My Stamp Area Floor Plan

Stamp Area Floorplan

It occurred to me yesterday when I was trying to describe where my new detail coloring and cutting station is located, that while I have posted lots of pictures from various angles, I have never actually put up a floor plan of my stamping area. So I thought I’d post one today.

My stamping area is a little over a quarter of a large room in my home. As you can see in the diagram above, my office area is right next to my stamping area, making it convenient when I’m working on an eArticle or blog post. (I can work out a technique in the stamping work area and then just walk a few feet to my desk to write about it.) The combined stamping and office area that you see here is about 21 1/2 feet across and 11 feet deep. So that makes my stamping area about eleven feet by eleven feet plus the extra new coloring station that is about two and a half feet long in my office area. (Note: The other half of this room used to be my husband’s office area and some catch-all storage, but he’s moved his office to another part of the house and we are turning it into an exercise area.)

If you’d like to read about specific sections of my stamping area, I’ve posted about most of what you see here. Click on STORAGE in the blog tag cloud in the right column (or STUDIO under categories) to find the posts.

If you are viewing this on a smart phone or tablet, the text in the picture above is bound to look pretty small. If you click on the picture on a larger screen you’ll probably be able to see a bigger picture with larger text.  Here are a few closeup pictures that might help you see it better:

Stamp Area Floorplan

(Close up of bottom left section of Stamping Area floor plan.)


Stamp Area Floorplan

(Closeup of center area of Stamping Area floor plan.)


Stamp Area Floorplan

(Closeup of right area of Stamping Area floor plan.)

The Stamping Area section of the room is a decent sized place although not huge, but a lot fits into it. I hope this helps you visualize it.

Nancie, vSN

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    1. Hi Jan, It really does work well. What I use most is close but I also have lots of horizontal space where I can set things temporarily. That helps keep my workspace from getting too crowded. It’s kind of cobbled together but it works. Nancie

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