Spring Will Come!

Daffodil Digital Card

(Daffodils in Jar: Frugalcrafter digital stamp)

Snow, snow, snow! Like many of us, I have been getting really tired of the white stuff outside my window all the time. The snow and the cold has been sapping my creative energy.

Lately, I keep thinking about daffodils and SPRING! To get some bright spring mojo going, I thought I would stamp a daffodil card but realized that I don’t have any daffodil stamps. (How did that happen?) Lots of tulips but no daffodils or crocus. But then I remembered that I had a set of “Fancy Flowers” digital stamps from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff (The Frugal Crafter.)

I know that there are traditional stampers who don’t like digital stamps. Some people think that they are “cheating.” While I prefer rubber stamps for their versatility, I do sometimes like to go digital. You can re-size the image if you like, print it out using your computer and then can color it as you would a stamped image. Yes, it can limit the paper you can use (because that layer has to be able to go through your computer printer) and you can’t really heat emboss it effectively in most cases, and there are some art mediums that don’t play nice with various printer inks, but it does have the advantage of letting you easily re-size images and even add or subtract lines and other details. And they sure are easy to store and you don’t have to clean them!

For my spring card, I decided to go all digital. This card has never seen paper at all. I used PhotoShop CS6 to color the image and add the border and text. PhotoShop Elements or other similar software could be used just as well.

Coloring Daffodil Image in PhotoShop

I kept my coloring simple by using a soft brush and using a different layer for each color. So the digital line image was at the top of the layer stack (the white boxes on the left column of this screen shot.) Then I created a new layer beneath it for each color I used. Because you can turn colors on and off and change the order of layers, it makes it easier to tweak or erase a specific color if needed without effecting other nearby colors. I wouldn’t necessarily do all digital coloring this way, but for this project I found it worked well for me.

The area behind the stamped jar of flowers is yet another layer where I used a green brush shaped like a leaf to paint a soft leaf background. (I used a layer mask to keep the background off the jar of flowers.) For the border, I just expanded the size of the canvas and filled the excess area with green and then painted it with a white brush shaped like a leaf. Then I typed the text in white on top of the green border.

Even if you aren’t a fan of digital stamping, I hope you will enjoy this reminder of spring on its way!

Nancie, VSN

4 thoughts on “Spring Will Come!

  1. Wow Nancie! That looks great. What a fun treat yo read this on a fold night. I am soooooo ready for spring :)

  2. Wow, very impressive. I haven’t gotten into the digital stuff but sure love what you did here. I have Photoshop Elements 10 but haven’t really learned how to use it yet.

    1. Hi Linda, Do you have any copies of VSN from mid-2010 through mid-2012? Most of those have a digital article included that can help you get started with PhotoShop Elements. Nancie

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