My Spray Paint, Fixative & Odds and Ends Storage

Spray Storage

Over the past month or so I’ve shown you most of the now-neat-and-tidy storage spaces in my stamping area, but there are a few areas I’m still working on sorting out. This is today’s bit of work: storage for the big stuff like big cans of spray paints, fixatives, varnish and adhesives, as well as large rolls of freezer paper, plastic wrap and wax paper, left-over wall paint samples, wood stain and tubs of wallpaper adhesive and other bulky odds and ends. Hey, not everything will fit into an IRIS drawer!

Spray Storage

Ok, this is embarrassing but this is the before picture. Can you see why I hated to open this cabinet? It was like one of those bad TV sit-coms where a woman opens the closet door and everything falls out on her!

Spray Storage

So what to do? First, of course, I needed to take everything out and measure it. Then I picked up this Sunbeam “Long Stacking Shelf” from the grocery store. It is 22 1/2″ long by 10″ wide and 8 1/4″ high. It is stackable, but this space couldn’t accommodate another one stacked. It was $11.99.

Spray StorageBetter don’t you think? The rack really makes a big difference. It’s not a perfect solution. While the package says it is “heavy duty”, it will sag in the center if you put too much weight on it. It sagged ever so slightly on me but I positioned two stacked boxes on the bottom as a center support and that took care of it. A shelf with a support in the center or one made of wood would be sturdier, but this will do the trick for me, so I’m sticking with it.

Almost everything went back into the space except for the cardboard mailing tubes, a dried up jar of ancient chalk board paint and a box of empty plastic containers. Not bad I think.

This space by the way, is under the thread display case where I store many of my stamps. (See “My Stamp Storage” blog post.) Many years ago, it started its life in our house as an inexpensive TV stand. It has a shelf above this for a VHS tape player. (It was a LONG time ago!) This area was meant for storing VHS tapes. These days, the thread display stamp storage is on top of it and I’m using the shelf in between to hold cushion and unmounted stamps that I still need to put on cushion. Once I’m done with that project, I’ll use that shelf for something else.

Do you have any storage areas that are catch-all’s for the things that don’t have anywhere else to go? How did you solve the problem?

Nancie, VSN

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3 thoughts on “My Spray Paint, Fixative & Odds and Ends Storage”

  1. Yes…hate to admit it, but I do have things that need to be stored where they belong…they reside in a Xerox paper box! My husband marked the box: ‘Jan’s Stuff’….hope to tackle it as soon as the Oregon State Fair is over!!!
    Your cabinet looks wonderful Nancie! (Can you share how you make your days 36 hours long…it has to be that long for you to get sooooooo much done!)
    Paper Hugs,

    1. Hi Jan, LOL. Wish I could make days 36 hours long . . . Usually in the past when I’ve cleaned up/reorganized my craft area, I’ll attack it in two or three long days, get tired of the process and then stuff things out of sight and call the job done. It looks better for a little while but then devolves into mess again fairly quickly.

      This time around I’m doing it in little bitty chunks – one cabinet this week, maybe a few drawers next week . . . And I’m forcing myself to empty out EVERY drawer and shelf along the way and not allowing myself to just gloss by it thinking, “That drawer is OK.” I’m finding that the “OK” drawers really aren’t. There always seem to be things in there that don’t belong, products that have dried up and need to be tossed or supplies that could be better stored a different way.

      Anyway, I’m still chipping away at it. I’m really happy with the process and how my craft area is working now. I’m using some supplies I haven’t used in YEARS and it’s so much nicer to work when you can actually find things easily. It’s worth taking the time.


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