood Surfaces

Choosing Wood For Cards, Prepping the Surface, Stamping on Wood, Adding Color, Wood Burning, Sealing Strategies. Plus: Twisted Papers Image CDs, Keepsake Embossing Boards, Tips For Creating Iridescent Moons, Working With Delight Air Dry Clay, Lightweight Fun Foam Embellishment, Gum Arabic Tips, Ways to Incorporate Digital Photography, Scor-It, Fixing Rough Edges, Inking Clear Polymer Stamps, Cutting Watercolor Paper, Putting Items in Clear Envelopes, Creating a Weight, Art Brush Cleaning, Saving Directions, Saving Project Ideas, Inbox Inspiration and Shopping With a Camera. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’07 Stamping on Polymer Clay

Types, Clay Tools and Accessories, Basic Polymer Clay Techniques, Stamping Baked or Unbaked Polymer Clay, Coloring Clay, Skinner Blend Backgrounds, Texture Plate Backgrounds, Easy Beads and Embellishments, Attaching and Finishing. Plus: Ideas for Altering Photos, Paper Crimpers with Metal, Dura Lar Matte Drafting Film, Inexpensive Sticker Gems, Making the Most Out of Peel Off Stickers, Idea For Using Powdered Fabric Dyes, Eye Glass Lens Pins, Caution on Spraying Blending Solution, Getting Even Krylon Lines, Removing Excess White Glue, Coloring Silk Flowers, Spraying ReInkers, Mixing Embossing Powders, Chinese Metal Stamp Idea, Foil Embossing Without Sanding, Brad Fun and Tricks For Punching Holes Easily For Brads, Homemade Foam Stamp Idea, Sealing Fabric Edges, Making Citrus Scented Paper, Stamping Extra Images Suggestion, Tiny Applicators, Storing Bits and Pieces, Paper Storage. (36 pg, b/w & color)

May ’07 Stamping on Stampbord

Mediums That Work on Stampbord, Tips for Stamping on Stampbord, Applying Color, Removing Color (Scratching) and Corrected Mistakes, Adhering, Cutting and Punching and Finishing and Sealing Stampbord. Also, A New Stamp Room! Plus: More Spin Art Ideas, Using Release Agents When Working with Opals, Easy Faux Repousse (Faux Tooled Metal), Handles For Mark-Free Embossing, Faux Carnival Glass and Fantasy Beads, Ideas for Fantasy Film and Angelina Film, Angelina Fibers Ideas, Easy Reverse Images Using Vellum, Attaching Vellum, Learning to Shadow, Letter Embellishments, Adhesive on Punch-Outs, Online Templates, Printing Metallic Colors, Stamping With Krylon Pen Ink, Cheap Embellishments, Dental Tools, Ranger Acrylic Dabbers, Restoring ReInkers, Keeping Acrylic Blocks Clean, Drying Large Quantities, Storing Tissue. Two Book Reviews: Collage Lost and Found, Collage Unleashed. Sparkle N Sprinkle Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’07 Stamping with Wax Mediums

Add Beeswax and Encaustic Wax to Your Stamping Toolkit! Including: Ways to Use Beeswax, Encaustic Wax, MicroGlaze or Dorland’s Wax Medium to Seal Stamp Art, Create Resist Effects, Create Backgrounds and Card Elements Using The Melting Pot, Encaustic Irons or Craft Irons and an Encaustic Stylus. Add Shine to Encaustic Art with Perfect Pearls. Plus: Extensive Spin Art Ideas and Tips, Sealing Alcohol Ink on Metal, When to Use Release Agents When Using Opals or UTEE with Metal Cookie Cutters, Using UTEE or Opals in Mold-n-Pour Molds, Tip For Thinning Lumiere Paint, Suggestions for Gridded Acrylic Mounts Including Sources, an Idea for Mounting Stamps Temporarily Using UHU White Tack and Creating a Krylon Stained Glass Spray Background. Two Extensive CHA Show Reports Highlighting Exciting Products Stampers Will Be Seeing in Stores This Year and a Third Coast Rubber Stamps Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’07 Stamping on Metal

Add Shine and Texture to Your Stamp Art By Using Metal! Including Ideas For Metal Sources, Prepping and Cutting Metal, Tricks For Stamping on Metal, Clever Ways to Color Metal, Dry Embossing Metal, Heating Metal, Preventing or Promoting Rust, and How to Attach Metal to a Card. Plus: Powdered Pigment Techniques, Joseph’s Coat Resist Using Markers, Embossing With Dye Inks, Two Alphabet Background Ideas, Quick Overview of Making Embellishments in Molds, Tips For Drilling Holes in Opals or UTEE, Avoiding Sticky Scissors When Cutting Foam Tape, Removing Price Tags From Paper, A Handmade Scoring Tool Idea, Dealing With Stubborn Punches, A Caution for Dymo Punched Labels and Heat, Laminating Without a Machine, Testing Colors Tip, Deli Wrap vs. Freezer Paper, Tools to Reduce Physical Strain, Skirt Hanger Clip Ideas, Tip For Working with Metal Pieces and Tools, Suggestions For Stamp Rooms, Melt Art Made Easy DVD Review, Rubber Stamp Plantation Catalog Supplement Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’07 Finishes and Coatings

Finishes and Coatings: Choosing finishes and coatings to protect and complete your stamp art! Also: Faux Woodburn Valentine Ornaments and Two Stamp Rooms to Inspire You! Plus: Tone on Tone Stamping Idea, Fun With Chandelier Crystals, Velvet Stamping Revisited, Laser Level Guides, Unclogging Spray Bottles, Tip For Cutting Better With Scissors, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Overview, Gluing On Delicate Papercuts, Recycling Greeting Cards With Peel Offs, Glitter Embellishments, Burnt Looking Edges, Embossing Gel Pen Text, Alcohol Ink Marker Overview, Marvy Puffy Velvet Marker Use, Using Watercolor Paper Blocks, Stretched Canvas Experiments, Basic Stamp Inking, Embossing Dye Ink Thoughts, Sliding Inkpads, Cleaning Stamps, Organizing ReInkers and Scraps, Inventory Your Craft Drawers and Preparing Cards Ahead. Finishes and Coatings Sample Sheet (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’07 Oil-Based Mediums

Expand Your Stamping Possibilities With Oil Pastels, Oil Colored Pencils, Oil Paint Sticks and Water Soluble Oil Paints! Plus: Creating Cards and Embellishments With Makin’s Clay! Also: Lace Tape Edging, Neat Krylon Pen Ruler Edging, Slimming Down Brad Bulk, Get A Postage Scale!, Making Tiny Holes with Push Pins, Faux Layering, Displaying Work in Progress, Castaway Inkpad Tips, Candle Stamping Tip, Avoiding Rust Suggestions, Strengthening Thin Papers, Using the Scor-It on Metal, Powdered Pigment Backgrounds, Quick Chalk and Future Background, One Inchies Approach, Transfers Onto Fabric with Inkjet and Water, Overview of Products That Provide Sparkle Shine and Shimmer. My Penguin Black Book Cover Classics, Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens Product Review, Sparkle N Sprinkle Ahesives, Of The Heart’s Stampourri Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

2006 Issues (volume 14: 1-12)

Dec ’06 Metal Leaf and Foil

Add Glitz and Sparkle To Your Stamp Art With Metal Leaf and Foil! Tips on Prepping Surfaces, Handling Leaf, Adhesive Options, Dealing With Excess Adhesive, Finishing Leaf, Applying Foil With Heat and Applying Foil Using Adhesives. Plus:Fashion Flakes and Black Glue, Making UTEE Smooth or Bumpy, Candle Resist Background, Gauze Background, Silk Dyed Dominos, Quick Domino Prep, Shrink Plastic Tips, Drilling Glass Caution, Fixing Misprinting Using the Dove Blender, Lining Up Unmounted Letters, Remounting Stamps, Punch Tricks, Protecting Card Backs, Getting Rid of Xyron Stickies, Ranger Crackle Accent Ideas, Zig Glue Pen Ideas, Waking Up Krylon Pens, Cut N Dry Nibs For Krylon Pens, Cleaning Off Krylon Ink, Maksing With Grafix Frisket Film, Tack N Peel Tips, Alternative Envelope Idea, Ideas For Stamping With Kids, Twisted Papers Product Review, Cornish Heritage Farms Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’06 Stamping & Crayons

Watercolor and Wax Crayons: Fun Ways to Use Crayons in Your Stamp Art! Wax Crayons: Coloring, Crayon Etchings, Texture Rubbings, Resist Techniques, Melting Techniques: Iron Techniques – Faux Stained-Glass Techniques, Fabric Crayon Transfers, Foil Crayon Transfers, Glue Gun Techniques, Muffin Tin Techniques – Recycled Crayons, Melting Pot Techniques – Melted Crayon, Shaved Crayon Mosaic. Watercolor Crayons: Painting with Crayons, Direct-To-Stamp Methods, Faux Marbling. PLUS: Glittered and Chalked Stencil Paste, Fusible Webbing Background, Taking Supplies to Class, Gum Arabic on Demand, Homemade Stamp Buddies, Drying Cards, Wizard Transfer on Carving Material, Easy Stamp Cataloging, Double-Faced Tape Tips, Cleaning Glue Caps, Cutting with a Craft Knife, Lining Up Scor-it Scores, Cleaning Dauber Bottle Tip, Cutting Unmounteds with Scissors, Tack N Peel, Dry Embossing on Dark Papers. Scrap Stamps. Ranger Inkssentials Matte Accents, Sepia Accents and Crackle Accents. Art Neko Rubber Art Stamps Catalog Review.(36 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’06 Alcohol Inks Part II

More Ideas For Using Alcohol Inks Including: Alcohol Inks With Other Media (Including Resists!), Mixing Alcohol Inks, Coloring UTEE With Alcohol Inks and Using Alcohol Inks on Non-Paper Surfaces: Glass, Plastic, Metal and More! Plus: Caution on Bleach in Spray Bottles, Gin Transfer, Future Floor Finish Uses, Clean Fingers When Working With Alcohol Ink, Coloring Microbeads With Alcohol Ink, Melting Colored Pencils, Hearty Clay Molds, Style Stones as Molds, Cherry vs Plus Blossoms, Letting Companies Know, Ideas For Salvaging Backgrounds, Preparing Paper For Embossing, Using Paper Efficiently, Perforated Paper Ideas, Scor-It Fold Tip, Castaway Inkpad Secret Messages, Homemade Punch Template, Dealing With Ink Beading Problem on Stamped Images. Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers, River City Rubber Works Barn Chic Book Kit and ‘06 Supplement, By The Batch Book Review. 36 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’06 Alcohol Inks Part I

Basics, Backgrounds: Classic Polished Stone, Alcohol Ink Agate, Other Polished Stone Alternatives, Drop/Brush Methods, Monoprint Variation Method, Direct to Craft Sheet Monoprints, Acetate Monoprint Method, Paint Spinner Method, Crumpled Copy Paper Method, Stamping Over Alcohol Inks. Plus: Another Rolodex Card Source, Inexpensive Felt Source, Embossing Tiny Dots, Avoiding Vellum Buckling, Faux Paper Casting, Bleach Stamping with Embossing Ink, Labeling Inkpads, Stamping Extra Large Images, Metallic Colored Pencil Halo, Preassembling Artwork, Inexpensive Silk Flower Source, Shaping Mizuhiki Cord, Reinforced Holes, Preparing for Punch Problems, Marking Three-Part Stencils, Folding Paper Neatly, Card Fold Template, Card Layer Sizing Reminder, Cutting Colored Papers, Prepping Paint Jar Lids, Homemade Spatter Shield, Easy Clean-Up, Cleaning Off Sharpie Ink, Other Bottle Cap Uses, Covering Candy Tins, Photo Transfer Technique, The Value of Mistakes. Hero Arts Letters For Stamping, Card Art, Creative Beads From Paper & Fabric and Artful Memories Book Reviews. Magenta Catalog Review.(36 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’06 Embossing Powder Techniques

Fun Ways to Use Embossing Powders: Basic Embossing, Storage and Safety, Mixing Embossing Powders, Mixing with Pigments, Mixing with Coffee, Embossing as Coating, Layered Embossing, Multi-Color Embossing, Painting with Embossing, Free-Form Embossing, Embossing without Ink, Embossing Resists, UTEE and Opals, Embossing on Mesh, Embossing on Metal: “Rubber Stamp Repousse”. Rotary Card Index Project. PLUS: Embossing on Vellum, Removing Embossed Specks, Alcohol Inks and UTEE, Embossing on Lazertran, Castaway Inkpad Ideas, Adding Color to Polymer Clay, Ways to Use Glossy Black Paper – Background Techniques, Eyelet Placement, Rub-On Images and Text Success, Shrink Plastic Tip, Inking Handprints Tip, Watercolor Effects with Dye Ink, Printing Leaves Tip, Re-hydrating Glue Sticks, ReInker Background, Adhesive Success, Cricut Cutting Mat Tip, Dried Out Wipes, Storing Magazines, The Joy of Scribbling, Stamps Happen Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’06 Watercolor Paints

Techniques For Making Beautiful Cards Using Watercolors! Pan, Tube, Liquid and Paper Book Watercolors, Twinkling H2Os, Making Watercolors With Powdered Pigments, Choosing Brushes and Watercolor Paper, Mediums, Watercolor Faux Batik and Watercolor Backgrounds. PLUS: Twinkling H2Os Storage, Flexible “Glass” Look, Adhering Microscope Slides and Mailers, Fabric Stamping with Lumiere, Easy Bows, Faux Chip Board, Velvet and Language Text Sources, Chinese Newspaper Backgrounds, Mizuhiki Cord Scrap Idea, Adding Shine to Cards, Smoothing Diamond Glaze, Marker Batik, Drilling CDs, Carved Stamps and Heat, Colorwash and Plastic Wrap, Problem Stamps, Too Small Mounts, Recording Re-inking/Blade Changing, Custom Stamps, More Craft Room Moving Ideas, Polymer Clay DVD Review, I Brake For Stamps Catalog Review.(36 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’06 Acrylic Paints

