New Sponge and Brush Techniques eArticle Will Post SOON!

 Sponge and Brush Artwork

The new Sponge & Brush Techniques For Stampers eArticle will be posted in an hour or two. We had a power outage yesterday afternoon (the high heat seems to be getting to BGE lately) and so I didn’t get the final eArticle layouts and tweaks done until this morning.

But we are back on track and I should have the website and shopping cart set up to include the new eArticles very soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share another sponged card from the eArticle. (It kind of expresses my week! LOL) The man is from Bartholomew’s Ink and the text is from Toomuchfun Rubber Stamps.

I hope that your weekend is very unstressed and that you will soon be enjoying the newest VSN eArticle!

Nancie, VSN

4 thoughts on “New Sponge and Brush Techniques eArticle Will Post SOON!

    1. Thanks Jan! I’ve just finished getting everything uploaded and sent out the emails and posts, etc to let everyone know the eArticle is now up, so that is making me feel more relaxed already! Nancie

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