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A long time ago, before I discovered rubber stamps, I used to do needlepoint. There are all kinds of stitches in that type of needlework and one way to learn them is to create a sampler where you try out a whole bunch of stitches in one project. This butterfly is a bit like that. It is a Gelatos/Gel Sticks sampler of sorts, where I tried coloring on top of a surface colored with Gel Sticks with a bunch of different art mediums to see what happens. As you can see, some mediums worked nicely while others were less than brilliant. It is part of my preparation for the “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle that comes out next week (8/20/13.)

This butterfly admittedly looks a bit rough. The blue was created with two shades of Gel Sticks semi-blended with a wet brush on white cardstock. I stamped the butterfly (from Jim Stephen) in order to play around with using other art mediums on top of Gelatos or Gel Sticks. So the butterfly, stamped with black Memento ink, was colored in spots with alcohol ink markers, watercolor dye ink markers (and blender pens of both types) and pigment ink markers, as well as gel pens and a black Pitt artist pen.

Some of these art mediums worked fairly well over the Gel Stick covered surface. Others didn’t. Not surprisingly, the alcohol inks didn’t play well with the water-based pigment of Gel-Sticks, moving it rather than blending with it. But the gel pen and artist pen layered quite nicely. The watercolor marker layered OK but didn’t blend well on this surface; it has potential I think. Gotta experiment with that a bit more . . .

I’m not done playing with these. I’ll be making more samplers using other inks and art mediums and rearranging the layering to see how that changes things. Sometimes samplers like this create a mess. Sometimes you wind up with something you could actually use in a card. But either way, what you learn is worth taking the time!

Nancie, VSN

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