Techniques for making beautiful cards using acrylic paints! PLUS: Cutting EZMount Cushion using VersaTool or Hotmarks Tool, Polished Stone in Reverse, Attaching Fabric to Cardstock, Adhering Papercuts to Cardstock, Gluing Paper Strips to Cards, Resists with Castaway Inkpad, Hot Glue Embellishments, Melting Pot Fun – Pouring onto Stamps, Stretching Your Paper Stash, Picking Up Delicate Items, Cleaning Stamps, Stretching Acrylic Paints, Tiny Paint Dots, Roling on Acrylics, Lumiere Paint on Fabric, Making Metallic Paint using Powders, Sanding with Paper Bags, The Joys of Gesso, New Offerings from Glue Dots, EZMount, Posh Impressions EZMount Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

May ’06 Colored Pencils & Stamps

How to Get the Best Results With Colored Pencils in Your Stamp Art! Including: Choosing Colored Pencils, Sharpening Tips, Creating Shadows, Coloring and Blending Techniques. PLUS: Bleached/Batik Looks With the Castaway Inkpad, Sheer ExtravOganza Sheets, Easy ‘Lined’ Envelopes from Scrapbook Papers, Homemade Palette Ideas, Dry Embossing with Decorative Punch Designs, Peel Off Sticker Ideas, Transporting Water for Twinkling H2Os, Stretching Krylon Ink, Rub N Buff Wash, Pearl-Ex Background, Gum Arabic Info, Moon Shadow and Glitz Spritz Tips, Layerless Layers, Puzzle Piece Closures, Attaching Dimensional Eyes, Gluing a Straight Line, 3M Temporary Adhesive Strips, Moving Stamp Supplies, Storing Cardstock, Storing Magazines, Tim Holtz’s “The Journey Continues” DVD Review, CowTown Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’06 Markers & Stamps

All Kinds of Ideas for Using Markers in Stamped Art. PLUS: Stamp Room, Distressing with Distress Embossing Powders and Distress Embossing Ink, Non-Stick Craft Sheets, ColorBox Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Stylus Sets, Watercolor Tips, Attaching Mesh or Sequin Waste, Smooth Mizuhiki Knots, Coloring Crystal Lacquer, Coloring Clear UTEE, Stamping on Dominoes, Paper Weaving Tip, Whiskers on Kittens, Foil and Flocking, Stamping on Velveteen Paper, Glossy Cardstock Caution, Card Size Tip, Cutting Windows, Shape Cut for Cutting Layers, Placemat Cushioning, Vinyl Templates on Acrylic Mounts, Lining Up Words w/Stamp Positioner, Straight Paper?, Corner Strategies, Card Design, Thin Paper Strategies, Die-Cutting Thin Papers, Tracing Paper Ideas, Xyron Tips, Using The Fine Liner, Repairing Broken Chalks, Removing Residue, Gooped Up Scissors, Hiding Foam Adhesive Edges, Storing Embellishments, StampScrapArtTour Convention Report, smARTworks Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’06 Pastels and Chalks & Stamps

Slew of Ideas for Using Soft Pastels, Hard Pastels, Oil Pastels, Pastel Pencils and Craft Chalks in Stamped Art! PLUS: Ideas for Brown Paper Bags, Tip for Texturizing Paper with Texture Plates, Tearing Paper, Why Watercolor Use Paper? Alcohol Ink and Cling Wrap Background, Inexpensive Paper for Glossy Techniques, Correcting Stamp Misprints, Avoiding Misprints, Avoiding Prints!, Making Double-Sided Tape Repositionable, Coffee Stick Glue Spreaders, Xyron and Vellum Tip, Making Double-Faced Tape with Xyron, Erasing Ink on Vellum, Industrial Inpirations, Tips for Cutting Out Unmounted Stamps, Acrylic Coasters as Mounts, Tip on Scissor Oiling, Phone Books for Drilling/Pressing, Light Bulb Pack Protection, H2O Tips, Tips for Using Markers, Adjusting Paper Colors, Art Stamping Workshop Book Review, Sparkle N Sprinkle Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’06 Stamped Valentines

Plus: Platform Pop-Up, Backgrounds: Polished Stone, Dripping ReInkers, ReInker Monoprints, Sharpie Markers on Acetate, Brayered Sliced Stripes, More StamPress Ideas, Paper Cutter Tip, Sharpening X-acto Blades, Smoothing Cut Edges, Alternative Scoring Pen, Making Paper Pads, Sewing Needles Used on Paper, Warming Polymer Clay, Cleaning Ink Off Hands, Coloring Beads With Alcohol Ink, Coloring Rhinestones With Alcohol Ink, Versamark and Chalk, Eyelet Placement, Poor Man’s Gold/Silver Leafing, Homemade Vellum Paper, Baby Wipe Technique, Crafty Discards, Cold Laminate Technique, Coffee Lovers Gift, Storing Fibers, More Storage Ideas, Labeling Storage Drawers, EvoTemplates DVDs Reviews, WeaverZ Templates, ATC Wizard Tool (Template), The Stampsmith Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’06 More Fun Card Folds

Folds That Make Out-Of-the-Ordinary Cards! Plus: Explosion Cards, Folded Pockets, Stamped Memo Cubes, Marker Tips, Layering Paper Tip, Coloring Fibers, Making Homemade Stickers, Postoids w/Jello, Faux Wax Seals, Chalk Ink Resists, Confetti Backgrounds, Smoothing Glued Pieces, Salvaging Wet Paper, Masking w/Masking Tape, Bone Folder Use w/out Marks, Cutting EZMount/Rubber, Computer Parts as Embellishments, Melting Pot Tips, Ceramic Molds and UTEE, Soldering Iron Tips, Protecting Tabletops While You Stamp, Stamps: To Clean or Not to Clean?, Using Templates, Attaching Micro Beads w/O’So Sticky Tape, Exploring Art Materials w/Mary Jo McGraw DVD Review, Stampola Catalog Review, Serendipity Catalog Review Update. (36 pg, b/w & color)

2005 Issues (volume 13: 1-12)

Dec ‘05 Stamp Masking Tricks

Masking is Easy But Creates Wonderful Effects! Use it for Close Coloring, Creating Lines, Patterns and Borders. Use it to Create Moons, Suns, Balloons, Clouds and Hills. Combine Stamp Images, Create Depth or Put One Stamped Image Inside Another! Hot Dog Fold Tag Necklace. Plus: Pearl Ex Varnish, Clearsnap’s StamPress, Masking Tape Background, Drilling Microscope Slides, Transferring Images to Carving Material, Frisket Film to Protect Mounts, Scented Holiday Cards, Cleaning Glued Brushes, Homemade Dots of Glue, Fabric Cards, Twinkling H2Os vs Radiant Pearls, Pastels vs Chalks, Matte Spray with Watercolors, Bookboard vs Chipboard, Mulberry Backgrounds, HVAC Metal Tape Use, Coloring Acetate, Cleaning Paper Cutters, Lubricating Paper Punches, Paper Shopping Tip, Storing Stamp Wheels, Impromptu Molds, Indexing Unmounteds, Cleaning Permanent Ink, Rubber Hedgehog Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ‘05 Art Molds & Stamps

Using Krafty Lady Art Moulds with Common Stamping Supplies to Create Card Embellishments and Ornaments! Opals and UTEE, Beeswax, Polymer Clay, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Soap, Air Dry Clays and More! Mixed Media Autumn Coaster. Fabulous FLIP Cards from Repeat Impressions. Plus: Easy Watercolor Papers, Bouncing Brayer Backgrounds, Blending Oil Pastels, Label Mosaics, Distressed Stamp Images, Buying and Flipping Transparencies, Easy Fold Method, Faux Printed Vellum, Sanding Tips, Alternative for Sealing Edges, Keeping Paints Mixed, ColorBox Stylus Tips, Hardware Store Finds, Mini Calendars, Protecting Work Surfaces, Weighing One Ounce of Mail, River City Rubber Works Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ‘05 Halloween Card Ideas

Plus: Mixing and Matching Alphabets, Leaf Preservation Idea, Stategies for Removing Lables from Wine Bottles or Cigar Boxes, Iris Folding Paper Suggestion, Stamping on Glass Approach, Strategies for Stamping on Alcohol Ink Backgrounds, Stamping on Acetate, Staining Acetate, Idea for Magnetic Car Games, Coloring Dryer Sheets, Custom Colored Fibers, Custom Colored Buttons, Working with Small Pieces of Cardstock, Homemade Clear “Pebbles”, Making the Most of Lumiere Paints (Left-Overs), Faux Webbing Technique, Going Back to Old Techniques, Pigment Ink Technique Ideas, Guide for Coloring on Bold Stamps, Stamping on Walls Strategy, Easy Positioning of Large Stickers, Straightening Crooked Stamps, Keeping Storage Boxes Closed, Keeping Glue and Paint Tube Tips Clear, Temporary Scrap Palette Idea, Art Unraveled Report, Sanook Scrapper’s Packs Report, Bad Axe Trading Company Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ‘05 Fun Card Folds

All Cards Don’t Have to Be Rectangles with the Fold on the Left! Here are Some Fold Ideas to Get You Started in Alternate Directions! (Angled Cards, Extra Flaps, Tri-Folds, Gateway Folds, Pockets, Quarter Folds and More!) Plus: Creating Textured Designs Using Scor-It, New Scor-it Review, Puzzle Spotlight Card, Crayon Melt Cards, Crumpled Paper Bag Background, Folded Tags, Pros and Cons of Using Computers and the Internet to Enhance Your Stamping, Stamping w/Twinkling H20s, Spray Webbing Backgrounds, Acrylic Paint Backgrounds, Funky Color Blocking, Flower Embellishments, Inkpad Repair, Beeswax Barrier, Slipping Cards in Envelopes, Keeping Track of Stamps w/Computer, Stamping on Glass Suggestions, Painting w/Ink, 3D Bubbles for Layering, Removing Photos, Cutting Foam Board, Homemade Alphabet Ideas, CHA Show Report, Kandi Kane Wand Review, MNC Studio Designs Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ‘05 Hand Dyed Paper

Create Beautiful Papers With Dye Ink and Fabric Dyes! Dye vs Pigment, Dip-Dyeing, Direct Dyeing, Spraying Color, Transferring Dye with Bleeding Art Tissue, Crepe Paper or Transfer Ink, Wax Paper Resist and Reverse Wax Paper Resist, Paper Batik and Bleaching Paper. Plus: Magic Stamp Impressions, Temporary Shadow Stamps, Using Rollagraph Successfully, Adding Glitz to Chalk, Brushless Watercolor Stamping, Colored Pencil Blending with Heat, Glazing Large Areas, Making the Most of Gold Edging, Attaching Metal to Paper, Sprays for Punches, Shaker Card Ideas, Sturdier Handmade Templates, Tips for CD Case Stamp Storage, Ideas for Finding Local Stampers, Storing Stamps and Supplies Long-Term, Bookmark Card, Mastering Marbling DVD Review, Blank Game Boards, Sideshow Stamps Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’05 Artist Trading Cards

Create Your Own Miniature Works of Art to Trade and Collect ATC Sample Inside! Plus: ATC Thangs Templates for ATCs or for Spotlight Technique, Stippled Stencil Paste, Easy Joint Tape, More Relaxed Krylon Edging, Dimensional Flowers and Dimensional Flower Centers, Drying Crystal Lacquer Faster, Scanned Embellishment Idea, Dismantling Watches Follow-up, Cleaning Punches, Dried Out Glue Sticks, “In a Pinch” Stamp Mounting, Re-Using Padded Envelopes, ReInker Organization, Label Your Unmounteds!, Keeping Track of Angel Stamps, Stamp Catagories and Splitting Up Sets, Layering Scraps, Preparing Embellishments and Cards Ahead, Stamp Art Display Idea, Mid-Atlantic Festival Report, Geode Slice Pins, The Art of Fabric Books Review, Glue Dots Staining, The Frantic Stamper Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’05 Mizuhiki Paper Cord

Use Glossy Paper Cord to create cards, boxes and books : knots, mosaic cards and card embellishments, Plus: Paper Bag Books!, Quick Bleaching, Marbled Background Layer, Create an Easy Polymer Clay Bead, More Salted Inks/Paints Ideas, Pear Ink Wash Technique, Inks and Diamond Glaze on Acetate, Paper Towel Backgrounds, Torn Marbling Background, Blended Inks Background, Transfer Follow-Ups, Attaching Quilling Tip, Using Acetate for Image Dimension (Pop-Ups!), Embossing Edges (Two Approaches), Dismantling Old Watches, Using Sticker ‘Waste’, Acetate for Image Placement, ReInkers: Uses, Purchasing and Storing, Refreshing Inkpads, Punches and Paper Moisture, Tip for Mailing Cards, Inkpad and Gift Wrap Storage, Cleaning Stencils, Displaying Cards, Evo’s Perfect Layering Tool,Simply Posh DVD Review, Mizuhiki Magic Booklet Reviews, Bookworks Report, OnyxXpressions Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

May ’05 More Transfers!

