My Paper Storage

Paper Storage

Earlier this week, I showed you how I am storing my stamps. Today I thought I’d show you how I am storing my paper. Most of the paper I regularly use is 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, but I also have both smaller and larger pieces that need to be stored.

These paper sorters were purchased from an office supply store and are a fairly typical way that stampers store paper. If you have the space for these, it is a great way to store 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Because the paper is stored flat, it doesn’t tend to get bent. Although it is open storage, I don’t find that my papers get dusty and the sorter is not in a sunny spot so the paper doesn’t fade. Obviously, if you use a lot of larger scrapbook sized papers, they won’t fit in a unit like this, but you can usually find scrapbook storage units at craft stores.

The first two and a half columns are solid colored papers sorted by color. The rest of the third column is pre-printed, marbled and other patterned paper. (I don’t have a lot of pre-printed papers because I tend to make my own background papers.) The fourth column, which is actually two small sorters stacked, have specialty papers like vellum, corrugated paper, novelty paper, etc.

My current crafting main work surface is about three steps away, so it is easy to pick out paper while I work. This paper sorter row also marks the boundary between the craft area part of my room and the office area of my room. I put some cork tiles on the back of the bigger paper sorter to serve as a bulletin board for my desk.

Paper Storage

These two IRIS units are about a step away from the paper sorters. At times I’ve used the tops as working surfaces, but recently I’ve been using them to set out supplies close to my work area. It’s really not as chaotic as it appears in this picture and it is really convenient to have these supplies a step away from my work area.

Each IRIS unit has three large drawers. On this side I store paper pads (like watercolor paper pads, drawing paper pads or marker paper pads), background papers I’ve made and odd bits of stamping that could become part of a future project. The bottom drawer holds rows of smaller papers like postcards, folded blank cards, ATCs, bookmarks and envelopes.

The three drawers on the other side hold fabric, larger pre-printed paper, tissue paper, rolls of contact paper, bookcloth, etc. These large drawers work fairly well for these things, keeping them clean and neat and out of the sun so they don’t fade. You just need to avoid packing too much into a drawer so the papers don’t get crumpled.

I also have a large basket that sits on the floor that is filled with rolls of really big pieces of paper. That isn’t the most ideal storage as it can get dusty. I’m tempted to cut the rolled paper down to more workable sizes so they can be stored in the drawers. (I’d probably use it more often too!)

Both the paper sorters and the IRIS units were purchased years ago. I don’t claim that they are original or unique storage solutions; you may have some yourself. I find that every few years, I need to reorganize my craft area to make it work better. My stamping interests and supplies continue to evolve and I still seem to keep acquiring more supplies, but these basic storage units are flexible enough that I can continue to use them. I may take everything out, move them somewhere else, rearrange them and put different things in them, but they continue to be useful.

How do you store your paper?

Nancie, VSN

7 thoughts on “My Paper Storage

  1. Because my Studio is also the laundry room, I have an under my 7′ counter 3-drawer filing cabinet with the bottom drawer holding Pendaflex folders with samples of my most used plain colored papers. The bulk of my plain 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper is kept in metal containers (purchased from closing paper store) and stored in 2 tall cabinets (one for text weight and the other for card stock cover weight) in my garage. My 12″x12″ pattern paperis kept in stackable plastic paper holders (purchased from a closing scrapbook store) and stored in my 12′ long hall closet on shelves (also doubles as a linen closet on the very top shelves)…Two 3′ wide doors open to easily see what is stored on the shelves. All papers are stored by color. My paper pads are in my husband’s office in one of his lovely cabinets. I could switch some of the linens in the hall closet with the paper pads in hubby’s office….now why didn’t think of that before now-LOL!
    Paper Hugs,

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