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Last Updated on May 1, 2019 by Nancie Waterman

Gelli Plate Artwork

(Gelli Plate Combed Acrylic Paint Background. Dragonflies: Deadbeat Designs.)

In this blog post: Gelli Plates and following links inside VSN eArticles, a new way to purchase Gelatos individually and OttLites with magnifiers.

Gelli Plates

It is a gorgeous fall day here in Maryland. I got to sleep in a little bit, but am now up drinking my coffee and contemplating the day ahead and wondering whether I’ll find a bit of time to do some more gelli plate artwork. I want to try Gelli Art’s technique of using clear acrylic medium to create backgrounds that will then resist waterbased art mediums. There is a link to this technique inside VSN’s most recent eArticle, “Gelli Plates & Stamps”. (I do hope that you follow the links I include in the various eArticles to find blog posts and videos related to the eArticle’s topic because there is some really good stuff there!)

Anyway, when I do find time to try out this particular technique, I’ll post my take on it here. In the meantime, the gelli plate piece above was created with acrylic paints as shown in the eArticle.

Gelatos, Gel Sticks & Stamps Cover

Double Scoop Gelatos

In another recent eArticle, I covered Faber-Castell’s “Gelatos, Gel Sticks & Stamps”. I had a lot of fun playing with these handy little sticks of pigment and the eArticle covers all kinds of cool ways you can use them with stamps. If you read the eArticle, you might remember that one thing I didn’t like about the Gelatos is the way that Faber-Castell packaged them in color sets with an inexpensive brush and clear stamp, without offering an option to purchase individual colors without the excess stuff. (Even if you like purchasing color sets to get started with Gelatos, sometimes you like one color more than others and need to replace it more often. And why should you have to keep buying the same stamp and brush over and over again when you need to replenish a color?)

But it looks like Faber-Castell is going to be correcting this situation. I recently got an email from Marco’s Paper about a new version of Gelatos called “Double Scoop Gelatos”. They are supposed to be twice the size of regular Gelatos, come in eighteen colors and will be available individually (or get all eighteen at a discount.) Marco’s is supposed to be getting them in stock this week and they say they are “the first place in the world you’ll be able to find these creamy vibrant pigment sticks!” (Note: While I am a Marco’s Paper customer and they sold VSN magazines there in the past, I don’t get any kickback from them if you buy Gelatos from them. But if you do, please do tell them I sent you. They are nice people and have excellent customer service.)

Coloring Station

OttLite with Magnifier

I’ve also gotten a few notes about my recent blog post on setting up a “Detail Coloring & Cutting Station”. A few people have been interested in the lamp I talk about in the post. I didn’t include a lot of info on finding this lamp because, as I described in the post, I wasn’t happy with its design and so don’t feel comfortable recommending it. But if it is something you want, I purchased it about a month ago at my local Joann Fabric store during one of their sales on OttLites. OttLites can be pretty pricey and this actually was not as expensive (on sale) as some other OttLites, so I guess it does have that going for it and if you lower your expectations on how it can be used, it can work for this purpose. (I didn’t take mine back after all.) If you used a 50% off coupon to purchase it (found on the Joann site), it might not be a bad deal.

I don’t see this particular lamp on Joann’s website now, so I don’t know if you’ll still find it in local stores this month, but if you want this lamp and have a local Joann Fabric store, you could try it. It is also available on Amazon. The box I bought calls it a “Craft Organizer Lamp” but Amazon calls it a “Spin & Store Desk Lamp”. If you look this lamp up on OttLite’s site, the one with three magnifier spots is the “Craft Organizer Lamp” that Amazon pictures in the description for the “Spin & Store Desk Lamp”. But the desk lamp is supposed to have only two magnifier spots, so I’m not 100% sure which one you would get if you ordered it on Amazon. Anyway, here is the page on the OttLite site for the lamp that I bought. I’ve never bought anything directly from OttLite online, but it looks like you can.

Personally though, if I was looking for a lamp with a magnifier, I would poke around online on the OttLite site to look for OTHER lamps they sell with magnifiers and then look at reviews for those lamps on Amazon and Joann and other sites to see if you can find one that is designed better than the one I bought. I think the ones with the flexible (rather than fold down) necks look interesting. Anyone have one like that who can comment on how it works?

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and find some stamping time!

Nancie, VSN

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  1. Great observations Nancie….I have an Ott light with a fold down magnifier…..helpful but would be much more useful if a goose neck! TFS…….your Gelli work is marvelous!!!!!
    Paper hugs,

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