Make Easy Image Transfers using Transfer Ink, Lazertran Silk, UTEE, Packing Tape, Gel Mediums or Heat Transfer Tools, onto Paper, Foil, Glass or Polymer Clay! Plus: Salted Paint Sample Inside!, Mosaic Madness Cards, Memory Glass, Palette Stamp and Stick Gluepad, Successfully Cutting Designs Using Metal Templates, Cutting CDs, X-Acto Knife as Handle, Holding Tiny Pieces of Paper in Paper Trimmers, Positioners or Coluzzle, Coloring Brads, Making Texture Paint with Bath Tub Chalk, Transparency Attachment Ideas, Glue Lines, Hot Glue Foiling Idea, Polished Stone Review, Brilliance Resist, Radiant Pearls Backgrounds, Pearl-Ex Mixes, Soot Stamping: Traditional Method and Sooting on Glass, Salted Paint Backgrounds, Iced Paper Background, Brown Bag Art, Chesapeake Regional Show Report, Altered Board Book Basics and Beyond review, Hero Arts Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’05 Flowers: Beautiful Floral Cards

Magenta Flower Peel Off Sticker Sample Inside. Plus: Bloomers Dimensional Flowers How-To, Make Your Own Fabric Paper, Finding Stamp Stores, Text for Cards, Finishing Touch Inside Card, Wire-Bound Books Template Idea, Phone Book Uses, Dimension From an Egg Carton, Maneuvering Tiny Pieces, Testing Coatings for Dryness, Soot Stamping Tip, Dealing with Sticky Polymer Stamps, Sponge Tool Idea, Bleaching Tri-ominos Tip, Brad Embellishment, Lining Up Brads, Gauze Mesh, Scanner Protection Tip, Quilt Ruler Uses, Rotary Trimmer Tips, Fluid Chalk Background Papers, Melted Crayon Art, Punchinella Ideas, Colored Pencil Tips, Dove Blender Ideas, Dr Ph Martin Ink Ideas, Ribbon Storage, Inspirations, CHA Show Highlights, Trio Adhesive System, Vintage Greeting Cards With MaryJo McGraw review, CardsnStamps Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’05 Cigar Box Art

A Simple Wooden Cigar Box Can Become a Work of Art With Some Stamps, Embellishments and Imagination!Stamp Room. New Challenge: Mizuhiki Paper Cord Sample. Plus: UTEE Technique Overview, Stamping on Wood, Organizing Works in Progress, Fiber Storage Ideas, Strategies For Printed Text Inside a Card, Stamping on Mini-Blinds, Shaker Window Substitutions, Embossing With ColorCutters, Ideas for RolTap Tool, Adirondack Color Wash Play, Watercolors and Plastic Wrap, Liquid Frisket or Rubber Cement Masking, Avoiding Glue Problems, Finishing Domino Holes, Ring For Googly Eyes/Faux Watch Crystals, Faux Typewriter Keys, Faux Cat Whiskers, Rejuvenating Old Watercolor Markers, Dealing With Buckled Paper, Cleaning Up Glitter and Pearl-Ex, Confining Glitter (Salt Shakers), Coffee Filter Clean-up, Spice Jar Storage, Bamboo Tongs, Description of PMC (Precious Metal Clay), Cyberstampers Convention Report, Red Hot UTEE, Claudia Rose Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’05 Transfers

A Slew of Different Ways to Transfer a Printed Picture to Various Surfaces: Polymer Clay Transfers, Iron-Ons, Transfers with Special Papers, Acrylics, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Gin, Nail Polish Remover and More! Plus: Tumbled Tiles: Buying Strategies, Finishing Advice, Sealers For Stamp Projects, Treasure Bottle Project, Finding the Creative Spark, Papier-Mache Box Ideas, Faux Amber w/UTEE, Flattening Wayward Shrink Plastic, Punching Holes in Awkward Places, Inking Stamps w/o Excess Ink, Stamping w/Gel Stickers, Krylon Pens for Finishing Touch, Beauty Supply Embellishment Idea, Securing Fibers on a Fold, Card Text Inserts, Googly Crystals, Tip for Stamping w/StazOn on Dominoes, Watercoloring with Stamping Inks, Adhesive Strategies, Xyroning Thin Items, Keeping Bugs Out of Paste Paper, Approaching the Switch to Unmounted Stamps, Pegboard Storage Suggestions, Coloring Staples and Soda Tabs, Papermaking w/Printed Napkins, Stamp Donation Suggestion, Fold-It With Karen Thomas DVD Review, Scor-it Folding Tool Review, Art By Moonlight Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’05 Altered Pages

Think You are Not Interested in Altered Books? Think it’s Intimidating? It’s Not! Blank Book Transformation – 2005 Time Book: Use a Watercolor Notebook and a Clock Bezel to Create a Beautiful Journal for the Coming Year! Foil Tape Sample. Art Display: Drapery Hook Easel. Plus: Choosing a Convention, Embossing with Dye Inks, Twinkling H2O’s Stippling, Alcohol Inks on Foil, Metal Edges w/Tape, Decoupage/Collage Tip for Formica Tags, Graphite Pencil w/Stamps, Creating Fog, Reconditioning Clay Canes, Clean-up Tip, Stippling Tip, Felt Piece Source, Ideas for Organizing Inkpads, Dealing w/Muddy Rainbow Inkpads, Organizing Stamp Projects and Supplies, JustRite Stampers Review, New Mini Iron-On Braid from Kreinik, Ease and Elegance Book Review, Victorine Originals Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

2004 Issues (volume 12: 1-12)

Dec ’04 Beaded Ornaments

Use Tiny Beads to Create Lovely Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree or Cards. Cornacopia Ornament Template Inside! Holiday Cards: A Slew of Holiday Cards Created by Readers to Inspire You! Polymer Clay Embellishments: Stamped Polymer Clay makes a Great Card Embellishment. Plus: Distress Ink Techniques From Ranger, Twisted Homemade Cord (Part 2), Tips For Glazing Polymer Clay Beads, Future Floor Finish on Polymer Clay and Dominos, Gold and Silver Embossing Paste, Tip For Applying Glitter Neatly, Using Distress Ink on Dry Embossing, Cutting up 12” x 12” Paper Effeciently, Nested Tins For Gifts, Gelatin Prints, Stamp Cleaning Tip, Candles as a Stamping Tool, Making Cutting Easier, Cyberstampers Fall Online Convention Report, Ranger’s Distress Inkpads, Texture Effects For Rubber Stamping Book Review, Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay Book Review, Simply Wood and Rubber Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’04 Stamped Holiday Cards and Gifts

Incorporating Small Gifts Inside Stamped Holiday Cards – Including Store Gift Cards, Money, Flat Ornaments and Jewelry plus a CD Tin Gift Card Idea. Painted and Stamped Silk Scarf. Stamped Domino Bracelet. Homemade Paper Cord Sample*. Stamp Art Display: First Display Challenge Entry. Ways to Show Off Your Stamp Art in Your Home! Plus: Five Common Mailing Mistakes, Edging Postcards Cleanly, Tip for Success with Metallic Rub-Ons, Chalk or Pastel Rub-Off Technique, Suggestions for Displaying Cards for Sale, Using Zipper Plastic Bags in the Stamp Room, Using bits of Cardstock and Ribbon, Black and White Images on Color Paper, RolTap Ideas, Text Insert Stategies, Pricing Cards, Framing Images with Stippling, Framing Images with Tape Masking, Bottle Cap Source, Thoughts on Really Using Your Stamps, Clearsnap’s MicaMagic Inkpads, The Original Rubber Stamp Press, ZimPrints Catalog Review Update . . . and More! (36 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’04 Altered Books and Decos

An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Creating Altered Books and Deco Books. Altered Page Challenge Inside! Packing List Envelope Art: Use a Lowly Shipping Supply to Create Cards and ATC Holders! Plus: Fluid Chalk Background Idea, Bleach/Twinkling H2Os Techniuqe, Emerging Colors, Shadow Stamps/Dry Embossing Technique, Stamp Room, Glass Work Surfaces, Watercolor Images with Stamps, Blow Pens to Ink Stamps, Colors that Work Together, Eliminating Embossing Powder Halos, Making Extra Cards, Ideas for Glossy Black Cardstock, Pearl-Ex and White Glue, Goo Gone Application, Picking Up Beads, Storing Markers and Unmounteds, Arbor Press, Ranger Adirondack Color Wash, Acrylics and Alcohol Inks, The Artful Lexicon Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’04 Micro Beads Part 2

More Projects Using Tiny Beads: Punch Tips, Beaded Lace, Embossing with Tape Sheets, Masking with Tape Liners. *O’So Sticky Tape Sample Inside! Slide Mailer Art Shrine: Use a Microscope Slide Mailer to Create Gorgeous Art! Notables: Dress Up a Humble Notepad Into a Portable Writing Station – A Great Gift Idea! Plus: Mixing Separated ReInkers, “Thumping” Stamp Technique, Portable Watercolors, Inner Plastic Liners on Inkpads, Rejuvenating Hard Rubber, Wine Charm Tip, Plastic Bag Impressions, Press N Seal Use, Posh Accent Pens and Ranger Alcohol Blending Solution, Coloring UTEE with Alcohol Ink, Cutting with Decorative Scissors, Attaching Vellum to Cards, Button Uses, Tips for Stamping on Glass, Seed Inclusion Paper Technique, Sandra McCall DVD, Serendipity Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’04 Micro Beads Part 1

Fun Projects Using Tiny Beads. *Micro Bead Sample Inside! Paper Embroidery and Paper Piercing Challenge Artwork: Use a Needle to Create Your Next Card! Inkpad Update: Adding five new stamp lines to last summer’s Inkpad Overview: Clearsnap’s MicroMagic, Ranger’s Distress Inks, Stewart Superior’s Palette Hybrid, Tsukineko’s Opalite and Jacquard’s Pearl-Ex Inkpads. Plus: Colorwash Batik, Faux Credit Card Uses, Inking Stamps with a Sponge, Using Shoe Polish, Picking up Spilled Micro Beads or Spilled Eyelets, Twinkling H2Os Tips, Easy Background Ideas, Hot Glue Embossing, Brayer Uses, Tag Tri-Fold Card, Book with Acetate Windows, Judi-Kins Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’04 Easy Silk Screen Prints

Think Creating an Image with a Silk Screen is Hard? It’s not! Vertical Card Designs: Card Design in a Rut? Think Vertical! Plus: Metallic Rub-Ons Ideas, Sealing Dominoes w/out Bleeding Ink, Inserting Brads Easily, Sticker and Cutout Edge Tip, Twinkling H20s Tips for Success, Taking Rubber off Wheel Stamps, Organizing Embellishments, Tip for Labeling IRIS Carts, Jump Stamping Creativity Suggestion, Easy Lumiere Background Paper, Stamping w/Lumiere Paints. New Challenge/Sample: Packing List Envelope. Mesa AZ Show Report, Reviews: “An Altered Journey w/Tim Holtz” DVD, Gwen Gibson’s PhotoEZ Silk Screen Kits, Procraft Gloves, Adhesive Tech Glues, DRS Designs Catalog. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’04 Choosing a Paper Trimmer

A Paper Trimmer Is One of a Stamper’s Biggest Investments. Here’s How to Choose. Glaze Pen Resists (Glaze Resist Sample*) Plus: UTEE Flex How-To. Bleach Pens, Multi-Color Ink Background w/Tissue, Stamping Terra Cotta Pots, Ideas for Using Bamboo Skewers, Unsticking Paper, Applying Adhesive on Small Punch-outs, Dealing With Sticky Foam, Indexing Unmounted Stamps, Lining Up Word Stamps, Label Maker Words, Inexpensive Stamping Tips, Painting Photo Style Images with Watercolors, Glaze Pen Ideas, Floral Store Finds, Suggestions for Helping a New Stamper, Convention Strategies, Stamp Room in a Converted Patio, Repeat Impressions Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

May ’04 Paper Piercing

Use a Needle to Make Great Designs on Paper! Simplicity: Focus on Alphabets (ColorBok Letter Sample*) Plus: Getting Published, HIA Show Finds, EvoStencils and Stamps, Making Memories Metal Glue, Rollataq Tips, Designing Monochromatic Cards, Storing UMs in CD Cases, Using Rubber Scraps, Paper Punch Tips, Extending Colored Pencils and Using Blenders, Cleaning Stipple Brushes, Orange Peel Textures, Craft Sheet Uses, Indexing Wood Mounts with Staz-On, Red Liner Tape Tricks, Soot Stamping Tips, 3D Sticker Butterfly, Stamp Room, Rosie’s Roadshow and Verses Catalog Reviews. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’04 Puzzle Art

A Simple Puzzle Piece Can Be the Focal Point of Your Next Card! Die-Cut Puzzle Piece Sample* Themed Bookmarks: Bookmarks Don’t Just Have to Be Rectangles. Creative Decorative Bookmarks to Match Your Book! Simplicity: Patterned Paper Ideas. Tips: Poly-Tools New Triple Shape Bead Roller Set, Wood-n-Paper Puzzle Piece Die-Cuts, CD Book, Stamping on Clay Pots, Cork Ideas for Tiles, Storing Unmounted Stamps in VHS Holders, Moving Stamps, Rollabind Disk Alternate Uses, Cutting Paper Stacks, Embossed Calligraphy, Stamping with Twinkling H20s, Tip for Metallic Rub-Ons, Cigar Box Smells, Straight Punches with Corner Punches, Acrylic Paint Background, Candy Wrapper Background, Bleach and Blender Pens, Tearing Mulberry Paper with Waterbrushes, Embossing Gel Ink, Watercolor Backgrounds, Coloring Dry Embossed Images, After Midnight Catalog Review. (40 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’04 Tumbled Stone Tiles

Stamping Tiles with Permanent Ink, Polaroid Transfers on Tiles and Inkjet Transfers on Tiles. Label Art: Stamp Art With Office Labels. Radiant Pearls Backgrounds: Using Radiant Pearls to Create Beautiful Backgrounds. Simplicity: One From Column A/One From Column B Cards. Tips: Dry Embossing Tips, Scenic Trading Card Idea, Solving Krylon Leafing Pen Problems, Beaded Pens Without Adhesive, Inking Dominoes, Keeping Track of Cards, Purchasing Markers, More Sakura Glaze Pen Play, Lining Up Alphabets, Eclipse Tape Reverse Stamping, Marking Templates, Gridded Shadow Stamps, Covering Notebooks, Stamp Room Organization Ideas. Sissix PaddlePunch Review, Articus Studio Catalog Review. Bubble Wrap Print Sample*. (40 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’04 Artlenz Active Image Cards

Use Your Stamps with Active Image Paper, Lens Sheets and an AZ Stamp to Create Movement and Depth. Lens and Paper Sample Inside! Simplicity: Layering: Cards Don’t Have to be Excruciating to Make. Use Layers for Fun Cards! Tips: Convention Tips from the Organizers, Sakura’s Glaze Pens and Pemapaque Markers, Homemade Colored Vellum, Lining Up Alphabets on Vellum, Punching Double-Stick Tape Sheets, Eyeglass Blanks, Repairing Chalk Blocks, Inexpensive Sponging, Storing Ribbons, Working with Domino Pins, Assembly Line Stamping, Cushion Shadow Stamps, Tissue Paper Painting, JPG Files, Paper Cording/Box Covering, Markers, Paper Scrap Ideas, Paper Ribbon, Wood-n-Paper Ink Catalog Review. (36 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’04 Paper Embroidery

