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Specialty Card Folds eArticle Cover

Specialty Card Folds eArticle CoverHave you checked out VSN’s brand new eArticle? This one is on “Specialty Card Folds: Cards with More Than One Fold.” I think you are really going to like this one. The pdf version of the eArticle has 72 half-sized pages and covers:

  • Folding Basics (Scoring, Fold Types, Joining Panels and Allowing For Fold Thickness.)
  • Tri-Fold Cards (including Slanted Panel, Stepped Panel and Angled Panel variations).
  • Twisted Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards
  • Easel Cards and Twisted Easel Cards
  • Closed Gate Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards with a Flap
  • Triangle Tri-Fold Cards
  • Double-Gate Cards
  • Iron Cross Cards
  • Accordion or Concertina Cards
  • and Double ZigZag Cards
tri-fold open
Barb Benson (Slanted Tri-Fold Variation)

I did this eArticle a little differently than you might expect. Usually card construction tutorials show you how to create a specific card size and shape. This is great if that is exactly the size and shape you are after, but what if you need to change it up a bit? Maybe instead of 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″, you want it to be 4″ x 6″. Or maybe you want it to be a square card. Or you want it to be a non-square card? How do you adjust the measurements so that a particular card still works?


Easel Card
Nancie Waterman (Easel Card)

In this eArticle, we explore how different cards work so you really understand their requirements. After most of the eArticle’s card sections, I include a chart with sample card sizes and the cut and fold measurements you’ll need for each. This makes it very flexible to create exactly the card you want. I don’t list every possible size. (That would be endless and impossible.) But I list enough that you can see the pattern on how you would need to adjust the measurements to create that card in a different card size. I’ll admit that figuring this stuff out tied my brain in knots in a few cases, but figuring it out is worth while and should save you some trouble!

You’ll probably notice that I made quite a lot of the card samples for this eArticle too. This isn’t because I’m on some ego trip and want to show off my stamping skills. It’s just because I haven’t been getting as many card submissions as I used to get for the print magazine so I’ve had to do more of the artwork myself. I have mixed feelings about this. While I miss seeing the artwork from long time contributors and it is more work to create more cards for an eArticle (especially more elaborate cards like some of the cards in this particular eArticle), I am enjoying the card making process. I’ve completed lots of cards in recent months and have been giving my stamps a good work out, so that is a definite silver lining. (The next eArticle is on “Brayer Techniques”. If you would like to contribute something to this one, please do! You’ll find details on how to do it on the “Get Published” page.)

I hope you will take a peek at the new eArticle and that it will inspire you to go beyond the more typical one fold card to create some exciting multi-fold card formats! Have fun!   ~Nancie

Accordion Fold Card Open
Nancie Waterman (Accordion Fold Scene)




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  1. Another wonderful source of information for card crafters. Thanks to you and all the sponsors. I have it saved on my computer now.

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