Messing With The Stamp Proportions

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Nancie Waterman

Too Many Books Card

(Books: Serendipity Stamps, Woman: Remarkable, Text: computer generated)

Due to my scene stamper background, I usually aim for realistic proportions when I choose images for a stamped card. If I want to use stamps of a person and a coffee cup, the stamped cup will be the right size to be realistically held in the hand of the stamped person. If the cup image I have is too large to look right in her hand, I’ll either reduce the cup image size or I’ll use perspective tricks to use the cup in a different way in the card or I’ll simply look for a different cup image. But sometimes it is fun to mix things up, play with image proportions and deliberately use images that don’t, at first glance, seem like they would work together.

Big Cup of Coffee Day Card

(Woman: Rosie’s Roadshow, Cup: The Stamping Zone, Text: computer generated)

Instead of going for realism, you can create fun cards by deliberating using an image that is much too big or much too small to look realistic with the other image(s) you are using. You might for example, use a coffee cup image that is bigger than the stamped person to show just how much coffee you feel you need today.

Moon and the Stars Card

(Hand: Karv’d, Stars: unknown, Moon: Kidstamps, Text: computer generated)

Or you might try using a large hand image to hold something like the moon or the sun that in reality would be much larger.  Or maybe stamp a hand the other way to cup something small in its palm that ought to be much larger.

Big Birthday Cake Card

(Woman: Rosie’s Roadshow, Text: East Coast Art Stamps, Text: computer generated)

Take a look at your stamps and how their sizes compare. Think about how you can play with the stamps you have, mixing and matching image sizes to stretch the ways you can use those images in stamped cards.

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