Dust Off Your Hand Stitching Skills to Combine Stamped Images with Stitchery – Don’t Worry – It’s EASY! Bottle Cap Art (Clever Ideas for Using Bottle Caps in Pins, Cards, Tags and Miniature Books!) Tips: Iris Folding: Eliminating Bulk, Animated Stamp Art, Stamping Eyeglass Blanks, Perfect Ink Refresher Ideas, Embossing with a Dove Blender Pen, Artful Dryer Sheets, Suggestions for Creating “Water” Background Looks, Card Design: Creating a Design Bank, Faux Beads on Yarn, Threading Ribbon Through Punched Holes, Travel Stamp Storage, Glue to Re-enforce Embossed Metal, Toaster Oven Temperature Tips, Puzzle Piece Challenge. Rubber Tree Stamps Catalog Review, Red Castle Create and Print CD and Antique Image CDs, Faux Finish Tool, Clearsnap Style Stones. (36 pg, b/w & color)

2003 Issues (volume 11: 1-12)

Dec ’03 Candle Making

Pour Your Own Container Candles to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays or Give as gifts. Stamp Metal or Glass Candle Containers. Stamp on and Decorate Candles. Magazine Storage Box: Make a Custom Sized Box to Store Your Stamping (or other) Magazines. Tips: Watercolor Crayons and Stamps, Tone-On-Tone Technique, ReInkers and Glue, Faux Tarnished Metal Background, Make Your Own Gold Flakes, Uses For Corks, Ideas For Storing Fibers, Tying Bows, Ironing Ribbon, Bookmark Tassle Alternative, Homemade Alphabet “Beads”, Discontinued Samples, Attaching Necklace Cords to Lab Slides or Dominoes, Sharpening Decorative Edged Scissors, Paintbrush Holders, Iron-On Studs, Do-It-Yourself Template Recommendation, Moving Stamps to a New Home, Tips For Beginning Stampers, Card Sending Efficiency Tips, Past Time Stamps Catalog Review, Review of Paper For All Seasons, Special Effects Scrapbooking and The Encyclopedia of Candlemaking Techniques . . . and More! Wax Resist Sample.* (36 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’03 ReInker Art

Using Inkpad ReInkers to Create Stunning Artwork. Powdered Pigments: A Reference of Brands and Sources. A Comparison of: Pearl-Ex, Powdered Pearls, Perfect Pearls, Faerie Dust, Moon Glow and Polished Pigments. Finding Angel Companies. Tips: Using Sticks in Stamped Cards, Stamp Room Ideas, Polished Stone Technique and Variations (ReInker) Acetate Glazing (Reinker), Tissue Glazing (Reinker), Label Stamping (Reinker) Brayering with Decorative Thread (ReInker), Faux Paste Paper w/Reinkers and Two Signature Pamplet Stitch Mini-Book, Homemade Photo Corners, Die-Cut Shrink Plastic Tags, Lace Stencil Cutting Tip, Cutting Small Pieces w/Paper Cutters, Shimmering Fall Leaves, Stamping Tins, Do-It-Yourself Stamp Backgrounds, Stamping Scrapbook Papers, 70 Ways to Use Brads, 40 Ways to Use Paper Punches, European Papers, Die Art and The Gazdina Art Stamps Catalog Reviews, Review of The Art and Craft of Handmade Cards. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’03 Fabric Cards

Using Pre-printed Fabric for Card Backgrounds and Handmade Book Covers (Accordion Fold Notebook). Altering Fabric: Make Your Own Custom Fabric Backgrounds Using Textile Paint Sponging, Fabric and Glitter Sprays, or Walnut Ink. Bottle Cap Magnets. Tips: RV and Snowbird Stamp Room Ideas, Using ColorCutter Markers with Married Templates, Cut and Fold Templates, Adding Music to Cards, Making Clay Beads with Bead Rollers, Using Xyron with Fabric, Using Fusible Web, Fall Stamping Ideas, Collage Fruit Wreath and Centerpiece Directions, Crayon Backgrounds, Embossed Words with DYMO Label Makers, Homemade Glue Dots, Homemade Metal Tags, Cookie Cutter Tags, Bleach Stamping Tips, Cape Arago Rubber Stamps Catalog Review. Fabric Spray Sample* (40 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’03 Fascinating Fasteners on Cards

A Look at those Handy Fasteners (Including Eyelets, Brads, Rivets, Jump Rings, Binding Systems, Tapes, Adhesives and much more!) Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Setting Eyelets, Using Jump Rings,Homemade Photo Corners, Patterned Backgrounds, Mesh Backgrounds, Watercolor Faux Bleeding Tissue Background, Coffee Filter Backgrounds, Acrylic Paint Deli Paper Background, More Deli Paper Ideas, Watercoloring With Dye Ink, Pounded Flowers, Comparison of Twinkling H20s with Pearl-Ex and Radiant Pearls, Ranger’s Adirondack Pens Tips, Accordion Book Paper Idea, Hot Glue Sticks and Heat Guns, Faux Soldering With UTEE, Getting Print off Formica, Anti-Static Sheets, Storing: Scrap Paper, Buttons, Charms, Beads, and Alphabet Stamp Sets, Stamping Soap, Finding Time to Stamp, A La Wa Art Rubberstamps Catalog Review. Xyron Tape Tab Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’03 Choosing Inkpads

An extensive reference for inkpads from the four big manufacturers! (Stewart Superior, Ranger, Tsukineko, Clearsnap). Iron-On Metallic Thread Art: Ideas for using Kreinik’s specialty threads in your stamp art. Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Finding Stamps on the Internet, Stamping
Photo Type Stamps, Dealing with Agressively Sticky Cushion, Hairspray as Sealant Caution, Faux Printed Vellum, Embossing Powder Mixes, ColorBox RolTap Ideas, Punched Mistakes, Resists, Scratch Art Variations, Toilet Paper Papercasting, Choosing Colors, Collage Composition, Journals: Getting Past Artist Block, Stamping on Canvas, Iron-on Metallic Thread Ideas, Stewart Superior Inkpads, Creating your own Chalkboards, Rubber Stamp Plantation Catalog Review. Chalk Board Paint Sample Inside! (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ’03 Postage Stamp Mimic Cards

Find Inspiration for Your Next Card From a Postage Stamp! Annual Stamp Club List. Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Brayered Cards and Window Cleaner, Tips for Choosing a Stamp, Corner Stamp Positioning, Crinkle Paper, Glycerin Uses, Gluing Tissue to Dominos (tip), Dried Flower Embellishments, Dry Embossing . . . Without a Stencil!, Fabric Bead Wrapping Tip, Finishing Touches, Heat Gun Switches Tip, Holes For Spiral Book Covers, Melting Pot Project Pans Tips, Paint Storage Tip, Perfect Pens and Perfect Pearls, Pewter Stickers and Tria Inks, Punching Thin Papers, Quick Temporary Mounts, Versamark and Markers on Rubber Stamps, MaryJo McGraw DVD Review, OnyxXpressions Catalog Review. Fleckstone (Faux Granite) Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jun ’03 Punch Inspired Cards

Using CC Rubber Stamps and Nankong Punches. Envelopes: The Envelope is the First Impression – Make Envelopes that Wow! Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas Including Storing Ribbons. Rejuvenating Markers and Inkpads, Rainbow Sponging, Folded Book, Extending Colored Pencil Use, Embossing and Paint Markers, Preparing Tins, Stamped Baby Wipe Boxes, Printing Tissue Paper, Selling Stamped Cards, Gluing Ribbon, Stamped Clocks, Creating Golds and Silvers, Altered Art Books Review, The Stamping Bug Catalog Review . . . and More! Walnut Ink and Pearl-Ex Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

May ’03 Mini Envelopes

Using Tiny Envelopes in Your Card Creations. Iron-On Metallic Thread: A new way to add metallic fiber to stamped projects. Switch Plates: Add Your Own Special Stamped Touch to Your Home Decor. Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas Including Storing Tiny Items and Collage Materials. Rolled Fabric Beads, Walnut Ink Ideas, Successful Stamped Mitered Borders, Seed Packet Inspired Art, Watercolor To Go, Stamping on Transparencies, Mounting Layers within Punched Corners, Embossing Powder Ideas, and 3D Stamping. Carl Personal Trimmer Review, Eclectic Omnibus Catalog Review. Metallic Iron-On Thread Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’03 Stamping & Metals

Stamp Art Using Metallic Paints and Wire Mesh. Soot Stamping: Stamping with Fire! HIA Finds: Projects using specialty papers, Shimmer Sheetz, Kristal Clear Impression’s Grid Lock Stamping System and Mastercarve Blocks. Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Images Inside Stamped Containers, Sizzix Windows, Fun Flock Tips, Coloring Brads and Eyelets, Welding Splats, Coloring Acetate, Stirring UTEE, Clay Transfers, Watercoloring Dominos, Sponging Silks, Adhesive and Corner Punches, Scanning Cards, Tracking Stamps with Page Sage, Limited Edition Catalog Review. (44 pg, b/w & color)

March ’03 Spring Stamping

Using Punch Stamps to create fun spring art: Easter Basket, Egg and Candle Rings, Napkins and Napkin Rings. Ribbon Pen Case: Create a ribbon case for your beaded pens using ribbon and glue. Polymer Card Panels: Stamping polymer clay to create a layer on cards. Tips: More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Infused Eggs, Shoe Polish on Polymer Clay, Paintbrushes to Travel, Wrist Care, Avoiding Defective Products, Avoiding Clumpy Embossing Powder, Eyeshadow Caution, Attaching Tiny Pieces, Stamping Tile, Much More Magical Rainbow Sponge DVD Review, Scottish Borders Stamping Catalog Review. Stamped and Punched Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’03 Charming Stamped Valentines

Greetings of Love Highlighting Heart Brass Charms. Domino Fun: Using dominos to create jewelry and mini books. Sunlight and Shadow: Adding a sense of light to your stamped art. Tips: Planning Your Convention Trip, More Stamp Room Storage Ideas, Attaching Charms, Crackled CD Clock, Resist Cards, Postage Mimic Idea, Mesh Window Cards, Book with Folding Pages, “Gold Leaf” Edges, “Frosty” Card Effects, Attaching Wire Words, Shimmering Papers, Drilling and Sealing Dominos, Aged Wood With Shellac, Stamped Tiles, Burning Decorative Candles, More Melting Pot Tips, Polymer Clay Pencils, Stiff Stuff Doll, Jody Poesy Catalog Review. StazOn Inkpads. Mini Envelope Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’03 Stamped Snowflakes

An Array of Ideas for Snowflake Cards and Boxes with Shimmer Sheetz and Inks. Lunar Ladies: One Stamp Image Can be Stamped Repeatedly to Create Cards, Each With its Own Personality. Stamp Room Storage. Tips: Peerless Watercolor Tips, Domino Aging, Drilling Holes in Dominos, Using Foil With the Melting Pot, Stamping on Acetate or Laminate, Embossing on Acetate, Stamping on Vellum, Stamping on Tile or Glass or Formica Chips. Coronado Island Stamping Catalog Review, Stampn’ N Around Video, Chinese Calligraphy Book Review. (44 pg, b/w & color)

2002 Issues (volume 10: 1-12)

Dec ’02 Melting Pot & UTEE Play

Use the new Melting Pot to coat anything and everything with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel! Medallions: Use Holly Berry’s Medallion stamps to create beautiful holiday ornaments and cards. Stamp Room Storage. Tips: Pyramid Box Ornament, Kaleidacolor Brayered Backgrounds, Glitter Background, Stamping Even Patterns, Stamp Positioners and Scene Composition, Tin Bin (UTEE Filled Altoid Tin), Photo Puzzle Pieces, Easy Tassels, Polymer Clay Buttons, Toilet Tissue Paper Casting, Stamped Poetry Book, Eyelet Rust, Glue Dot Tips, Non-Stick Foil, Clean Stamps and Inkpads, Clean Hands, Sympathy Cards. MNC Studio Designs Review, Natural Impressions Book Review, Pet Signatures, Words to Impress Product Picks. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’02 Shingle Art

Use dollhouse shingles to embellish your stamp art! Walnut Ink: Easy Backgrounds for all stamping Styles. Carving Photos: Turn your Photos into carved stamps. Stamp Room Storage. Tips: Domino Gluing, Tri-Omino Wreath, Spicy Stamped Coasters, Clay Book Transfer Follow-Up, Getting Good Prints from Photo Style Stamps, “Rusty Tin” Effects, Lace Looks, Rollataq Cleaning, Cutting Squares, Keeping Track of Punches, Scissors, Eyelets, Insuring Your Stamps and Supplies. Olive Wimple Catalog Review, HomePro LR Punch, Bayley’s Boxes Product Picks. Walnut Ink Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’02 Spritzed Metal Mailbox

Use paint markers and homemade stencils to spritz color onto metal. The Other Four Senses – Stamping Without Sight. Perspective and Proportion – A Quick Lesson. Stamp Room Storage. Tips: Cut ‘n Tuc Stencil Tips, Unclogging a Rollataq Applicator, Attaching Buttons, Success with Sticky Powders, Easy Metallic Background, Photocopy Transfers, Prepping Altoid Tins, Calligraphy Tips, Photo Corner Ideas, Using a PDA to Track Supplies, Design Approaches. Anzart Catalog Review, Making Memories Details Line, Jolee’s Boutique Stickers Product Picks. Charm Sample. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’02 Aligned Card Layers

Using your positioner to new advantage! Clay Books – Make your next book covers out of clay! Storage. Tips: More Triangle Dominos, Sea Glass Stamping, Oil Pastels Scratch Art, The Joys of ReInkers, Silks Ink Background, Beading Dominos, Mah Jong Tiles, Glue Transfers, Polymer Clay in Paper Casting Molds, Layering Tips, Eyelet Pounding, Gum Tins, “Tarnished” Charms, Stuck Punches. Red Castle Inc. Catalog Review, Color Spritzer, Scotch Vellum Adhesive Product Picks. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’02 Suminagashi Marbling

Postal Rate Changes. Storage: Small Stamp Area Strategies. Tips: Dollhouse Shingles, Cut n Dry Pad Ideas, Sliding Stamp Pads, Checking Embossing Powder Melt, Stuck Punches, Egg Shell Shakers, Chalk Tips, Credit Card Painting, Window Screen Backgrounds, Using Rainbow Scraps, Shimmer Sheetz Tunnel Card, Classic Clips, Brayered Backgrounds, Mixing Textures, Photo Manipulation Background, Shadowbox Card, andTriangle Dominos. Bad Axe Trading Co. Catalog Review, Eclipse Tape, Poly Paper Product Picks, Dollhouse Shingle Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

