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Nancie's Powdered Pigment ArtI hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend and have had a chance to get your fingers a bit inky. This is a simple card I made last week using one of the techniques in the “Powdered Pigment Techniques” eArticle that will be posted this coming Thursday (6/20/13.) In the scan, you can see the copper color of the card, but not the metallic shimmer of the mica powder. It uses a oak leaf stamp from PSX, Pearl Ex (Super Copper) and VersaMark ink on white and black cardstocks.

Typically in the eArticles, I try to include at least one piece of artwork using each major technique. When I put an eArticle together, first I put in artwork submitted by readers. Then I look and see which techniques still need sample artwork and put together additional cards to fill the need. That is why you’ll usually see several cards by me; I’m just trying to make sure everything is covered.

To create the needed artwork, I usually will go back through the odds and ends of things I made while I was photographing the various technique steps and then put them together into cards. It’s kind of a funny way to work, because I’m not starting with a particular result in mind; instead I’m starting with a bunch of pieces and playing around with them to see how they might go together.

So this card, for example, was the result of me working through a particular technique a few times and layering the results. We got a lot of rain last week when I was doing the photos and I didn’t realize until I started to put together the artwork from my bits and pieces a few days later that I was using a lot of copper and orange and rust and black, which are not usually the colors I reach for. I think the dark rainy weather was influencing my color choices subconsciously.

Watch for the eArticle with about fourteen different ways to use powdered pigments in your stamp art!

~ Nancie

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Nancie Waterman created and self published Vamp Stamp News magazine for nearly twenty years. These days, Nancie creates and posts monthly eArticles on stamping topics on the Vamp Stamp News website (http://www.vampstampnews.com)

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