Specialty Card Folds eArticle Updated

Specialty Card Folds
VSN’s Specialty Card Folds eArticle

I think of all the eArticles I wrote for VSN, this one is the one I’m most proud of. It covers a ton of different card folds to get you out of the single-fold-card rut. But it’s not just a string of card directions. It’s all about explaining how each card works with lots suggestions for creating variations by doing things like cutting or folding the card just a little differently. You can make most of the cards in any of several different card sizes using measurement charts I provide, but I also explain what you need to do to create your own custom size if you like. It’s very cool. It’s also the the most downloaded eArticle in VSN’s eArticle Library, so it’s not just me that likes it!

I just checked all of the links inside the Specialty Card Folds eArticle and found a couple going to external internet sites that needed a tweak (including a YouTube video that is no longer available.)  I’ve fixed these and also updated some of the info about VSN at the end. The updated eArticle is now posted on VSN’s eArticle page.

If you access this eArticle by going to the site each time to read it online, then you’ll find the updated eArticle there to read the next time you visit. If you have saved this eArticle to your own computer to read offline, be sure to go to the eArticle page today and re-download it so you’ll have access to all the eArticle’s resources the next time you read it. And if you haven’t yet read this eArticle, get it today so you can make some really cool multi-fold cards!

I am reviewing all the eArticles in VSN’s eArticle Library to make sure each one is still up to date. I hope to get at least one done each week, so watch for more updated eArticles in coming weeks. I am starting with the most popular eArticles and then will work through them in no particular order. I’ll make a note on the eArticle page next to each updated eArticle and I’ll post a note here too, so you’ll know when each one is done. If you have a request that I do any particular eArticle sooner rather than later, please leave a comment below.

Nancie, VSN

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