July ’02 Clock Charm Stamp Art

Time Inspired Artwork. Fabric Pearls Technique –
Shimmering Pigments on Fabric! Shrink Art – Tips for cutting shrink plastic. Storage: Ideas for storing stamps, inkpads and ribbons. Tips: Flag
Book, Card Slide Mechanism, Printing on Tissue Paper, Printing on Fabric, Embossing on Copper Foil Tape, Microwave Flower Pressing, Finishing off Stab Bindings, Threading Tips, Unclogging Gel Pens, Decorating Pencils, Embossing on Vellum, Shrink Art Scrap Use, Acrylic Box Mounts, Clay Molds without Sticking. Catslife Press Catalog Review,WonderPress and
Stamp-a-ma-jig Product Picks. (44 pg, b/w & color)

June ’02 Aluminum Tag Art

Creating Stamp Art using Flexible Aluminum Tags. Iris Folding. Stamped Dominos. Paper Earrings. Stamp Room. Tips: Rollabind Faux Typewriter Keys, Sharpening Craft Knives, Beading Cards, Do-It-Yourself-Library Pockets, Painting African American Faces, Lumiere Paints on Tissue Paper and to Dye Twine or Thread, Turning Fabric into Bookcloth, Japanese Book Drill Tips, Mounting Alphabets, Rainbow Pad Tips, Colored Pencil Tips, Vintage Photos on Vellum. Stamp Zia Catalog Review, Rollabind, Antiquities and Nick Bantock Inkpad Product Picks. Postage Paper Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

May ’02 Walnut Ink Backgrounds

Creating Dramatic Backgrounds With Walnut Ink Crystals. Watercolor Pointillism: Easy Speckled Backgrounds With Watercolor Crayons and Waterbrush. Storage Ideas: Stamp Organization on a budget. ZimPrints Catalog Review, Accu-Cut GrandeMARK and Tozicle Product Picks. Tips: Perfect Pearls Use, Watercolor and Alcohol Background, Spray Paint Faux Marble Background, Resists with Encore Inks, Resists with Brilliance Inks, Stamping Ceramic Tiles, Storing Future Floor Finish, Sticking Foils, Unclogging Gel Pens, Lumiere Ideas, Small Trays for Marbling, Light Modeling Paste, Stampa Rosa Silks, Candy Wrappers, Polished Stone on Glass, Shrink Scraps, Unmounted Words, Wallpaper Ideas, Colored Crayons and Colored Pencils. Sheer Heaven sample. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ’02 Kitchen Sink Stamp Backgrounds

Shaving Cream Marbling, Food Coloring Papers, Starch Paste Paper, Starch Resist Paper. Paper Scrap Quilts, Ink Pad Books. Storage Ideas: Garden Stamp Room Retreat, Ideas for Storing Stamps, Embossing Power, Ribbons and Inkpads. Tips: Silks Ink, Coloring and Attaching Charms, Stamping Acetate, Cleaning Krylon Pens, Tracking Stamp Permissions, Crackling Tips, Hardware Store Finds, UTEE without Burnt Fingers, Chalks and Pastels, Carving Polymer Clay, Cataloging Stamps, Creating Color Charts, Using Cut ‘n Dry Pads. Junque Catalog Review, Sample Charm* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ’02 Stamped Playing Cards

Ideas for using SilverCrow Blank Playing Cards as Playing Cards and in Cards, Handmade Books, and Dolls. Stamped Recipe Ideas. Storage Ideas: Stamp Room Photos, Ideas for Storing paints, Glitter and Embossing Power, Acrylic Mounts and Templates. Tips, Inspirations: Shrink Plastic Transfers, More Xyron Tips, Temporary Mounting: HALOS II, Glue Dots, Hermifix and Wonder Tape, 101 Artist Cement, Homemade Lightbox, Battery Powered Stamp Cleaning, Airbrush Paints, Iridescent and Direct-To-Paper Backgrounds, Paper Beads, Paint “Rivets”, Unclogging Krylon Pens. Anima Designs Review. Aluminum Tag Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ’02 Stamped Shrink Art

Layered Pins Shimmering Pearl-Ex Backgrounds. Crazy Quilt Valentines using Fit-It Software Templates. Storage Ideas: Stamp Room Photos, Ideas for Storing Watercolors, Alphabets, Cardstock, Inkpads, Paints. Tips: Photo Corner
Ideas, Candy Valentines, Fresco Inkpad Ideas, Embossing Powder Tips, Metallic Paint on Acetate, Gift Wrap Ideas, Xyron Ideas, PaperClay
Tips, Blender Pen Techniques, Taking Roller Stamps Apart, Waterbrush Tips, Altered Book Ideas, Bookbinding Finishes, Bead Embellishments, Homemade Envelope Templates, Chalk and Watercolor Crayons. Appendage Assemblage Review. Polyshrink Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jan ’02 Stamped Shrink Art

Tips for Stamping on Black Shrink Film, Glass Pin Tutorial, Acetate Paper Dolls, Duotones Tag Art, Shimmer Sheetz Cards, Storage:Stamp Room Photos, Tips: Setting Eyelets with Paper Punch, Beaded Pen Variations, Multiple Images on
Almost Leather, Quick Card Edges, Trimming Unmounted Rubber, Flatting Polymer Clay with Xyron, Dying Paper Clay, Homemade Perfume Sachets, Copper Tips, Printable Calendars, The Stampsmith Catalog Review, Grafix Shrink Film Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

2001 Issues (volume 9: 1-12)

Dec ’01 Shimmer Sheetz

Quick Holiday Cards using Dry Embossing, Heat Embossing and More on Shimmer Sheetz, Storage: Stamp Room Challenger Photos, Tips: Cut N Tuc Stencils, Fibers, Diagonal Fold Pocket Cards, Japanese Book Drill, Holiday Neighbor Gifts, Stamped Buttons, Prepping Altoid Tins, ‘Negative’ Stamp Effects, Brayering Newspaper, Re-Inking Rainbow Pads, Future Floor Wax, String Painted Backgrounds, Lumiere and Neopaque Paints, Acrylic Crazing, Rubba Dub Dub and LennaLines Catalog Review, Playing Card Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ’01 Thanksgiving Stamping

Holiday Table Settings: Fabric Stamping, Polymer Clay Stamping, Cork Projects. Storage: Stamp Room Challenger Photos. Easy Approach to Collage. Tips: Patriotic Pins, Lifted Layering, Leaf Printing and Embossing, Waterbrush Filling, More Bleach Stamping, Making and Stamping Notepads, Travelling with Watercolor, Stamped Stone Clocks, One Color Background Patterns,
Xyron – Double-stich Adhesive, Vellum Ideas, Attaching Fibers. Deadbeat Designs Catalog Review. EvoCork Sheet Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ’01 Stamped Money Holders

Stamp Art to Hold Gifts of Cash! Luna Lights Technique and Sample, Storage: Stamp Room Challenger Photos, Halloween Slide Card, Tips: Stamp Inspired Needlework, Luna Lights Backgrounds, Origami Money Cards, Paper Purse, Magic Wallet, Pull Tab Ideas, Sharpening Punches, Threading Fibers, Rolling Radiant Pearls, Waterbrush with Radiant Pearls, Heated Stamp Impressions, Watercolor Crayons, Oil Pastels, Paper Staining and Grids, Glue Molds, Layering Alternatives, Stone House Stamps Catalog Review. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Sept ’01 Paint Chip Stamp Art

Stamp Art Inspired By Or Using Paint Chips! Shimmer Sheetz: Heat Impressions, Shimmer Sheetz Sample*, Storage Inspiration: Stamp Room Challenger Photos, Storing Artwork. Tips: Waterbrushes, Coloring Brads, Painting Charms and Willeez with Lumiere Paints, Scenting Cards, Homemade Paper Charms, Shrink Plastic Tips, Removing Wood Mounts, Coloring Photo Corners, Watercoloring Without Warping, Brayering With “Ugly” Pads, Masking With Xyron, Stamping Acetate, Choosing Adhesives, Polymer Clay Beads and Fetishes, Wheels on IRIS. The Merry Stamper Catalog Review. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ’01 Wild Women Polymer Clay Dolls

Vellum Resist, Picture Perfect Vellum Sample*, Found Materials: Berry Baskets and Mesh, Storage Inspiration: Two More Stamp Room Challenger’s Photos (rooms with dual uses.) Tips: Gedeo Mold Making, Coil Binding, Pressed Flowers with Xyron, Decorating Envelopes, Colored Pencils on Krystalvue, Dealing with Mistakes, Removing Stray Ink Marks, Speckling
Embossing Fluid, Marvy Embossed Background, Watercolor Pencil Tips, Peerless Watercolors, Watercolor Prints, Brayer Uses, ReInkers and Paper Mache Boxes, Napkins in Handmade Paper, Stamping Acetate. Seaside Stampin’ Catalog Review. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jul '01 CoverJul ’01 Clipiola Stamp Art

Creating Cards, Dolls, Collage, Tags, and Ornaments with Spiral Clipiola Clips! 2001 Stamp Club List. Storage: 4th Stamp Room Challenger’s Photos, Tips: Attaching Fabric to Fabric, Identifying Coated Papers,Collage Techniques, Disappearing Ink, Creating Dolls, Dr Ph Martin Calligraphy Ink on Acetate, Zippered Envelope, Fabric Stamping Tips, Creating Highlights, Making Your Own Inkpads, Powdered Pigment Ideas, Smoothing Ribbon, Silly Putty Molds for UTEE, Unmounted Storage, Tea Bag Staining, Attaching Vellum Xyron – Foiling, Pearl-Ex, Limited Edition/Grand Adventures Catalog Review, New Challenge Sample. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jun '01 CoverJun ’01 More Stamped Flowers!

Clever Materials for Creating Cards. Fan Card, Circle Window Card Dimensional
“Flower Angel”, Paper Dolls, Vellum Card Ideas, A Look at Paper Embroidery,
Pergamano and Quilling, Storage: 3nd Stamp Room Challenger’s Photos,
Tips: Radiant Pearls Storage, Brads: Brass to Silver, Attaching Eyelets,
Flat Marble Ideas, Wallpaper Uses, Tracking Magazine Articles, Stamp
Room Organization, Rollagraphs and EVO Templates, Face Studies – Seeing
Shapes in Stamps, Serendipity Stamps Catalog Review, Embellished Glue
Dot Sample. (44 pg, b/w & color)

May '01 CoverMay ’01 Stamped Flowers!

Flowered Inspirations: Dimensional Layering, 3D Coiled Flowers, Step Pop-Up, Pocket Card, Octagon Tile Book, Chalk Flower Box, Floral Touch Light, Circle Message, Pressed Flowers, Making Your Own Flower Press. Storage Inspiration:
2nd Stamp Room Challenger’s Photos. Tips: Blender Pens w/Schmincke,
Grease Spots, Bleaching Paper, Using Oriental Papers, Mixing UTEE
and Pigments, Mixing Embossing Powders, Coluzzle Tips, Printing on Fabric,
Storing Embossing Powders. Gotcha Images Catalog Review, TeaBag Folding
Video Review. Vitrea 160 Paint/ EZDotz Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Apr '01 CoverApr ’01 Crafty Ideas: Choosing Color!

Color Wheel Tutorial, Storage: 1st Stamp Room Challenger, Stamping
with (and avoiding) Hand Troubles, Tips: Bone Folder Tips, Masking
with Masking Magic, “Aging” Charms, Storage Ideas, Unclogging Pens
and Glue Pens, Foil and Flocking Powder Tips, Shaving Cream Marbling,
Embossing Powder Ideas, Correcting Wood Mount Alignment, Time to Stamp
Review, Polyshrink Video Review, Clipiola Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Mar '01 CoverMar ’01 Crafty Ideas

Tissue Collage Glass Box, Stamped Lamps and Shades, Stamped Cork Tiles. Sister
Memory Books. Tips: Pop-Up EvoMums, Coloring on Glass, Hard to Stamp
Images, Sharpening Decorative Scissors, Tying Bows – One Hole or Three!
ERAGraphics and The Stampsmith Catalog Reviews, SilverCrow Creations
Products: Bamboo Quills, Spiral ClipsLibrary Book Pockets. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Feb '01 CoverFeb ’01 Stamping With Playing Cards

Altered Playing Cards, Playing Card Box, Playing Card Books: Ring Tag and Circle
Books, Wire Bound and Fun Foam Book, Glitter Mosaic Card. Dry Embossing,
Mini Postage Holders, Tips: Coloring Acetate, Krylon Pen Uses and Tips,Faux
“Marbled” Surface, Stamp Pad Ink Overview, Earring Holders, Judi-Kins
Review, Resist Paper Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jan '01 CoverJan ‘01 Stamped Mini Books

Triangle Accordion Fold, Square Accodion Fold, Half Circle Book, Stick Binding, Wire Binding, Drink Disc Hostess Gift, Quick Gift Boxes, 2000 VSN Article
Index, Tips: Lumiere Recycled Backgrounds, Watercolor Crayons and
Pencils, “Instant Ancient” Papers, Matte Gel Medium as Adhesive, Duo
Adhesive Clean-up, Unsticking Friendly Plastic,Finishing Wax on Envelopes,
Sealing Pigments on Clay, Sticky Scissors and Inky Nails, CD Sleeve
Envelopes, Foiling with Xyron, Homemade Crackle Stamps, Anima Designs
and MorningStar ReviewsTriangle Pop-Up Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

2000 Issues (volume 8: 1-12)

Dec '00 CoverDec ‘00 Stamped Holiday Projects and Ideas

Gingerbread Stocking Ornament, Punch and Fold Window Ornament,
Velvet Embossed Tree Skirt. Fiber Embellished Ornaments: Gods Eye
Ornament, Angel Bookmark, Christmas Tin, Harlequin Christmas Card,
Pinwheel Card, Nutcracker Ornament, Gingerbread Man Ornament, Holiday
Tag, Snowman Ornament and Bag. Tips: More Xyron Tips, Paint Can Packaging,
Liquid Rainbow Paint Stickers, Stamping on Candles with Paint, Multiple
Stamping Technique, Radiant Pearls Suggestions, Shadow Stamping Alternatives,
Decorating Glass Ornaments, Vellum Tips, Photo Paper Recycling, Watercolor/Yarn
Background, Coloring Stained Glass Stamps, Decorating Black Tags,
Moving Rubber Stamps, Enchanted Ink Catalog Review, ROXS Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Nov '00 CoverNov ‘00 Stamped Holiday Projects and Ideas

Stamped Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Ornaments and Tags, Blinking
Art, Jingle Doorknob Hanger, Elegant Paper Gift Boxes, Glittering
Acrylic Gift Box, Woodburned Christmas Box, Fiber Embellished Ornaments
Created With: Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, Fiber Paper, Woodburned
Gourd, Flannel and “Polished Stone” Paper; Snowman Button Cover,
Paper Mache’ Wine Box, Radiant Pearls Techniques, Whiskey Creek Catalog
Review, Tips: Shrink Plastic Tips, Dove Blender Tips, Pop Bottle Mailer
Secrets, Snowy Ideas, Threading Fibers, Mixing Pearl Ex and Gum
Arabic, Direct-to-Paper Tips, Homemade Foam stamps, Gold Leafing Overview,
Faux Soot Card, UTEE on Parchment, White Opaque Flakes Sample Enclosed* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Oct '00 CoverOct ‘00 Readers’ Choice Stamping Techniques!

