Let There Be Natural Light!

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Often, good lighting is not the first consideration when setting up a stamping area. If you are lucky enough to be able to design a dedicated stamping room from scratch, then you can plan in lighting, but for most of us, that is just a dream. We’ve got to create good light however we can manage it in the stamping area we have available.

Many stampers have craft areas in the basement without any natural light at all. I’m lucky that my stamping area is upstairs and I’ve been able to carve out space to work right next to a window. It is eastern light (northern is supposed to be the best for art) but it is not bad. So on sunny days, my light is pretty good and around eight o’clock in the morning it is absolutely gorgeous! But on grey days like today or when I want to stamp at night, the window doesn’t help. Neither do the few lonely light bulbs in the ceiling fixture across the room. That is where task lighting comes into play.

Many stampers are fans of OttLite lamps. Their full spectrum natural light bulbs show colors more accurately. You can sometimes find these lamps in craft stores. But if you already have a perfectly good lamp, you can often simply switch out their regular light bulbs with “full spectrum” or “natural light” bulbs. I have two desk lamps on my work area that have long, repositionable arms. I swapped the bulbs out for OttLite replacement bulbs quite a few years ago and have been pleased with the light they provide.

ott light bulbToday one of the bulbs burned out, so it was time to replace it again. Fortunately I already had a replacement bulb on hand (purchased at Michael’s a year or two ago on sale.) You need to be careful when you buy these things because they can differ in wattage and even on size within the same wattage. For example, before purchasing these 13W bulbs from Michael’s, I purchased bulbs online from Joann’s Fabrics. When the bulb arrived in the mail, I found it didn’t fit my lamp. The wattage was right, but the part of the bulb that plugged into the lamp was different and so would not fit and I had to return them. Finding them at a local store where I could take the old bulb along and compare the bases was reassuring!

What kind of light do you have in your work area? Do you have enough? If you could design your own work area, how would you light it?

Nancie, VSN

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  1. I have one Ott light over my Tonic cutter; one Ott light over my desk; two portable Ott lights to place where and when needed. The window over my desk is 5′ wide, but don’t get much sunlight because of a front porch. I also have a Solatube in the ceiling at my back when sitting at my desk. I would love to add another Solatube in the ceiling over the front side of my desk – even tho’ they are only good during daylight hours, it is amazing how much light they bring in! More cam lights (have 3 now)…and maybe even under cabinet lighting would be great! The more light the better!!! The older I get it seems the more light I need!
    Paper Hugs,

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