Pegboard + IRIS = Storage

Pegboard Storage

Yesterday evening, thanks to some husbandly assistance, I got my Rollagraph wheels, handles and accessory storage set up. First, you should know that I don’t have a lot of wall space in my craft area – probably about six feet total and it is in a corner. The thread display unit on a re-purposed TV stand and the paper sorter on a chest of drawers that I showed you the other day (where I am storing stamps) pretty much use up all the wall space I’ve got. So I’ve always had to be inventive about creating vertical storage space.

Like a lot of stampers, I invested in a lot of IRIS plastic drawer carts and desktop drawer units a number of years ago. They are handy for so many things. Similar units tend to be found in places that sell office supplies. Some have big deep drawers, some have shallow small drawers and some have a mix of the two.

Pegboard Storage

A number of years ago, my craft area was set up very differently (see the July ’00 VSN feature article on organizing crafting space.) My work area was in the middle of the room and I needed a place to hang tools I use often. It occurred to me that putting pegboard on the sides (and back) of a desktop IRIS drawer unit would be the answer. Now that I’m no longer producing VSN, I no longer have a really large mail processing machine that used to sit next to the window. At first I set up this space with stations for things like my Xyron machine and corner rounder, etc. But gradually I’ve come to like stamping next to the window, so in my most recent reorganization, I’ve made this my main work area. And so, the pegboard covered IRIS unit came too. You can see it in this early morning picture.

The back side of this unit is now next to the window and so is no longer as useful in this arrangement. I’ve got a few large paintbrushes and hole punches still on it, but not much else. The other side used to hold my brayers, but I’ve moved them.

Pegboard Storage

This weekend, I got my husband Jim to put two more pieces of pegboard on the sides of another IRIS desktop storage unit that sits eight inches to the left of the first unit. He used half inch screws to secure the pegboard to the hard plastic frame of the unit.

Pegboard Storage

As you can see, it holds sixteen wheels plus a plastic basket where I’ve got the ink cartridges and cartridge re-inkers. (I kept the original indexed paper wrappers on the wheels, re-taping them so they fit loosely over the wheels. This makes it both easier to find the wheel I want and less likely that they will get dusty.)

Note: In my blog post a week or so ago about Rollagraph Serendipity Backgrounds, I asked if anyone had suggestions for storing Rollagraph wheels. Lindsay Weirich suggested a post she had on her Frugal Crafter blog about how she stored her wheels on nails in a calendar holder frame. It occurred to me that I could do something similar with pegboard and pegboard straight hooks.

Pegboard Storage

Across from the wheels, on the first unit, where I used to store my brayers, I’ve got an adhesive wheel, two handles and some bits and pieces. I also decided to move the hole punches from around on the back side to this piece of pegboard. And I’ve got a plastic bag of Clearsnap ColorToolBox Stylus tips hung here too.

Pegboard Storage

The wheels slide onto 2 1/2″ straight peg hooks. I needed quite a few of them. I first tried Lowes for the hardware but they only sold them in assortment sets with only five of the straight peg hooks in each set plus a bunch of other sizes and shapes that I didn’t need. So I tried Ace Hardware where I was able to purchase them by themselves in packs of five.

Pegboard Storage

The handle rests on a double hook, making it easy to take it on and off the pegboard.

Pegboard Storage

I’ve also got some black plastic pieces to anchor hooks in place. Sometimes pegboard hooks come with these and sometimes not. (You can purchase them separately too.) The anchors keep the peg hooks from popping out when you take something off them. Not all the hooks need the plastic anchors. I only put them on if I find a particular hook needs it to stay in place.

Pegboard Storage

So where did my brayers go? I moved them to the other side of this second IRIS drawer unit. The space between the unit and the paper sorter unit where I store my stamps is only about three inches, but that’s enough to fit in the brayers. These are mostly on loop pegboard hooks that I bought back in 2000, although I used a couple curved hooks to hold extra rollers stored in zipper topped plastic bags. I stored the brayers I use most often near the front and the top row so they are easy to access.

Gotta love pegboard. Handy stuff. I like that it is flexible too. I can easily take hooks off and move things around to make room for more or to store something else if I change my mind. My stamping interests evolve over time and the things I need to store evolve too, so I lean toward flexible storage that can evolve with me.

I hope this is helpful to you too! Nancie, VSN

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  1. Only wish I had the space in my Studio (laundry room) to have a space for peg board…will have to take a look behind the door again and measure to see if my brayers might fit!!!! TFS Nancie!
    Paper Hugs,

    1. Jan – Yes, definitely check it out. There are lots of things that can be hung on pegboard that don’t need much depth: brayers, decorative scissors, hole punches, rulers, paintbrushes, etc. I sharp scissors don’t need much depth either but I’m not sure about putting them on the back of a door that moves . . . Nancie

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