Including: Bookmark Card, Magnet Card, Polaroid I-Zone Gallery,
Notepad Card, Bleach Echoes, Lifesaver Tag, Tag Books, Ribbon-Bound
Accordion Book, Folded Pocket Book, “Antique” Photo Albums. Hot Pot
UTEE techniques. Wood Leaf Box, Tips: Coffee Staining, Encasing Fall
Leaves, Xyron Tips and Tricks, Another Polished Stone Alternative,
Inkpad Storage and IRIS Stacking Ideas, Postage on Square Cards,
Friendly Plastic Seals, Mini Calendars, Smoothing Bumpy Candles, Pigment
Palettes, Crayon and Pigment Background, Powdered Pigments and
Sticker Paper, Rubber Odyssesy
and The Stamping Zone Catalog Reviews, Coffee Stained Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Sept '00 CoverSept ‘00 CD Stamp Art Creations

Turn junk mail CDs into stamped art! (Stamp them, Enamel them, Turn them into Mirrors, Cards, Pins, Books, Picture Frames, Dolls, Tags, Clocks, Sun Catchers), Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel Techniques, Quick Tag Books, Tips: VersaMark
Watermark Inkpad, Embossing Paste, Shrink Plastic, Polished Stone
Backgrounds, Spackle, Masking with Xyron, Book Tape Alternatives,Transfer
Sheets with Clay, More Organization Ideas, Stamps Galore Catalog Review,
Fiber Sample Enclosed* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Aug '00 CoverAug ‘00 A Stamped Box and Basket

Easy Eraser Carving, Stamping and Staining a Basket, Embellishing a Wood
Box. Freezer Wrap Masks, Stamping With Solids, Tips: StudioTac and
UltraThin Bond Adhesives, Mixing Lumiere Paint and Markers, Touching
Up Shadow Stampings, Easy CD Cutting, Bleaching Paper, Shrink Plastic
Tips, Spackle Collage/Stencil Pasting, Excess Xyron Stickiness, Another
Storage Option, Home and Heart Accents and Stamp Zia Catalog Reviews,
Hawaii Store, Acrylic Ragging Technique with sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jul '00 CoverJul ‘00 Organizing Your Stamp Room

Create and Organize Your Own Little Crafting Corner (Detailed
article – Many Ideas), Annual Stamp Club List (140+ clubs listed!)
Mailable Folio Card Pattern, Faerie Myst Stippled Wood Box, Tips:
Painting and Shrinking Tyvek,CD Cutting Tips, Using Leaves,Foam
Core Cutting Tips, Shrink Art – The Whole Sheet!, ITS (Ink Transfer
Sticks), Quick Art Rubber Stamps Catalog Review, Faerie Myst Paint
Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jun '00 CoverJun ’00 More Stamped Coin Envelopes

Make Magic with a Simple Coin Envelope to Create: Coin Envelope Collage, Greeting Cards, Birdhouse Trading Card, Necklace, Dolls, Seed Packets, Woven Envelopes, USArtQuest: Clayworks, Gilding & Pearl-Ex techniques, Tips: Blender Pen Tips, Gouache Backgrounds, (In-) Direct To Paper Ideas, Ink Transfer Sticks, Grey Ink with Chalk, Paper Sample Book Art Journals, Flexiplate Carving Material for Brayers, Krystalvue Shapes, Wax Paper Resists, Photo Transfer Collage, Pressed Flowers with Sanswa Tissue, Serendipity Stamps, Fascinating Folds and JoanWearDesigns Reviews, PA Store, Japanese Fishwrap Paper Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

May '00 CoverMay ’00 Stamped Coin Envelopes

Make Magic with a Simple Coin Envelope to Create: Coin Envelope Collage, Extra Pocket Fold, Bound Books, Accordion Coin Envelopes, Miniature Scenes, Windows and Shakers, Mosaics, Pouch Necklaces, Little Gifts, Coin Envelope Dolls, plus a Coin Envelope Pattern. Mostly Animals Stickering Technique. Tips: The Dove Blender with Markers, Coffee Staining Paper, Formica Tags, Quick Stamped Coasters, More Stamping Gift Ideas, Radiant Pearls. NY Store, Bella Rosa Paper Arts & Rubber Poet Reviews, Frame-Ups Paper Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Apr '00 CoverApr‘00 Stamped Envelope Fun

(Ideas for Making Your Envelopes as Fun as the Cards Inside) Envelope Patterns: Side Flap, Pointed Flap Card/Envelope, Cross Card/Envelope, Circular Window Tips: Envelope Closure Ideas, Tackling “Wax Bloom”, Soft Texture w/Liquid Applique, Book Mica, Polymer Clay Embellishment, Blending Colored Pencils, Eliminating Hook and Loop Tape Fuzzies, Stamping with Unmounteds, Stamp Rolling, Stippling w/Markers, Feathers Use in Art, Stores: IN and PA, Red
Castle and Gemmanna Catalog Reviews, Mini Envelope sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Mar '00 CoverMar ‘00 Stamped Frames

Stamped Frame Ups: Speckled, Dotted and Stippled, Stamped, Acrylic Sponged, Wire Enhanced, Mats: Embossed Corrugated, Decorative Paper, Watercolored, Stamping Canvas, Quick Easel Pattern, Acrylic Plaids, Tips: Stamping Warm Embossed Surfaces, Getting the Most out of Scraps, Brown Bag Projects, Cutting Unmounteds Without the Stickiness, HALOS Tips, Wire Tips, Tidy Tray Static, Slinky Holder! MT Store, Catalogs: The Rubber Cafe, Patches and Pieces of Me, Glue Dot Sample* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Feb '00 CoverFeb ‘00 Stamped Valentines

Ultra Thick Embossed Shrink Plastic Pins, Poetry as a Theme, Box to Hold Love
Notes, Funky CD Pins, Tips: “Painting” w/Embossing Powder, Suede Spray,
Foil and Flocking Powder, De-Gunking Scissors, Creating Clouds,
Avoiding Vellum Curl, Stamp Pad Skipping, Microwave Heating Pads,
Pocket Folder Books, Excess Rubber Trimmings, Recycling Calendars
and/or Easels, Coronado Island StampingCatalog Review, Stores: CT and MA, Coin Envelope Challenge* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Jan '00 CoverJan ‘00 Memories and Dreams

Unusual Bookmarks, A Hand Sewn Journal, An Accordion Folded Photo
Card, Diaper Birth Announcement, Accordion Photo Card Sample*, Tips:
Radiant Pearls Faux Paste Paper, Stamping Foil Pots, Foiled Crinkled
Patterns, Cleaning Your Xyron, Recycling Tips, Controlling Crystal
Lacquer, Storage from Card Shop, Indexing Unmounted Stamps, Shape
and Envelope Templates, 1999 VSN Article Index, Stores: CA and
NJ, CA Shows, Turtle Press and Rubber Monger Reviews. (44 pg, b/w & color)

1999 Issues (volume 7: 1-12)

Dec '99 CoverDec ‘99 Last Minute Holiday Stamping

Bias Tape House Book, Stamped Candle, Foiled Holiday Tree Card, Lantern Gift Box, Tips: Chalk Application with Pom-Poms, Chalk Marbling, Embossed Layering
Foils Tips, Gift Ideas, Gilded Plastic, Pastel Pencil Tips, Dealing
With Stamper’s Block, Unmounted Stamp Strategies, Watercolor Pencil
Tips, Window Cards Revisited, Inexpensive Wood Beads, Cel-Vinyl Paints,
Patterned Acetates, Krylon Leafing Pen, Lil Bag Tag Kits, Stamped
Gift Bags. WI and FL Stores. VA and Online shows, Evolving Images
and Time to Stamp Reviews, Papyrus Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Nov '99 CoverNov ‘99 Holiday Gift Stamping

Bookmarks, Stamped Potpourri Packet, Button Pins, Polyshrink and
Woven Tags, Decorating Glass Candle Holders, Covering Address Books,
Ceramic Mug, Filled Gift Baskets, Stamped Paper Mache Boxes, Cards:
Pop-Up Christmas Card, Santa Claws Pop-up, Ornaments: Stamp-A-Box,
Crazy Quilt Ornaments, Painted Glass Balls, Stamped Glass Shapes.
Tips: Blank Books as Gifts, Stamping Tins, Red Rubber Press, Remembrance
Calendars using Bollios, Envelope Enclosures, Child’s Treasure Box,
Direct-to-Paper with Colorbox’s Stylus, Dry Embossing w/Pastels, Foiling
w/Duo Adhesive, Paper Roll Storage, Circle/Triangle Duo for Pocket
Cards, Radiant Peals Resist. Unmounted Storage – Door! Shows: OR,
UT and New England, Ruth’s Jewish and Other Rubber Stamps, Rubber
Tree Stamps Supplement, Iridescent Tinting Medium Sample.* (44 pg, b/w & color)

Oct '99 CoverOct ‘99 Easy Stamp Carving

Nature Prints, Border Cards, ZigZag Pocket Book, OH Show, Storeowner Weekend, Tips: Suede Paper Ideas, Hot Stamping Pen, Webbed Picture Frames, Money Saving, Letterheads, Glass Chalk Background, Foil Play, Cleaning Permanent Ink, Iridescent Medium Play, Tips for Stamping Large Landscapes, Blopen Footpump,
Chalk Blending, Milky Gel Roller Pen Uses, Getting Odors out of Boxes.
Impression Obsession, The Merry Stamper and WubbaStampa Reviews,
CA Store, Websites w/Projects, 3D Moire Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Sept '99 CoverSep ‘99 Stamp Bangles and Beads

(Including: Alphabet Beads, Scattered Tiny Beads, Twisted Threads, Collage, Fimo Slices, Tiny Critter Add-Ons, Shrink Art Beads, Stringing Beads), Stab Bead Bindings, Stamping Fabric w/Bleach, Embossed Sparkled Background, Vellum Layers/Muted Look, Vellum Mini-Lampshade. Tips: Shaped Bookmarks, Impromptu Collage, Matchbook Folds, Terra Cotta Pot Stamping, Mica Powder Painting, Pen Flower Pots, Pencil Peeling, Filing Rough Paper Edges, Foam Core Mounting Re-visited, Foiling Beads, Glycerine Use, Equilateral Triangles w/Compass, Insuring Stamps, Liquid Applique/Puff Paint w/Beads, Shrink Plastic
Scraps, Snowflake Stamping, Storing Unmounteds, Window Screen Ornaments,
CA and TX Shows, River City Rubber Works and Rubber Dub Dub, Cosmic
Vellum Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Aug '99 CoverAug ’99 Stamped Circles, Ovals . . .and More!

Non-Rectangular Ideas and Projects: Decorative Circle Boxes, Circle Pocket Insert, Circle Pictures, Oval Book, Star Wind Chime, Shaped Cards, Scraps – Paper Beads, Sketchbook Vellum Project:Hidden Pocket Card and Decorative Paper Folder,
Tips: Attaching Charms, Vellum Tips, Funky Word Stamps, Oval Templates,
Making Maps Look Old, Drying Paper Clay, Radiant Pearls Paint Drying, Inspiration, Metallic Rub-Ons,Postoids, Indexing Magazine/Book Ideas, Storing Lg Sheets of Paper,Schmincke Powder, Atypical Card Dimensions, Wood Sealing, Rollagraph Tips, MA Show, Rubberstamp Ave and The Frantic StamperReviews, Frosted Glass Finish Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Jul '99 CoverJul ‘99 Paste Paper For Cheaters!

