New Watercolor Crayon Techniques eArticle POSTED!

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Watercolor Crayon Techniques for Stampers

VSN’s Newest FREE eArticle, “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” has now been posted on the website. Are you ready to be inspired?

In the world of rubber stamps, watercolor crayons don’t get a lot of love. There is something about a crayon, with its association with the scribbled art of our childhoods, that can keep us from giving watercolor art crayons the respect they deserve. But these handy little sticks of pigment can be used in many different ways in stamping. The results can be bright and beautiful!

This eArticle introduces watercolor crayons and looks at surfaces where you might use them. Techniques include:

  • Coloring and Blending Dry (Smudging, Layering and Sgraffito)
  • Using With Regular Wax Crayons (Wax Crayon Resists)
  • Coloring Dry and Then Blending Wet
  • Heat Embossed Resists
  • Coloring on a Palette or Craft Sheet (Paint, Monoprint, Embossed Lines, Stencils)
  • Touch and Paint (Waterbrush & Blender Pen)
  • Coloring Wet (2 Techniques)
  • Coloring on a Stamp (3 Techniques)
  • Using the Shavings

52 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and it is also printable! (pdf version.) Color photos of technique steps. 17 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered. Also available in epub and Kindle mobi file versions for stampers who would like to read this on tablets or Kindle Readers.


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