Sponge & Brush Techniques eArticle Is Now Posted!

Sponge and Brush Technique pdf COVER

VSN’s newest FREE eArticle, “Sponge & Brush Techniques for Stampers” has now been posted on VSN’s website and on the Online Shopping Cart. Whew! This eArticle has a really broad topic (I’ve gotta learn not to do that!) and so there is a TON of info inside. It’s also one of the longer eArticles I’ve published. So it took awhile to get it all together for you. But I think you are going to like it.

Sometimes I pick an eArticle topic because it is something that stampers are talking about. But other times I must admit that I pick a topic because it is something I personally want to learn more about or I want an excuse to play with particular tools, art mediums or techniques. The articles I enjoy writing the most are the ones where I learn something new. For this particular topic, I wanted to learn more about sponges and brushes, especially the differences between different sponges and brushes we stampers typically use, how to choose a sponge or brush for the art mediums we use, how to clean them correctly afterwards and the best ways to store them so that they have the longest life. In this eArticle, you’ll find info on all of the above, as well as a slew of ways to get inky or paint covered with tons of stamping inspiration! I hope you enjoy it.

Good Wishes, Nancie, VSN

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