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VSN’s newest FREE eArticle, “Gelli Plates & Stamps” has just been posted on the website. Don’t have a Gelli Plate or don’t know what it is? Don’t let that stop you. This eArticle will help you decide whether this is a tool that you want to add to your wish list!

The Gelli Arts Gel Plate (aka “Gelli Plate”) is a wonderful tool for stampers. You can use it to create backgrounds, collages and layered cards. Easier to use than a traditional gelatin plate because you don’t have to make the plate from scratch each time, a Gelli Plate is a lot of fun and also a great way to use up excess acrylic craft paints that you don’t want just drying up in your craft stash.

This eArticle introduces Gelli Plates with their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if this is a tool you want to purchase. It looks the supplies you’ll need (you probably already have them), including commercial and homemade tools to create texture and pattern, types of paint and the surfaces you can use with a gel plate. It also covers tips for setting up your work area and how to clean and store your gel plate.

Techniques include Basic Prints, Removing Paint (Stencils, Dry Embossed Paper, Soft Art Combs, Homemade Combs, Sea Sponges, Soft Tools), Masking Strategies, Using Stamps (Directly on the Plate, Removing Paint with a Stamp, Adding Paint with a Stamp, Stamp As Mask, Masking a Stamp Image, Water-Based Paint Resist, Permanent Paint or Ink on Top), and Embellishing a Dry Monotype (Adding Color, Doodling).

65 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and is also printable! (pdf version.) Color photos of technique steps. 14 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

Nancie, VSN

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Nancie Waterman

Nancie Waterman created and self published Vamp Stamp News magazine for nearly twenty years. These days, Nancie creates and posts monthly eArticles on stamping topics on the Vamp Stamp News website (

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  1. Nancie,
    Wonderful article, as usual. You’ve done a complete treatment of the subject and it looks like you had fun playing with the plate. The examples are beautiful. I wasn’t sure I was going to want to try this, but you’ve convinced me – it looks like fun and the results are outstanding. Thanks.

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