Jan’s Laundry Room Stamping Area

Jan Castle Stamp Room

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been showing you my stamping area and how I store stamps and various related supplies. If you’ve been reading the Comments for these posts, you’ve seen several from Jan Castle whose stamping area is located in her laundry room.

Now, I have to admit that my own laundry area is in a dimly lit basement with cinder block walls and a cement floor and so I subconsciously had that picture in my mind when Jan described where she stamps, but that is completely wrong. Jan emailed me some pictures of her stamping space today and it is actually bright and welcoming and I think would be a very inviting place to stamp. Jan very kindly gave me permission to share her pictures here with you. I think you will agree that with some thought and planning, you can be inventive and make a great creative space wherever you can carve out room.

Jan Castle Stamp Room

Jan has used her space creatively to store supplies. Jan’s comment on “Keeping Stamping Supplies Close” blog post: “I just moved my pens, pencils, and markers sorted by type and stored them in ‘Lock and Lock’ plastic storage boxes on a shelf my husband put in above my washer and dryer and below the cabinets. It holds all eight containers, which are labeled. To see is to use – and since my space is so condensed, I can easily grab the box I want!

Jan Castle Stamp Room

“My brushes, stylus, Micron pens, etc. are stored in three metal mesh cubes from Staples and placed on another shelf 6″ deep by 3′ long that my husband built. It sits on top of my 7′ desk and is level with the 5′ window sill above my desk. The top of this shelf also holds an Ottlite, phone, and Copic Air Brush Compressor. The base of this shelf makes another shelf that holds my Silhouette Cameo and sits 1″ off the top of my 7′ desk.”

Jan Castle Stamp Room

“One end of the 7′ desk holds a computer tower, TV, another Ott-Lite, and my Tonic cutter. The other end of the desk holds my printer, and an acrylic wall stamp storage area. It is very compact, but [these are] things I see and will therefore use!”

Jan Castle Stamp Room

Jan adds, “The double cabinet at the end of my desk was originally a 12” deep pantry – now only the top shelf and part of the bottom shelf – the rest is my ‘stuff’!

Not all of Jan’s stamping supplies fit into her stamping area. Jan’s comment on “My Paper Storage” blog post: “Because my studio is also the laundry room, I have under my 7′ counter a three-drawer filing cabinet with the bottom drawer holding Pendaflex folders with samples of my most used plain colored papers. The bulk of my plain 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper is kept in metal containers (purchased from closing paper store) and stored in two tall cabinets (one for text weight and the other for cardstock cover weight) in my garage.”

“My 12″x12″ pattern paper is kept in stackable plastic paper holders (purchased from a closing scrapbook store) and stored in my 12′ long hall closet on shelves. (It also doubles as a linen closet on the very top shelves.) Two 3′ wide doors open to easily see what is stored on the shelves. All papers are stored by color. My paper pads are in my husband’s office in one of his lovely cabinets. I could switch some of the linens in the hall closet with the paper pads in hubby’s office. Now why didn’t think of that before now? LOL!”

“I am sooooo happy I decided on the front loaders for the washer and dryer — extra space to use on my machines! There is a 3′ door at each end of the room – one to the kitchen and the other to the front door and hallway and 5′ floor space from the desk to the washer/dryer. I have a ‘Solatube’ in my Studio over the washer/dryer area, so during the day when it is sunny, I get wonderful natural light over my shoulder.”

“It may be small, but it feels perfect and is a very handy area to create! Since I need to get up and move around, I do not mind going to the garage for my stamps stored on shelving, punches stored in cabinets, etc or to the 11′ hall closet which stores pattern cardstock and four boxes of embossing folders, etc. My husband keeps telling me to get up and move around!  Enjoy my world – I love it!  Jan”

Isn’t this a great space? In a perfect world, we would all have a separate room just for stamping and crafts, with plenty of storage space, a sink and lots of work space. But here in the real world, we have to fit our creativity in where we can. But compact space can be great!

Nancie, VSN

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  1. Jan, you have a wonderful area! Thank you Nancie for showcasing it! It goes to show you that you can make a creative space just for you and since you are often doing laundry you will be reminded to create at the same time. Well done both of you;) Keep up the storage/organizinf & craft space articles, I love them!

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