Quick Stamped Box Labels

Stamped Box Label

You know, I’m not sure I really get why spring is the time for cleaning house. To me, January is the month to get things organized, dusted and cleaned out. It just seems like a natural to take down the Christmas decorations and then straighten everything up. But just because you are cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t get your stamps involved right?

Over the past week or two I’ve been busy pulling things out of dusty corners of closets and off of the far back edges of shelves so that I can see what I’ve got, reorganize it and put it all back neatly and hopefully in a more logical way.

I save boxes and put some to work in my latest round of organizing. This box started its life holding canning jars with one of those cardboard honeycomb divider kind of things inside to keep the jars separate. Here I am re-using it to store extra batteries, sorting the various battery sizes inside the nine sections inside the box, with a few extension cords tucked in as well. But if you put a box like this on a shelf above eye-level, will you remember what is in it? Maybe, but will your husband or kids know what you’ve tucked in that box? Probably not, even if you’ve told them! So you need a label.

I think of stamps as tools. They don’t have to be ONLY used to make greeting cards. So I stamped out the label using alphabet stamps. This particular label needed to be big, so I used an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of white label from the office supply store, stamped the letters in black ink (Stewart Superior’s India Ink Black to be specific), gave it a minute to dry and then colored in the letters with a green alcohol ink marker (Copic). Then I cut the label to size and slapped it on the box. Depending on the size of your alphabet letters and the length of your text, you might be able to use smaller sized labels.

Yes, this took longer than if I had handwritten the label, but not more than five minutes and isn’t this so much more fun? It actually was probably faster than if I had typed up the labels on my computer and printed them out. To make it really quick and easy, I purposely stamped the letters hither and thither so I didn’t have to take time to line things up. (One of my favorite text stamping strategies.)

Ok, now I’m going back to stamping some more labels for more boxes around the house . . ..

Nancie, VSN

3 thoughts on “Quick Stamped Box Labels

  1. Great Idea for being sure to find what you are looking for on the shelves above your head!!! Good job Nancie!

    1. Hi Gigi, I tend to do that too. Labels really seem like a natural for computers. But you know, it can be really a pain sometimes to line up text on labels. I know labels often come with templates and/or templates are built into word processing software, but I still always have to print a few test sheets on regular paper first to make sure I’ve got it right. And you have to load the labels into your printer and convince your printer to be nice about printing on them. If you are simply stamping them instead, it’s more direct and much quicker. And you get to color. What’s not to like? Ha! Nancie

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