Moving VSN’s Content Just a Little Bit

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Stamped images colored with colored pencils.

For the past week I’ve been working on making some changes to VSN’s website. This is a site about stamping and not computers so I won’t get into all the geeky reasons why. Here is what you need to know:

Almost all of the content of VSN’s original website has been moved into the envelope of the stamping blog side of the site. Basically I’ve combined the two areas into a single WordPress site (plus the second WP blog about bird watching.) It’s more streamlined and I think it’ll be easier for you to use. The original VSN home page still exists for the time being for technical reasons, but that page has the links to get you to the right place. If you want to skip straight to the new home page, use this link: Welcome to VSN.

The pdf versions of eArticles should now download to your computer rather than open in your browser. (The epub and mobi versions always behaved like this.) Use this link to go to the new eArticle Library page where all of VSN’s free Stamping Technique eArticles have been re-located. You will now find the mini eArticles for beginning stampers on the Stamping Basics page.

Whenever you move a lot of files around, it is inevitable that something breaks, usually resulting in bad links. I THINK I’ve avoided that, but if I missed something and you happen to stumble on it, please give me a heads up in the Comments below or via the Contact Form and I’ll get it fixed for you right away.

Feedback, as always is welcome.

Good Wishes,

Nancie, VSN

5 thoughts on “Moving VSN’s Content Just a Little Bit

  1. Leave it to you to put in all of the hard work to get it right! Life in the details, always! I hope this finds you well, and think of you…I still have so many envelopes from issues past, and especially cherish those addressed originally to my dear friend Shirley who told me all about you. Warm Regards…

    1. Hi Robin, A familiar name! Nice to hear from you. LOL. Yep that is me all right. I still have a bunch of large blank envelopes in my basement from those days. I really should try and think of something creative to do with them! Maybe after the holidays . . . Good wishes, Nancie

  2. WOW…so happy to hear from you. When I switched from a PC to a MAC and also changed my e-mail, I lost track of you. What a nice surprise to get this posting from you Nancy! Hope I can remain on your Blog list!!!
    Paper Hugs,

    1. Hi Jan, Great to hear from you. I made the switch from PC to MAC a few years ago too and love it. It’s easy for things to get left behind in a digital move though. I was actually thinking of you just yesterday. I went through all the previous VSN blog posts to update any links so they wouldn’t lead people astray and I came across your post (from way back in 2013!) about your laundry room stamping area. How cool is that? Good wishes, Nancie

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