Making Decorative Paste Paper Without Cooking Paste; Decorative Paper Projects:Covered Ringed Notebook, Note Pad Cover, Photo Mat, and Coin Envelopes, Tips: Radiant Pearl Tips, Tying and Attaching Ribbon Bows, Tricky Embossing Powder Ideas, Direct-to-Paper Tips, Fabric Cards, Attaching Flowers, Reconditioning Stamps, Vellum Embossing, Clear Resist Uses, Magic Mesh Backgrounds, Annual Club Issue – 100+ Stamp Clubs, Starting Clubs, FL Show, Stamps Galore Supplements Review, Paste Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Jun '99 CoverJun ‘99 Scenic Inspiration: Photos Into Stamped Cards

Vacation Photos into Stamped Scenes!, Sunprint Cards, Glue Seals, Explosion
Fold Mini-Book, Tips: Baby Footprints, Blending Markers, Hot Glue Seals and Collage Elements, Scrunched Tissue Envelopes,Foam Recycling, Ghosted Images, Dry Spells, Preserving Templates and Patterns, Non-Stick Sheets, Inexpensive Watercolors, Schmincke Powder. NJ Show, The Pines and Running Dragon Studios Reviews, GA Store, Schmincke Powder Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

May '99 CoverMay‘99 Stamped Birdhouses

Embellishing Wood and Paper Birdhouses w/Stains, Paints, Crackling, Stucco, Rub-ons and Rubber Stamps, Stamping Inexpensively, Velvet Paper-Elegant Cards, Origami Wild Goose Directions, Tips: Chalked Backgrounds, Mounting Tiny Stamps, Confetti Envelopes, Masking With Frisket, Hot Glue Seals – Mixing Colors, Do-It-Yourself Scratch Paper, Keeping Track of Unmounted Stamps, Whipped Paper Fluff and Stencils, GA Show,Graphic Savage and The Rubber Attic catalog reviews, Stores in GAandTN, Metallic Thread Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Apr '99 CoverApr‘99 Stamp Resists

Resist Effects with Commercial Resists, Crayons and Oil Pastels, Pigment and Dye Inks, Drafting Supplies; Stamped Tags: Dream Vacation Challenge Tags; Children Teaching Children,Tropical Pop-Up Card; Tips: Attaching Beedz, Temporary Glass Stamping, Hot Glue Seals, Attaching Magnets, Oil Pastel Backgrounds, Attaching Pressed Flowers, Radiant Pearls Fingerpainting, Tea Bag Paper Alternatives,
HIA Show, Impressions of Faith review, CA, TN, Ontario stores. Glow-In-the-Dark
Ink Sample* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Mar '99 CoverMar ‘99 Scene Stamping

Choosing Images, Creating Depth through Horizontal Levels, Vanishing Point and Masking, Colors, Shading. Microfleur Flower Pressing, Mini Accordion Book Directions. Tips: Gold Leaf Flakes, Iron-On Transfer Ink, Miracle Tape Ideas, Colored Glue Gun Sticks, Good Impressions – Lg Stamps, Stamping Watercolor
Paper, Blending Colored Pencils, Stamping Birch Bark, Cheap Mounting,
TX and CA Shows, Stamp Zia and Bungee Rubber Reviews, OR, IL,
CA stores. Acyrlic on Tyvek Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Feb '99 CoverFeb ‘99 Stamped Valentines Projects

Creating Cards With Trims, Lace and Leather, Nested Heart Boxes, Stenciled Glass Plate, Painted “Etched Glass” Vase Carving Rainbow Rollers. Stamping Biz Report. Door Card Directions, Organizing Bits and Pieces. Tips:Blending Stumps, Coloring Tyvek with Acrylics, Foiled Punchings, Improvised Palette, Keeping Track of Stamps, Stamping Magazine Photos, Inking Ribbons, Spraying Water Mixtures onto Brayered Ink,Adherring Vellum, Yes Glue, Snow-Tex, Liquid Acyrlics. 100 Proof Press and Mostly Animals Reviews, PA and WI Stores, Stucco TextureSample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Jan '99 CoverJan ‘99 Stencil Play

Stenciling w/Pearl Ex, Mini-Metallic Rub-Ons, Acrylics, Glue, Sand, and Inkpads,
Dimensional Stenciling, Dry Embossing, Making Stencils with Punches, 1998 Article Index, Ink 101: A Guide to Inkpads, Nuturing Your Idea Factory, Tips: Acrylic Background, Why an Art Journal?, Brayered Labels, Cheerios Background Paper, Erasing Chalked Stencil Images, Heart Sealed Card Idea, Roughing Up Solid Stamps, Door Storage, Aquacolor Crayons, Crayola Wet Set Clay,Octagon Box Pattern, CO and FL Shows, Reviews: Coronado Island Stamping and Stender Design, Stores: NJ and VA, Dream Vacation Challenge Luggage Tag* (48 pg, b/w & color)

1998 Issues (volume 6: 1-12)

Dec '98 CoverDec ‘98 Stamped Holiday Projects

Embossed Star Ornament and Box, FabricStamped Napkins, Holiday Gift Tags and Placecards, Faux Etched Star Jar, Shimmering Glass Ornaments, Shrink Plastic Mini-Ornaments, Starry Miniature Tree Centerpiece, Gocco Stamped Sweatsuit, Quick Die-Cut Cards. Tips: Acrylic Flames, Breast Cancer Pin, Decorating Boxes, Embossing a Line, Image Placement/Color, Stamping Large Images, Marvy Metallics Experiment, Wearing Masks, Memory Albulms for Teachers, Organizing Paper Scraps, Saving Cards, Tea and Coffee Staining,
Xyron Ideas. Portland and Del Mar Shows, Sumac Design, Rubber Stamp
Rampage, Stampland Catalog Reviews,Stores in CA, FL, Glossy Marble Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Nov '98 CoverNov ‘98 Stamped Holiday Projects

Fold-A-Note Folio, Mini-Frame Ornaments, Photo Frame Cards, Peaceful Observation Card and Twirling Bunny Card. Tips: Stamping Handmade Paper, Envelope Interiors, Glass Kote in Quantity,Keeping Track of Cards, Marvy’s Metallic Markers Ideas, Pearl Ex on Dye ink, Paper Punch Ideas, Hidden Message Card Calendar Idea, Reverse Images w/Foil, Rubber Cement Brushstrokes, Salad Spinner Backgrounds, Torn Images. CA, German Shows, Catalogs: ImaginAir Design, Tender Touch, and Blackberry Creek, Stores: NY, SC, CA. Suede Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Oct '98 CoverOct ‘98 Stamping on Glass

Pasta Jar – Glass Etching and Glass Stamping, Stenciled Glass, More Glass Ideas/Resources, Tips:Halloween Envelopes, Pins and Luminaries, Art Journal Ideas, Recycled 3D Dots, Paper Cord (Mizuhiki), Pivot Pad Tips, Fabric on Cards, Masking Halo, Coloring Skeletonized Leaves, Backgrounds w/Paper Shredder, Spray Paint Marbling. Cards: Hidden Message, Tea Bag Folding, Magic Leaf Card, Paper Weaving/Mosaic Piecing, Reviews:Turtle Press and Buffalo Stampede, OH and TX shows, HI and TX stores, Tea-riffic Folds book review, Peerless Watercolors Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & color)

Sept 98 CoverSept ‘98 Fall Stamping

Back to School – Fall Stamped T-Shirt, Photo Mat, Bookmarks, Chapbooks, Staircase Pop-Ups, Tips: Pearlescent Powders, Crimped Leaves, Brayers, Squeezing Jump Rings,Watercolor Pins, Faux Metallic Backgrounds, Nature’s Blessings andRubber Tree Stamps catalogs, Report on FL and WA shows, Making BooksBy Hand Review, IL and MA store reports, Leather Embossed Card Stock
sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug ‘98 Potato Prints

Animated Cell Card Directions, Tips on: Recycled Card Elements, Metallic Rub-On Tips, Marker Tricks, Attaching Vellum, Template Tracing, San Jose and MA shows, My Heart Stamps For You and Magentacatalog reviews, Enchanting Turnabouts Review, OH, NH and NV storereports, Color Mist sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jul '98 cover Jul‘98 Annual Stamp Club Issue

List of 115 clubs, Popping Up the House – The “Not-so-Basic” Pop-up, Sketchbooks, Kreate-A-Bag, Marker Velvet Stamping, Impressing WhippedPaper Fluff,Tips:
Sink Plug Stamping, Micro-Fleur Pressing Ideas, Pressing Cards w/out
Crushing, Ultra Thick on Wood, PA ARTS and Daytona Beach shows,
Reviews of MN and MD stores, Zim Prints and Inky Antics catalog/suppl.
reviews, Spirit Cards, Naples Shirt Card, Cork sheet sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jun ‘98 Stamping Envelopes

Fun Envelope Ideas, 2 Crackling Methods, Train Stamping, Keeping Cards Clean, Quilling Connor’s Collectibles Flowers, Tips: Cleaning Brayers, 3D Crystal Lacquer, Pearl Ex on Mulberry, Portland and Cleveland conv., Reviews of 2 CA stores, Auntie Amy Stamps and Repeat Impressions catalog reviews, Puzzle Back Tri-Fold, Aquarium Card, Checkerboard Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

May '98 CoverMay ‘98 A Sense of Touch on Stamped Cards

Adding Touchable Textures to Stamp Art, Tips: Gum Arabic w/ Pearl Ex, Whipped Paper Fluff, Liquid Frisket, Smooth Folds, Circle Cutter Ideas, Hollowing out a Book,Glass Etching, Pop-Up Chocolate Surprise, Fluttering Butterfly and
Pop-Up Butterfly Card Directions. WI and FL Stores, Reviews of Inklusions,
Stampers Anonymous, Wood Cellar Graphics, Sketchbook Sheers Paper
Sample Inside.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Apr ‘98 – Stamping on Eggs

Stamping Texture on Eggs . . . or Paper!, Layering Your Own Petal Paper, Embossing Small Items, Blocking off Stamp Areas, Tips on Joseph’s Coat, Watercolor Backgrounds w/Tissue, Storing Magazines, Crackling, Stamped Wood Postcard Directions, Folded Shirt Card Directions, Stores in NJ, FL and Guam,
Review of Rubber Poet and StampPort Catalog and Stamp Line, Review
of Paper Art, Highlights of San Mateo, Australian and Dallas HIA
Conventions, Pearl Ex sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Mar‘98 Stamping Out the Weather

Adding Weather Realism to Stamping, Backgrounds and Borders w/Metallic Acrylic Paints, Pop-Up Package Card Directions, Stamp Storage Idea, Riverside CA and TX shows, Stores in British Columbia, DE and IA, Anne-Made Designs and Holly Berry House Originals Catalog Reviews, Structural Paint Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Feb ‘98 Stamped Love Notes: Quick Fun Valentines

Interference Watercolor How-to’s, Stamped Friendship Pillow, Handmade Memory Book, Simple Card Insert for Wording, Tips on Removing Stamp Dies from Wood, Coloring Doilies, Pearl Ex Powder, Cutting Balsa Wood, Recycling Calendars, 1998 Convention Year and Tips, Yes! Pigs Can Fly and Fascinating
Folds catalog reviews, Stores in WA, CT, CA, IA, Foam Brayered Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jan ‘98 Beautiful Brayered Backgrounds
& Borders

Stamped Party in a Box, Tips on Paper Cutting, Creating “Icicles,” Cork Ideas, Eyelets, Unsticking Punches, Smear-Free Shrink Plastic Images,Rolling Adhesives, Tinted Images on Dark Paper (sample tinted image*), Dr U’s Rubber Remedies and Print Kraft catalog reviews, Stores in WI, CO and PA, 1997 article index. (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

1997 Issues (volume 5: 1-12)

Dec '97 CoverDec ‘97 More Holiday Stamping Ideas

Zimmy Pet Stocking (Fabric Stamping how-to), Christmas Village Ornament, Foil Holiday Card, Pack-It! Necklace, Turnabouts, Folded Holiday Cards, Folded
Holiday Cards, Tips on Pivot Palettes, Mizhukii Cords, Texture Paste
Cards, Faux Marble Image Effects, Velvet Stamping w/out Holes, Stamped
Jewelry Box, Alternative Artfest show, Inky Antics, Theta Ci’Mon and
The Stamp Clinic catalog reviews, Stores in SC, WI and VA Foiled
Greeting.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Nov '97 CoverNov‘97 Holiday Stamping Ideas

Tissue Paper Collage ornaments, Christmas Tree card, Christmas Present card, Accordion Fold Snow Scene, Quick and Easy Layered cards, Tea-Cup Card, Stamped Vinyl Decals, Gocco-Printed Cards, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Scrapbooking
on a Budget, Creating Personalized Stationery, Cincinnati and Salt
Lake City shows, Art After Dark and Cake Mix Graphics Reviews, Stores
in CA, MN, NM, IL, MA, Greenbrier Card Stock sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Oct ‘97 3D Decoupage with Stamps (aka Paper Tole)

Dimensional florals, Simple and Complex Scenes, 3D Embellishments, Tips on Stamp Pad brickwork, Interference Paint Clean-up, Rolling Paper Clay, Wordy
Backgrounds, Embossing Powder Care and Feeding, OH show, CA, MD
and CO Store Reports, East Coast Art Stamps and MJ Stamps Catalog Reviews, Box With Tie Closure Directions, Gold Ribbed Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Sept ‘97 Stamping With Postage

Themed envelopes w/postage stamps, postmarks and rubber stamps. Postage stamps as card elements.) Interference Paint ideas, Tips on Metal Fasteners, Liquid Applique and Puff embossing powder backgrounds, Eliminating embossing static, WA, FL, AZ and CA shows, Leavenworth Jackson and Stamp Oasis catalog reviews, Review of Nature Printing w/Herbs, Fruit and Flowers, Stores in TN, IL and CA, Shaped Card, Interference Paint Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug '97 CoverAug‘97 Stamped Birthday Card Ideas!

Stamping Your Mailbox, New Portfolio Closure Idea, Background Ideas, Crystal Lacquer Tips, Paper Clay How-Tos, Color Tips, Review of Sheril Cunning’s The World’s Greatest Glue Guide, Boston, Chicago and Scottsdale conventions, Reviews of Painted Turtle, Lady and The Stamp and Stamp La Jolla catalogs,
Spinning Circle Card and Record Player Card, Mirror Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jul ‘97 Annual Stamp Club Issue

Problems, Solutions, and Successes!Puyallup Convention Report, Review of Rubber Monger and Smiling Dog Designs catalogs, California Stamp Store Reports, Review of The Usborne Book of Printing, Stamped Glass Wind Chime Ideas, Watercolor Florals, Tips on Chalk, Interference Paints, 3D Crystal Lacquer, Shadow Box Card Construction Directions, Two-sided Metalic Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jun ‘97 Summer Stamping Projects

Exotic Paper Covered Swap Portfolio, Wind Catchers, Stamping For Tightwads, Ideas for Magnetic Cards, Paper Cutting and Paper Storage, Review of Embossing on Eggs and Review of Comotion Video Series. Reviews of MN and Fresno CA
Stamp Stores. Review of The Rubbernecker RS Co., Gitchee Gumee Graphics
and A Stamp Above, Turtle Press Paste Paper/Decorative Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

May ‘97 Stamped Card Layering

Ideas Easy Multi-Layered Card Construction. Exploding Matchbook Pattern/Directions, Recycled Sandwich Envelopes, Quick Ideas: Paper Punches, Paper Weaving, Stamp Shelving, Catalog Reviews/Updates of Repeat Impressions, Turtle Press, Stamps Galore, Cleveland and Ft Washington Conv. Reports, Review
of Jayhawk’s Stamping Through the Seasons, Reviews of California,
Connecticut and New York Stamp Stores, Thai Crinkle Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Apr ‘97 – Stamping Experimentation

(Experimenting with techniques, products, and effects.) Stippling brush ideas, clever embellishments, Liquid Applique Effects, Bubble Paper Recipe/Directions, Bubble Paper Sample*, Stamp Zia, Meadowlark Designs and The Creative Mode catalog reviews, Grapevine TX, San Mateo CA and Riverside CA Show reports,
Review: Making Greeting Cards with Rubber Stamps, One Sheet Booklet
Cards Directions. (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Mar ‘97 Stamped Card Construction Ideas
and Techniques

