Stamping on My Date Book

Last Updated on May 1, 2019 by Nancie Waterman

Stamping on My Date Book

Ok, I have to confess something. I don’t have a smart phone. I’ve got an ancient flip phone – so old it doesn’t even have a camera in it. The darn thing is a workhorse though and works fine so I can’t justify upgrading. Maybe if I had a smart phone, I’d use it for my date book/to-do book . . . but maybe not. I tried using a Palm Pilot years ago for this and found that when it comes to this kind of thing, I honestly like an old fashioned paper date book best. And to be honest, if you use a digital date book, how can you stamp on it? (I do have my priorities!)

So every year, I walk into the nearest office supply store and look for a new date book. Last year’s had a full page for each day but I decided I wanted something a bit smaller this year so picked up this one that has two days per page. It wasn’t until I got it home that I noticed something weird about it. Look at the pages above. What are they missing? Days of the week! I’ve never had a date book that didn’t indicate days of the week and major holidays. The date pages simply have month and date. This one also has three pages of full year calendars at the back: a page for 2012, 2013 and 2014. That’s when I realized that they had printed this date book so that it could be used for any of these years, depending on when it was purchased.

At first I was a little annoyed, but then I thought about it and I do like the idea that by printing it so generically, it cuts down on waste because it could be potentially sold for much longer. So I didn’t take it back, but I needed to do some tweaking to make it useful to me. So I pulled out my favorite tools, my stamps. I picked a sun to indicate Sundays and a watch to indicate Wednesdays (the week being half over) and stamped them on the appropriate days in ink that is pale enough that I can write right over the stamped image if needed. Then I went in and stamped a balloon for various birthdays, a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, a heart for Valentines, etc. The result isn’t a beautiful keepsake kind of thing; it’s just a practical use for stamping.

Do you sometimes use stamps in similar ways? Maybe a stamp to mark birthdays or anniversaries on store-bought wall calendars? Or do you ever use stamps to color-code files or storage boxes/drawers? Sure, you can use a pen to write a label or print them up on your computer, but sometimes it is fun to use stamps as a colorful quick visual label.

Nancie, VSN

15 thoughts on “Stamping on My Date Book

  1. I only got a smart phone 3 months ago, had a flip phone for years before that. Like you I still want my paper calendar. I have one that has the entire week across 2 pages. I order it yearly so the dates & holidays are printed on each day. Start each year putting BD’s, etc on each day as well as other info such as drs. appts, ect. Wouldn’t change for the world. Never thought about using a stamp for various occasions I document in there. Thanks for the idea. I love my smart phone but would probably be just as happy with my old flip phone. That will probably amaze some people beyond belief. Guess that tells my age!!!

    1. Hi Patt, I’ve gotten that type in the past too. One thing that is nice about it is that not only does it label the days of the week, but they are always positioned the same way on the two-page spread so you can tell at a glance which day is Sunday and which is Thursday or whatever. Last year I went with a one day per page version because I thought I might do some journaling in it as well, but I found that I really didn’t for most of the days (except when I was on vacation.) I use my date book for more than just appointments though so I still wanted something with a little more space per day this year, even though I didn’t want to do the whole page per day version again. The two days per page version was my compromise between the two. (I use my date book for appointments, to list and check off my goals/to-do’s for the day, to log my exercise and to record baking and what I make for dinner, etc.) It’s a good thing they make a variety of formats for these things since we all use them in our own unique ways! Nancie

    1. Hi Diane, I know that if I got a smart phone, I’d probably like it and get addicted to it just like most people do. The thing is, I don’t really NEED it so it’s hard to justify the expense. Nancie

  2. Good for you Nancie…I say, whatever works best for you is what should be done!!
    I do have a smart phone, but having a hard time switching from hard copy calendar to the phone…slowly but surely. One thing I REALLY about it, you can choose to put in a birthday and make it repeat forever, so no need to re-enter into your calendar each year!

    1. Hi Jan, I would like that. I also write in family and friends contact info into the back of my date book each year, and I wouldn’t have to do that if I went digital. Of course, re-writing it into the new date book each year does force me to keep the contact info updated because as I do it, I remember that one person has moved and another has switched jobs, etc. I don’t always remember to update the date book during the year. I must admit that I have come to rely on Facebook to remind me of birthdays! :) Nancie

  3. I, too have a flip phone. (Mine does have a camera, albeit not a very good one.) My date book is kind of small, but it would be fun to stamp on some of the really special dates. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Hi Heather, If you stamp lightly with the ink, you can still write over the stamping — something you might find you need to do with a smaller date book. With a bigger date book, you could go more elaborate but if you carry it around, a big one isn’t nearly as convenient of course. Nancie

  4. I still haul around my paper calendar with me even though I have a smart phone. It works better for me, or maybe I’m just too lazy to try and change. Stamping the calendar is a great idea. Kinda really makes it yours.

  5. Last December I got an advent calendar in form of a little booklet with a riddle for every day(because I would be away for half of the month and could take it with me) from my kids. The riddles were rhymes and limericks. The answers often were symbolic and I could stamp them what I really loved . Unfortunately I couldn’t take stamps with me travelling but I maybe I’ll finish the calendar stamping the answers. I thought this was so cute.

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