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I ordered some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White (80#) last week from Marco’s Paper after several stampers highly recommended it to me. It arrived in yesterday’s mail. (I placed my order on the morning of 8/29 online. They shipped it by early afternoon and I received it by 8/31. Speedy!) I put this cardstock to the same tests as I did with other white cardstock/paper on in my recent “Searching For the Best White Cardstock For Stamping” and “Same Papers, Different Inks” blog posts. Here are the results.

The first thing I noticed is that the ink intensity seemed to be increased on the Neenah cardstock as compared to the Strathmore Premium Cover Ultimate White (80#). This seemed to be true for all inks I used for stamping. The intensity of color was more similar to stamping on Kromecoat glossy white cardstock. (Note: Girl stamp is from Gotcha Images.)

Both the Neenah and Strathmore cardstocks are very smooth to the touch. (I don’t think I could tell them apart by touch with my eyes closed.) They are both very white, although the Neenah seems just a bit whiter to my eyes (when I look at them under natural light.)

I think the Neenah picked up more detail on most of the inks – especially the Antiquities pigment ink and Versafine archival pigment ink. The Distress Ink looked less blotchy. The Ancient Page ink filled in the details a bit more on this paper. Ranger Archival and StazOn were about the same on both papers.


(Above: Here I’ve stamped on Neenah Classic Crest using Stewart Superior India Ink Black, Ranger Archival Jet Black and Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black. The yellow moons are Marvy watercolor marker. The tan sun is Distress ink. The yellow sun at top left is Conte pastel pencils. The blue is Derwent watercolor pencil. The shoulder is Prismacolor regular markers and Lyra skintones. The brown strand of hair and orange sun is also Prismacolor. Please note that coloring is rough and unblended. Stamp: Time To Stamp)

All of the art mediums I tried on this paper did very nicely. Please note that it can be tricky to accurately show colored pencil coloring on a scan of an original. This picture makes the colored pencil look uneven and streaky and it actually is fairly smooth, but the scans in the previous post had the same issue. I still like smooth watercolor paper better for colored pencil because the paper has more tooth and also lets you build up more color, but I did find the Neenah Classic Crest  easier to color with colored paper than the Strathmore Premium Cover. So I think this is a paper I’d be comfortable using to stamp and then color in with colored pencil. I did notice that the marker ink, like the stamping ink, seems a bit more intense on this paper. The marker ink did not bleed; it stayed where I put it.

You’ll probably notice that all my coloring is rough and I did not attempt any blending using either blender pens or water. I really was focusing on how the paper took the stamping ink and how initial coloring with various mediums worked. Playing around with blending color and watercolor techniques on various papers will be an experiment for another day.

Nancie, VSN


5 thoughts on “Neenah Classic Crest Paper Tests

  1. You already know how I feel about the Neenah, and let me say from lots of experience, Marco’s the company and all the folks who run it are the best!
    I gladly pay a bit more to support the businesses who up close and personal support craft and crafters.
    They have a retail location, excellent online store with fast service and phone customer support, and you can meet them at many of the large consumer shows around the country.

    1. Hi forrestwife, I agree. I admit that I have a bias toward Marco’s Paper because they carried VSN for many years. (I think it says something about a store when they are willing to carry a small niche magazine like VSN; they look beyond the obvious to try and bring more to their customers.) But beyond that, I’ve ordered from them twice in the past month and have gotten my order very quickly both times, which makes my impatient soul happy! They have a very deep paper selection too. Nancie

    1. Hi Denise, Not a dumb question. It is an unmounted stamp I got years ago from Gotcha Images. I’m not sure what the company’s current status is. I just tried their web site link and it has an “undergoing updates, we will be back soon” notice on it. If you Google just Gotcha Images, you will get a photo site, but if you Google Gotcha Images Rubber Stamps, you’ll get related links. There seems to be a yahoo list site with email links if you want to try emailing the owner. Good luck! Nancie

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