(Post Cards, Two and Three Panel Cards, Booklets, Single-Cut Pop-Up Card Directions, List of Card and Box Patterns from Previous Issues, Stamping on Sweatshirts, Creating “Mist-erious” Scenes, Test Your Knowledge – Stamp Matching Game, Review of The Pop-Up Book, Las Vegas HIA Show Reports, Stamp Yourself Silly and Lost Angeles Rubber Works Catalog Reviews, Detroit Area Stamp Store Reports, How Confetti is Made, Confetti Sample.* (52 pg, b/w & spot color)

Feb ‘97 Stamping Pins

(Laminated and Paper Clay Pin How-to’s) (B/W) Home Stamping with Decorative Stamps, Ink Blocks, Treasure Cay and Claudia Rose Catalog Reviews, FL and
SC Store Reports, Watercolor Tips, Floating Buildings Card Directions,
Celestial Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jan '97 CoverJan ‘97 Stamping on Ceramics

How-to’s for 5 methods for stamping on ceramic surfaces. Scene Blending Technique, More Velvet Stamping, Rubber Cutting Tips, Mailing Tips, Cloud Photo Stamping, F.C. Bumpers and Co., Moon Rubber, Imprints and Confetti SpaghettiCatalog Reviews, Exploring the Concertina Spine, IL and MD
stamping spots, Stampable Take-Out Box, Bark Paper Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

1996 Issues (volume 4: 1-12)

Dec '96 CoverDec ‘96 Last Minute Holiday Stamping Ideas

Stamping Velvet, Woven Paper Hearts, Holiday Envelopes, Potpourri Heart, Photo Frame Magnet, Holiday Samplers, More Scratch Art. San Jose show, Stamp Camp, Stores in ME, OH, MO, MN, Rubber Gems, Cat Dancing Design, Stamp Me Tender Catalog Reviews, Review of The Great Rubber Stamp Book, VSN Holiday Greeting* (52 pg, b/w & spot color)

Nov '96 CoverNov ‘96 Potpourri of Holiday Stamping Ideas

Ornaments, gifts, vellum paper ideas. CO and OH shows, Heartfelt Impressions and Viva Las Vegastamps Catalog Reviews, CO, WI Store reports, Shading Tips, Stamping on ceramic tile, Gnarly Tree ideas, Potpourri Shaker card, Review of PolyShrink Jewelry Techniques, Petal Paper sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Oct ‘96 Storing Unmounted Stamps

A Rubber Stamper’s Shopping Trip. CA, OH and San Rafael Shows, Snake Oil Sam, Keyhole and Red Head Catalog Reviews, NE Stores, Stamping thematic room, scratch art stamping, wood pin project, tips for making roller stamps, using adhesive, Review of A Crafter’s Guide to Glues, Scratch board sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug '96 CoverSept ‘96 Stamp Mounting Techniques

Unmounted Stamps & both Temporary & Permanent Mounting Options. Stamps Galore, Rhapsody in Rubber reviews, Wizard of Ah’s update, Orlando, NM and Sacramento Shows, Review of A Guide to Watercolor Wonders, Tips: Stamping Umbrellas, Vellum Cards, Wall Murals, Spotty Backgrounds, Embossing Foil. Butterfly Card directions, Remountable Tape Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug '96 CoverAug ‘96 Stamping Your Home

Wood Furniture, Window Shades and Walls. Inklusions, Paradise Post and
Alphabetika catalog reviews, FL, AZ and WI Shows, Review of Paper
Craft, More tips on Inspiration, Stipping, Color copied fabric, Acetate,
Adhesive Sheets, Encaustic Wax and Stamping. Hinged Pop-Up Card Variation,
Stippling Technique Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jul ‘96 Stamping in Groups

Group Project Ideas, Listing of Nearly 100 Rubber Stamp Clubs, Impressions In Inc., Hot Potatoes, and Auntie Amy Stamps! Catalog Reviews, San Jose, Puyallup and Boston Shows, Review of Do-It-Yourself Calligraphy, Stamping w/the Elderly;
More Backgrounds and Borders Tips, Wood Boxes, Stain Glass Cards,
Shrink Plastic, 3D Sheets, Tiny Envelope Pattern, Elephant Hide Paper
Sample.* (52 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jun ‘96 Stamping in Quantity

Print Gocco, OH andNV Shows, Bartholomew’s Ink, Papers by Catherine,
Storybook Designs and California Stampin’, FL store, Fabric Postcards,
5 pg Stamper’s Glossary, More Background and Border Ideas, Glitter
Tips, Encaustic Wax on Fabric, Flip Box Directions, Wood Grain Paper
Sample.* (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

May ‘96 Stamped Backgrounds and Borders

Jacksonville and more Alternative Artfest Shows, Rubber Baby Buggy
Bumpers, Uneeda Stamp, and Turtle Press catalog reviews, Pennsylvania
Store report, Review of Create Your Own Greeting Cards and Gift
Wrap, Encaustic Wax w/Watercolor and Stamps, More Wood Stamping
Ideas, Tips on Glass, Picture Frames, Charms, and Glue Pens, Square
Box Pattern, Spray Background Technique sample.* (44 pg, b/w & spot color)

Apr ‘96 Stamping on Wood

Layered Seed Packet
Pin Project. Alternative Artfest, Seattle stores, Stampacadabra and
ZimPrints catalog reviews, Marvy Matchables, Kaleidacolor Pads, Review
of Origami Animals, Embossing Powder Creep, Stamping with Metallics,
Hard to Glue Items, Vellum, Encaustic Wax Painting,Fabric Adhering,
Recycled Envelope Ideas, Waxed Tissue Paper sample.* (36 pg, b/w & spot color)

Mar ‘96 Stamping Magnets

Seed Packet Magnets, Laminator tips. HIA Show finds, IL stores, Moe Wubba and The Stamp Clinic reviews, Nasco, Rubber Stampsations’ Paper Corrugator, Intro to the Web, The Complete Guide to Greeting Card Design and Illustration Review, Fabric Adhering, Recycled Envelope Ideas, Dual Sided Box Pattern and Directions, Confetti Star Paper sample. (36 pg, b/w & spot color)

Feb '96 Cover Feb ‘96 Stamp Composition and Perspective

Easy Tips for Creating Depth and Balance. Perspective, Convention strategies, New Mexico store, Rubber Poetand Synergistics catalog reviews, Dick Blick, Wild-Fibers and Draggin Ink Templates mini-reviews, Review Cover to Cover, Colored
Pencil with chalks, Encaustic Art tips, Idele’s Spring Heart Pattern
and Directions. (36 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jan '96 CoverJan ‘96 Making Pop-Up Cards

Platform, Word, V-Fold, Flat Pop-up patterns and directions, Chicago convention, Hawaiian Store reports, Rubber Monger and Wizard of Ahs catalog reviews,
California Stampin and Gizmo’s update, Review of Paper Engineering,
Stamps as Palettes, Hinged pop-up sample.* (32 pg, b/w & spot color)

1995 Issues (volume 3: 1-12)

Dec‘95 Photocopy Fun

Last minute holiday Stamping ideas, Photo Phinish technique, NE and MO Stores, DreamInk, Limited Edition catalog reviews, Third Coast update, Review of Simply Marvelous Cards, Stamp Club Update Part 4, Petal Box Pattern, Special exotic
paper sample.* (32 pg, b/w & spot color)

Nov '95 CoverNov ‘95 Stamp Collage Techniques

MA store, Zum Gali Gali catalog review, Ranger Ink, More acrylic mounts, Creative Collage Techniques review, More Liquid Leather ideas, Stamped Barrettes, Contact Paper Envelopes, Stamp Club Update Part 3, Tri-Fold Card Directions, Clouded Vellum sample* (32 pg, b/w & spot color)

Oct ‘95 Texture Transfers

Dry Embossing, Rubbings, Faux Suede w/Liquid Applique, CA stores, COMOTION review, Ranger Inks and Powders, ZimMounts (acrylic), East Coast’s trading cards,Dee Gruenig booklet review, knock-out Stain Glass looks, Halloween
Puffy-Pin Directions, Webbed Background sample* (32 pg, b/w & spot color)

Sept '95 CoverSept ‘95 Finding Stamping Inspiration

WI store, Acme Ferret Co. review, color copying tips, decorative paper
ideas, Sheril Cunning book review update, more Web Sites, more organization
tips,Hinged Pop-Up Directions, Decorative Paper Pin sample* (28 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug ‘95 Stamping Letters

Stamped Stationery, UT, OK and England stores, Corner Rounder, Flute-It and Cascade pad reports, Web sites, Gift of a Letter, favorite pop-up and origami books, stamp record keeping, MacTac sheets, Portfolio Directions, Wonder Tape sample* (28 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jul ‘95 Rubber Stamp Clubs

Clubs: Organizing clubs, ideas, address list,) CA and NM stores, Stephanie Olin’s catalog review,more Sheril Cunning booklets, more organization/storage tips, avoiding fading samples, Binding Magazines into a Book, Paper Cord sample* (28 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jun ‘95 Foil Ideas

Becca’s Mecca catalog review, reviews of Decorative Paper and The Envelope Mill, laminator tips, embossing with markers, stamp organization tips, pin trading ideas, Slide Card, Laser Foiling sample* (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

May ‘95 Stamping on Containers

(Glass, metal, plastic, wood, paper,) NJ, VA stores, Toomuchfunreview, Hand-made Books and Japanese Bookbinding, Zim Decorator Ink, Letrajet tips, Embossed type, speckling brush, Rollataq Adhesive, Box and Bag Patterns, Duplex Paper Sample.* (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

Apr ‘95 Bookmaking

FL stores, fan book/card, flutter book/card, and scroll directions, Ries Productions
and Rubber Stampede catalog reviews, review of Make Your Own Rubber
Stamps. . .From Erasers?, computer ideas, rubber cement resist, masking
thin areas, indexing tips, stamp cleaning tips, using glitter sticker paper, glitter glue seals, decorative scissors tips, Frisk Mask sample.* (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

Mar ‘95 Stamping and Computers

Paint tube wringer (corrugator) update, shrink plastic pin/postoid,wood stamping idea, finger painted background, stamp organization, stamping placemats, Third Coast catalog review, Sheril Cunning booklet reviews, Mid-West stores, Standing Card Pattern, Wall Paper Sample* (background) (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

Feb‘95 Inks and Paints for Stamping

Choosing inks and paints, more mounting and indexing tips, poppers/bottles,
more artistamp tips, Impressions in Inc catalog review, Beyond the
Basics book review, FL stores, Polyhedron Pop-up Card, acrylic paint
sample* (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

Aug '96 CoverJan ‘95 Artistamps & Postage Stamps

Karv’d catalog, Draggin Ink Templates, Card Engineering book review, OR book storeand NY store, basic wood mounting/indexing, shoe stamping, polymer clay cautions,Pop-Up Tree card, more corrugated paper/wringer ideas, postoid sample* (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

1994 Issues (volume 2: 1-11)

Dec ‘94 Calendars

Metal stamping, clever add-ons, textured papers, CA stores, non-clingy embossing, wall paper backgrounds, tissue envelope ideas, hand corrugated paper sample* (paint tube wringer). (20 pg, b/w & spot color)

Nov '94 CoverNov ‘94 Stamped Pins

Pins: laminated, glitter paper, EnviroTex, Paper Clay, polymer clay, Friendly Plastic. More tissue envelopes, W Canada stores, drafting applique film, Accordion Fold Card, graphic tape sample* (20 pg, b/w & spot color)

Oct ‘94 Foam ideas

Gocco Printer, tissue envelopes, Stampaway, OH and PA stores, more spinner card ideas, embossed frame, appliquing w/napkins, 3D Window Card. (20 pg, b/w)

Sept '94 Cover
Sep ’94 Add-on embellishments

More explosion card ideas, acrylics, more borders and backgrounds,
cleaning solutions, more spinner card ideas, Pop-Up Clothesline Card. (20 pg, b/w)

Aug ’94 Intro to Mail Art

A Visit to Post Office, pictorial postmarks, CO store, sponging patterns,
circle cutter ideas, airbrushing w/found objects, transferring photos
w/blenders, Spinner card. (20 pg, b/w)

July ‘94 – Paper Dying

Mylar v acetate, photosensitive paper w/stamps, adhesive foam,
more borders, Photo card, MD/VA stores, dyed paper sample* (16 pg, b/w)

June ‘94 Eraser Carving Projects

Stamp carving from beginner to advanced, screened background, storage tips, HA stores, multi-color scratch paper sample* (16 pg, b/w)

May ‘94 Stamp & Supply Storage Strategies

Recycling Ideas, airbrushing glue, protecting stamp art without sprays, EnvelopePatterns, OR stores. (16 pg, b/w)

April ‘94 “Stain Glass” Ideas

Faux Standed Glass using paint, foil, vellum, mounting tips. More borders, embossed shapes, Explosion card pattern, FL stores, chalked sample* (16 pg, b/w)

Feb/Mar‘94 Background Ideas

Heart/ Valentine ideas and stamp versatility, Iowa stores, Sands of Time and Guzzle card. (16 pg, b/w)

Jan ‘94 Scene Stamping Techniques

Stamp a Scene: Depth, colors, scene elements, water, cropping. NM, TX stores. (16 pg, b/w)

1993 Issues (volume 1: 1-5)

Jul/Aug ’93 – Dec ‘93:

(Five very small black and white issues.)

Dec ’93: Specialty embossing ideas, metallics, glitter, chalk, paper cutting artist, stamping envy/insecurity, NY, FL stores, Rubber Band card.

Nov ’93: Holiday/snow ideas, sealing wax idea, Smithsonian (stamp history trivia, Postal Museum), VA store, embosser sample.

Oct ’93: Embossing with Marvies, embossing ink resist, easy bubble paper,misc. tips, VA store, Advent calendar.

Sept ’93: Fabric stamping, Stampaway demo tips, carving, IL stores, vellum transfer sample.

Jul/Aug ’93: Stampaway, MD/VA stamp stores, 3D hot glue/caulking, border tips, convention tips, dissolving circle pattern. (16 pg x5, b/w)