Metal & Faux Metal Techniques eArticle Updated

VSN Metal & Faux Metal Techniques eArticle Cover

I’ve got another VSN eArticle updated for you. The eArticle I chose to do this time, Metal & Faux Metal Techniques, is one of the oldest in the eArticle Library and the links in it to external websites needed a lot of work. Many had moved or disappeared. I fixed all of those, tracking down the new locations, deleting a few and adding a couple new ones. I also tweaked the text here and there where I thought I could make it better and updated the VSN info at the end.  The updated eArticle is now posted on VSN’s eArticle page.

If you access this eArticle by going to the site each time to read it online, then you’ll find the updated eArticle there to read the next time you visit. If you have saved this eArticle to your own computer to read offline, be sure to go to the eArticle page today and re-download it so you’ll have access to all the eArticle’s resources the next time you read it. This particular eArticle update has so many fixes that you really should be sure to get the updated copy!

While you are poking around online, be sure to also check out my new blog, Birdseed & Binoculars! This one is not about stamping, but if you also enjoy watching birds, I think you’ll like it.

I am reviewing all the eArticles in VSN’s eArticle Library to make sure each one is still up to date. I hope to get at least one done each week, so watch for more updated eArticles in coming weeks. I started with a few of the most popular eArticles and am now working through them in no particular order. I’ll make a note on the eArticle page next to each updated eArticle and I’ll post a note here too, so you’ll know when each one is done. If you have a request that I do any particular eArticle sooner rather than later, please leave a comment below.

Nancie, VSN

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