Fixing the Stamp Supply Drawers (A Sticky Experience)

Supplies Storage

Remember these drawers? I showed them to you in my “My Stamp Supplies Storage” post. While I mostly liked these two IKEA units with their two big shallow drawers each, I did have some issues with them, so once I got the newest eArticle (“Sponge and Brush Techniques For Stampers”) posted, I went back to my reorganization project. The changes I’ve made have VASTLY improved things. Yes!

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My Stamp Supplies Storage

Supplies Storage

I continue to chip away at my craft area reorganization project, working on it a little bit each day. I’ve got another area finished up so I thought I’d take some pictures and let you take a peek at more of my stamping STUFF and how I’m storing it. This is the sixth post on my craft area storage strategies. Previous storage posts have included: “Keeping Stamping Supplies Close”, “Pegboard + IRIS = Storage”, “My Paper Storage”, “My Stamp Storage” and “My Paint and Marker Storage”. And the other day I also gave you a peek into “Jan’s Laundry Room Stamping Area.”

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Nine Ways to Adhere Paper Together (226 Days of VSN #3)

Oct and Nov 94 VSN

226 Days of VSN: Day 3: Today is my third “226 Days of VSN post. This time, I dipped into the Oct and Nov ’94 VSNs where we looked at “Tissue Envelopes”.

Sometimes in stamping, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. The way you go about it is often driven by the tools and supplies you have and the methods you happen to know. Sometimes it is really cool to learn a new way to do something, whether or not it is the quickest way or the cheapest way or the easiest way. Sometimes it’s just fun to learn a new way to do things.

I think this delight in clever new ways to do things was at least part of the reason that “tissue envelopes” became so very popular among stampers back in the mid 1990’s. The More Tips section of the Oct ’94 VSN section reported:

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