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Last Updated on May 1, 2019 by Nancie Waterman

If I Had a Flower

(Flowers – Hero Arts, Text – Stamp Oasis)

I was in my local big box craft supply store to purchase a supply I needed for an upcoming eArticle. I actually don’t usually buy a lot from the big craft stores normally; I’d rather support the smaller companies that cater to stampers especially. But I needed the supply and it was two miles down the road. Of course, once I was in the stamp supply aisle, my eyes wandered over to the stretch of stamps they had on display. And I couldn’t help myself. I purchased two sets of acrylic stamps and a cling cushion mounted Hero Arts stamp (the flowers above.) I didn’t exactly NEED these stamps. I have lots and lots (and lots) of stamps. But sometimes you just want something fresh.

Do you do this? Or do you plan out your purchases carefully? In the early days of stamping, you only rarely saw art stamps in a store and so you did most of your purchasing via mail order. You’d order a paper catalog in the mail. Then you’d go through it page by page, deciding on which stamps you wanted and which stamps you needed. I did a lot of swaps back then and I bought a lot of stamps based on the need for particular images for a particular swap. Some of those stamps never got used after that one swap, but I usually purchased them unmounted and so they only cost a a couple dollars or less.

These days I try to be more careful to pick stamps that I think I’ll get a lot of use from and/or fill a “need” in my stamp collection. So while the stamps I recently purchased were definitely an impulse buy, they were all silhouette type stamps rather than the more detailed realistic stamps I usually purchase. So they will help round out my collection a bit so I’ll have this type of stamp when I am doing particular types of projects . . . or at least that is my rationale here.

What is your approach to purchasing stamps? Do you buy online, via mail order catalog, in stamp stores, in big box stores or in conventions? Do you go looking for a specific image for a specific need or do simply purchase stamps that say, “take me home with you!” when you see them on display?

By the way, the card shown above was made with one of my acrylic paint backgrounds made with the Gelli Plate as seen in the “Gelli Plates and Stamps” eArticle. I stamped the flowers and the text on the background with black StazOn ink and used a white gel pen and gold Liquid Pearls to embellish the flowers just a bit.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I’m working on a new eArticle now, but I’m going to try something a little different this time around. I’m not ready to spill the beans on it just yet, but I will once it is ready – probably next month.

Nancie, VSN

4 thoughts on “Impulse Stamp Purchases

  1. I hardly ever get into a stamp store these days. But if I do, that same affect happens to me. My eyes wonder and I see all sorts of goodies I think I can use. And, like you, might get something very similar but still has a refreshing look to me which is part of the appeal. I am bad enough when it comes to internet shopping too. I should stay away from the computer some days. But, hey, that is part of the fun of a hobby we love. Buying fresh materials.

    1. Hi Verna, Part of my reasoning (rationalizing really) is that when you’ve had the same stamps for years, your cards start to look very similar because you keep using the same images. Adding some new images injects some life into things and keeps it more interesting. What I really OUGHT to be buying is more text/greeting stamps. I need a wider variety. I use computer generated text a lot for this reason, but sometimes you really want a text stamp . . . Nancie

  2. Bravo for you Nancie in using your Gelli Plate pulls…I have mine all cut and ready to go – certainly is a fun thing to match up with a stamp and your stamp choice is perfect for any background!!! Good job!
    I am truly trying to CUT BACK on buying on impulse….my first thought is do I already have something similar???? If so, go a couple of isles away and think about it before putting it in my basket – LOL! Same thing on-line – walk away and Maybe come back to it!

    1. Hi Janet, That is a good idea to walk away and come back if it keeps nagging away at the acquisition node in my brain (surely there is such a thing?)

      It’s kind of like the Christmas cookies. I have no desire for cookies except when they are actually IN MY HOUSE, in which case, I can’t stop eating them until they are gone. Then I don’t want them anymore. If I can walk out of the store, I’d probably be fine without the impulse purchase . . . but that said, I think I’m going to be enjoying these stamps and probably won’t regret them in the end. Nancie

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