My Sticky RSM Glue Article!

RSM Magazine Glue ArticleI got something nice in today’s mail: the Summer issue of Rubberstampmadness magazine. On page 21 – 23 is an article I wrote called, “Choosing the Right Glue; Sticky Solutions to Your Adhesive Problems.” I’ve written thousands of articles over the past twenty years of course, but usually I’ve written them for VSN. I think this is the first one I’ve written for someone else. I hope you’ll check it out. RSM’s Summer issue just came out, so it ought to be showing up in subscriber mailboxes and stores that sell RSM right about now. Other articles in the issue look at “Bugs & Blooms” and “Self Portraits” and “Spin Art”.

I wrote this article back in early December, so looking at it five months later gives me that surreal feeling you get when it has been a while between when you write something and read it. I actually felt almost lazy about it to be honest, as all I had to do was write the text. The folks at RSM did the editing and layout and provided the pictures. I’m not used to that! LOL  ~Nancie

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